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Build 3 Chrome Extensions in Under 2 Hours

A code along course for developers where you build 3 Chrome Extensions

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Build 3 Chrome Extensions in Under 2 Hours


1.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how build chrome extensions by coding 3 real life chrome extensions in this crash course!


In this course we will build out 3 barebones chrome extensions 1) a URL blocker, 2) a browser tab page override, 3) a bookmarks collector.

This course works by me copy and pasting code examples I have already written and walking you through how they operate and why they work. From there you can use these examples to breakdown the code even further or use it as a building block to add more functionality

After completing this course you will have gained experience using Chrome API's and the knowledge of how to structure scripts to get you started with building your own Chrome Extensions. This course assumes a junior developer level understanding of html and javascript as well as the subsequent tools to use for building websites. I treat these crash courses as though I were a mid level developer walking a junior through the steps it takes to build chrome apps. This course is for you if you want working code examples from which you can build your own chrome extensions but not for you if you want a detailed explanation of how the JavaScript we write works.

If you enroll in this course and decide it’s not for you later on, you have 30 days to get a full refund.




Build a Momentum Clone

Build a manifest file

Chrome New Tab

Adding Images and Scripts

Chrome Storage

Build a URL Interceptor

Intro and Popup HTML

Intercept and Block All URLS

Blocking a Hardcoded List of URLs

Make List Dynamic

Build a Tab Collector

Building Files for New Extension and App Overview

Logging Your Open Tabs to the Console

Saving Open Tabs Using Chrome Storage

Displaying URLs in the Popup HTML File

Open Collected URLs in Chrome Window

Submission Overview and Wrap up

How to Submit Your Extension

Wrap up and Thank you!


Mayank6 November 2020

Absolutely worth for money and time. Course level - intermediate. The best part is that the code was already written and the author just walk through it.

Kumar16 September 2020

Awesome course for beginners and intermediate programmer but question session is which I think is missing in this course.

PRAWIN16 September 2020

Well this course explains the basics of developing a chrome extension and deploying it in the browser in my opinion it was good ? but the audio quality can be improved and energetic voice is preferred?

Bakulesh24 August 2020

❤️❤️❤️❤️????Super Respect to you For this Course , great clean consize one , Guys worth it I wanted to develop my own extension Startup , got it what I was looking for worth it time saver too

Sohan14 August 2020

The course is amazing. What makes this course different from other courses is that we get to do the project side by side. The examples in the course are really cool stuff

Ilia4 July 2020

I wouldn't recommend this course to anyone. Lector seems not really profession in what he's lecturing, although he proposes himself as a "senior mentor" for you, but can't differentiate document.onload and document.addEventListener right in the course. Also, the quality of narrative is poor, he's always swallowing, itching, has outdoor noise at the background and has a strange low voice as if he's just smoke a joint. I could not afford watch all these facepalm clips from start till the end.

Augustin-Ionut29 May 2020

Amazing concise presentation for all steps involved in developing a web chrome extension. I hope I would get the chance to view more presentations done in this professional way! Keep continuing good courses!


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