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Bootstrap 3 Introduction : Create RESPONSIVE Websites Fast

Bootstrap 3: Learn bootstrap basic features, classes, grids, javascript. Create responsive websites quickly.

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Bootstrap 3 Introduction : Create RESPONSIVE Websites Fast


2.5 hours


Mar 2015

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What you will learn

How to implement bootstrap to any project

Start using bootstrap into any project

How to use bootstrap to quickly create responsive layouts

How to use Javascript easily using bootstrap

How to implement all the bootstrap styles

How to use the GRID system (important)

How to customize bootstrap into small abstractions of codes (Plugins)

Building responsive sites and apps fast will help you make more money


Want to be able to create responsive websites or applications fast and easily? Then you need to Bootstrap. This Course is an introduction to Bootstrap Basic Features and How to Use it.

This course will have you up and running with bootstrap in minutes and will provide you with the knowledge to keep learning more about the framework yourself as you use it.

On this crash course you will learn everything you need, to get started using bootstrap. Even though the title states that it is for developers, anybody with some HTML and CSS experience can take this course. Most videos are short and straight to the point without wasting time in non-valuable material. If you are looking to learn how to implement bootstrap and start using it right away, this is the course for you.

Building responsive websites is the key for making a great a income in web development. The number of mobile users is growing every second and the market is huge. Prepare yourself for this growing market by getting started with bootstrap.

Bootstrap is the most popular framework for building responsive websites, and applications. Bootstrap makes it easy to add responsiveness to website and apps. There are thousands of pre-built styles and functions that can be used in your apps or pages within seconds of installing the framework.

Who is this course for?

  • For new developers who want to start the right path with web development
  • For professionals developers who need to update their skills
  • For anybody with basic HTML and CSS who wants to make their sites responsive

What will you learn?

  • Yo will find out what bootstrap really is
  • How to install bootstrap
  • How to use bootstrap
  • How to use all the classes
  • How to to use Javascript within the framework
  • The Famous Grid System
  • How to structure your markup for solid responsive foundation
  • What are the best code editors to use
  • How to customize the framework to get what you need (plugins)
  • and lots more......



Welcome (Important)

Blurry Video?

What is Bootstrap?

Course Exercise Files

Code Editors (Optional if you have one)

Installing and Using Bootstrap

Form Example

Rows and Cells (Structure)

The Grid System

Pop Quiz

Activating Javascript (Slider Example)

Where to Find What you Need?


New Student Page Walk Through (Optional)


Building a Small Portfolio (BONUS)

Bootstrap LightBox Video and Photo Gallery

Slider with Video and Picture Pop Up


7 September 2020

If JS has 50% in HTML,CSS,JS, you give me 45% in it and 5% in me could practive more(My grammar is bad) :)

Nguyễn30 August 2020

I love it! Your lectures helped me so much in understanding mỏe about web designing than ever before!

Nguyễn13 July 2020

I really like this course, thank you for bringing so much good to me and everyone. I'm Vietnamese and I love the way you convey your knowledge :D.

Brian22 May 2020

Edwin is great. I'm taking his PHP course as well. Very informed yet casual and relatable. One note though: this course covers an earlier version of Bootstrap and the latest version uses some different classes than Edwin does here. I found it useful to check in with the Bootstrap documentation along the way and used it as a learning opportunity.

Leif12 February 2020

This course worked perfect for me. I needed to get up and running fast, and this course covered what I needed to get started without ever bogging down.

Lưu28 January 2020

Some link on your lesson doesn't support like your file download, example for the getbootstrap they chance the theme and update their program version or the prettyPhoto can't download when we go to this site and i only have the way to download yourfile to use because many other program will update version . Thank for you teaching and you alwau support my spirit.

Martin3 April 2019

Excellent - As in all of the Edwin Diaz courses I have done so far. I am learning how to create really amazing elements of web design which I would have thought was only possible for expert developers. Edwin shows how to construct real life practical projects with ease.

Jeff5 February 2019

It is a good starting course for bootstrap. But the example in here is pretty simple. The course instructor should emphasis which version of bootstrap to use for his course. At the time I am taking the course, Bootstrap already is in version 4 and the carousel class is written differently than version 3. I have to look up in getbootstrap.com to resolve the difference. It will be nice if he could show how php could be incorporated with bootstrap. Also, find the instructor sometime too repetitive. (personal opinion only)

Sebastian25 January 2019

do not take this course is outdated i took many of Mr Edwin's courses, they are well explained, and he is a good teacher. for example in bootstrap 4, there is no col-xs-3, you have to do col-3. the instructor never updated the course. it was a waste of money also there are lot of questions in the question section that he never answered.

Lamine11 January 2019

Dear Edwin Frensh is my language, but today i try to write in english, not to use google translate, because your way of teaching make me appreciate English :-), so excuse me if you don't undestand what am writing ;-) Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to view your video. Let me tell you that I appreciate you and the way your are teaching! you me bring me knowldge and making me to find a way to be a developper. In this new year I wish you many good things, healthy to go on doing good jobs like you use to do every day. Thanks again Regards. Lamine

Jai25 November 2018

Because I have done several of Edwin's other courses and they are great and I am sure that this will be too.

Diaa19 August 2018

The constructor was awesome and he has good experience about his career and give the information very simple. Thank you Edwin Diaz and thank you Udemy

Akash12 August 2018

Tutorials from edwin is always great, it helps me to crack many interviews and explanation is very good. He and his tutorials covers everything from scratch and displays all possible error that should be take care of. Whenever i find some new courses i first check is it offered by edwin or not. If that course is offered by edwin surely i go with that otherwise i think too much. Great work edwin, Regards, Akash

Jeanette19 July 2018

Easy to follow. Really good introduction to Bootstrap and some real world examples too. 2nd course I've done with Edwin ... he makes it fun. I would chose him every time :)

Edward19 June 2018

Thanks Edwin for your always engaging way of teaching. I was expecting the course to be longer, but in hindsight, I think I have all the tools for further learning. I now know for sure what is required in my web pages, and have a much better understanding of the power of Bootstrap. Thanks Edwin for doing what you do.


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