Build A Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

Acquiring Knowledge on Belonging, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence

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What you will learn

Designed to walk organizations through building a culturally competent organization.

Gain an understanding of the important components of organizational culture

Learn how to create cultures of belonging

Learn how to build memomentum around the work of cultural competence


This curriculum allows an organization and its constituents to attain foundational knowledge on belonging and cultural competence. This knowledge is not only useful for the organization, but also equips individuals with the skills to navigate their personal journeys relating to belonging and cultural competence. Without a strong foundation, there will be a lack of understanding and purpose behind the programming and practices that are instituted by an organization. This lack of understanding may lead individuals within an organization to feel confused and defensive about different initiatives. Moreover, apathy and disengagement could result when individuals lack the knowledge to “connect the dots” between organizational actions and the purpose and beliefs behind those actions. The resultant cognitive dissonance will lead to an uphill battle as institutions try and build a culturally competent organization. This course addresses how to build an inclusive culture marked by belonging. In this curriculum, we take theory and put into practice using the knowledge we have attained from working with and in organizations for many years. We will use some case studies to break down different concepts and equip with frameworks on how to think through a variety of issues and situations within your organization. Thank you for enrolling and can’t wait to see you on the inside.


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The Curriculum

Introduction to the Five-Part Model

Introduction: Acquiring Knowledge on Belonging and Cultural Competence

Brief Description of the Course

Human Needs

Human Needs

The Neuroscience of Belonging

The Neuroscience of Belonging

Social Identity

Social Identity

Identity Development

Identity Development

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence

Lesson 8: Cultural Competence--Part 2

Cultural Competence Part 2


May 30, 2020 was good. Though waiting for next modules on how you can develop cultural competence in an organization



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