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Bootstrap 4 Beginners: Code a Responsive Landing Page

Learn how to code a fully responsive professional landing page in bootstrap 4, from scratch, using HTML & CSS

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Jul 2018

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What you will learn

Learn how to develop awesome responsive landing pages

Code pages from scratch using HTML & CSS

Use advanced CSS features

Have a solid understanding of the bootstrap framework and its components


Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional, professional landing page within the new bootstrap 4 framework. Ideal for students of all skill-sets, from total beginners or students that simply want to brush up on their coding skills.

Code a professional landing page and build a strong foundation in the Bootstrap 4 framework with HTML & CSS with this brand new course.

  • Fully Responsive Landing Page
  • New Bootstrap components
  • Solid Understanding of the Grid System & Media Queries
  • Apply Custom fonts
  • CSS Overlays
  • Use Font-Awesome Icons
  • Apply Animate CSS & WOW js

This course will help you create a perfect bootstrap responsive landing page for your own personal portfolio, or for your business. You will ideally have a little knowledge of HTML & CSS, however it isn't essential as I will walk you through every step of code to ensure you have the right understanding of the bootstrap framework, and the tools to further your learning after you have completed the course.

You will not only create a modern professional looking bootstrap 4 landing page, you will also take your skills further by adding animation and custom fonts to make sure your landing page stands our from the crowd. We start by understanding the basics of bootstrap, how it works and how it is implemented. We cover the famous bootstrap grid system and media queries to ensure your new page looks, and displays, correctly on all devices.

You will take the learn-by-doing approach which will help you understand all aspects of bootstrap and give you the tools to re-design our template or build an entirely new landing page specifically how you want it. You will be able to download project files throughout the course, which will be yours to keep and work on at your leisure.

By the end of this course you will have hand coded a modern & professional landing page using HTML & CSS and built a solid understanding of the bootstrap framework to help you develop your own pages in the future.


Bootstrap 4 Beginners: Code a Responsive Landing Page
Bootstrap 4 Beginners: Code a Responsive Landing Page
Bootstrap 4 Beginners: Code a Responsive Landing Page
Bootstrap 4 Beginners: Code a Responsive Landing Page


Course Introduction

Welcome to the course

What is bootstrap?

What you will be creating

Bootstrap components

Bootstrap grid system

Bootstrap media queries

Quiz 1

Setting Up

Downloading bootstrap

Creating our file structure

Font Awesome Versions

Font Awesome

Download Course Images

Building our Navigation

Coding the bootstrap navigation bar

Styling our navigation bar

Navbar section files

Building our Header

Coding our header section

Styling our header section

Quiz 2

Header section files

Building our Social Section

Coding our social section

Styling our social section

Social section files

Building our 'Who' Section

Coding our 'who' section

Styling our 'who' section

'Who' section files

Building our 'Latest Work' section

Coding our 'Latest Work' section

Styling our 'Latest Work' section

'Latest work' section files

Building our 'Why' section

Coding our 'why' section

Styling our 'why' section

Quiz 3

'Why' section files

Building our Quotes section

Coding our 'customers' section

Styling our 'customers' section

Quotes section files

Building our Pricing section

Coding our 'pricing' section

Styling our 'pricing' section

Pricing section files

Building our Contact section

Coding our contact section

Styling our contact section

Contact section files

Building our Footer section

Coding our footer section

Styling our footer section

Footer section files

Adding our animation



Animating our page

Animation section files

The Final Section...

Viewing your work

Where now?

Final page files


Glenn12 September 2020

Have enjoyed the explanations. They are clear and concise. I especially like the explanation of the documentation. I am starting to learn where to go quickly to get my questions answered.

Iptables32530 May 2020

This chaotically programmer is too much hurry. Many important info were be deleted and this course present a lot of wrong actions, like the repetition of the same code more times. The base maybe is good, but this course is written with chars too much small. Obliviously this course should be repurposed but with more calm. Reduce the hours is not important if the contents are not good presented !!! I found hard following this mentor.

Matias4 March 2020

The code is developed at the bottom of the screen, and that makes it difficult to read the subtitles and follow the course at the same time.

Ian23 February 2020

In this course we watch the author create a website landing page using a blend of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. The focus is very much hands-on, and most of the lectures involve watching edits of CSS and HTML files, while switching to and from the result rendered in a web browser. Every single edit is narrated and the audio pace is consequently very fast.

Anthony28 January 2020

I have much better understanding of the column system thanks to this course. Love it! Definitely recommend.

Gregory15 January 2020

So far I am understanding all that is being done and to see how everything is looking, I am excited to see the progress and ready for more.

Kenneth26 December 2019

Very good course, easy to follow the instructor and the lessons. Andy gives you up-to-date files at the end of every section, so if you have an issue you can discover what it was quickly. Very well put together, and a great learning tool for Bootstrap 4.

John17 October 2019

The course so far has been nearly perfect. Presenter needs to slow down between writing code and previewing in browser. Some of the third-party items are no longer the same, but that is not the fault of this course.

Christy11 August 2019

It was confusing learning grid patterns and media queries, before even learning how to set up the program we have to use to take advantage of the resources attached.

Satyam5 June 2019

this is a basic course to develop a single page website, this course is best suited for beginners but there is not discussion on every topic of bootstrap.

Build3 June 2019

very good detailed explanation also good for new bees but not much of bootstrap 4 classes are used for e.g. we could also use "overflow-hidden" in quote section. but overall very good

Daniel25 May 2019

The course is an excellent primer to bootstrap4 and incorporates fontawesome, google fonts, animate.css/wow.js to make a great landing page Andy's examples are relevant. In particular, I liked that he shows us the final results and then takes the student step-by-step in building that same landing page. I was frustrated that not all the included project files match the lectures 100% but they were close enough to demonstrate the principles.

William14 May 2019

It's a great course, but I wish the instructor would give a little more background on where he's selecting the classes he uses from.

Dennis25 March 2019

Just a suggestion: fast forward on repetitive "mechanical" operations, like copy/paste individual cards for price plans, unless you provide new information while doing that. Great course otherwise, thx.

Kumail5 March 2019

One of the best course of learning Bootstrap along with beautiful Project. His British accent is so cool love to hear him. He explains everything well and he has shown some cool animation library. If you want to learn Bootstrap along with Beautiful build website for your portfolio this course is for you. I hope if Instructor will share his knowledge more with us in upcoming courses like JavaScript, CSS, PHP.


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