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Bookkeeping Job Search Guide

Bookkeepers qualifications, qualities and soft skills. Expedite your job search and be in control of your career path.

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Apr 2015

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What you will learn

Prepare to become a qualified bookkeeper

Assess your bookkeeping skills and competencies by completing the Bookkeeping Hiring Test

Understand the job market and specific duties and responsibilities for various job postings related to bookkeeping

Interview confidently by fully understanding the requirements of the bookkeeping job you are applying for

Learn how to obtain relevant experience to better qualify for a bookkeeping position

Discover and practice desired soft skills in the workplace


You're Hired! Bookkeeping Job Search Guide – Discover and learn the qualifications, qualities and soft skills employers require from a bookkeeper. Learn what bookkeepers do in the workplace for an exciting career makeover and be in control of your career path and be successful doing what you enjoy.

Inside the course, complete the Bookkeeper's Hiring Test used by employers to screen candidates designed to honestly assess and measure your accounting and bookkeeping skills. Learn through this test what you need to learn or know that you're ready for that next job interview!

Bookkeeping job opportunities are growing every day. You want to translate your skills towards a bookkeeping but don't know where to begin. This course is designed to make it easy for job seekers to learn what qualifications employers are looking for from candidates; the education, training, & experience requirements along with the qualities and soft skills needed to be successful on the job. You will also learn what and how to earn the 'functional expertise' you need to be successful.

Given my professional background as your instructor, I will offer suggestions and insight from an employer's lens how your resume can stand out from the rest. I promote and encourage a lively class through the discussion forum. Expect me to respond to you within 24 hours or less.

If you are considering a career in bookkeeping either as your first job, a career makeover or advance your career; this course is an excellent place for you to start.

I'd be delighted to be your bookkeeping career coach on the inside!


Bookkeeping Job Search Guide
Bookkeeping Job Search Guide
Bookkeeping Job Search Guide
Bookkeeping Job Search Guide


Welcome to Bookkeeping Job Search Guide!

Bookkeeping Job Search Course Introduction

Dr. Jacinto's Student Testimonials

What is it like to be a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers Responsibilities

Types of Bookkeepers

Work Environment and Schedule

Job Outlook in the United States

How can you be a Bookkeeper?

Education, Training and Experience Requirements

Qualities of a Good Bookkeeper

Recommended Training for bookkeepers

Soft Skills desired in the Workplace

Bookkeeper's Hiring Test

Pre-Employment Test for Bookkeepers Instructions

Pre-Employment Test for Bookkeepers

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Lenny11 February 2021

This course is what it says it would be, but parts need to be updated. Have some prior knowledge since that will be quizzed.

Prachi18 January 2021

This course gives a great information about bookkeeping. So, then we can decide are we a good fit for bookkeeper or not. Great guidance and information. I love this course.

Melody14 April 2019

Good information. I know I need to continue my bookkeeping training so I can successfully do well with the exam.

Roda25 January 2018

I appreciate the fact that this course is designed for beginners. I like the steady, slow pace and the detailed explanation on each of the modules. Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience.

E13 January 2018

As someone interested in finding out about being a bookkeeper, I found this course as having a lot of useful information. Thank you.

Abner7 January 2018

Great insight! Just opened my mind to a new world. The more you know the better you feel and more valuable for the community that you live in or you can of service and many different way. Thanks again. Abner

Deborah25 August 2017

Interesting and informative . The pre-employment quiz was challenging but I passed. The list of skills that Dr. Jacinto recommends gaining for employment are very helpful.

Rowena25 May 2017

This is great. Thank you so much Dr. Jacinto. Your lectures and tests serves as my refresher course in accounting. And I would love to learn more from you.

Darlene21 April 2017

Excellent information and will help you decide if bookkeeping is your strength and if you should pursue it or find something else.

Don21 January 2017

The course is very practical and straightforward in addressing the requirements for being a bookkeeper, and the personal traits students should possess if they desire to enter the field.

Julie11 September 2016

This class is everything you need to know to become a bookkeeper. It tells you the skills, the knowledge you need, the training you need & the work environment. And the test/quiz lets you know what you need to learn or brush up on. I also like how she breaks down the different types of bookkeepers.

Evelyn30 July 2016

because it was very well informative, and i would highly recommend this to my friends and colleagues.

Shenele6 June 2016

Great course for bookkeepers and aspiring accounts. The best part was the quiz, which provided insight into the areas that I need to review.

Esther22 September 2015

Majo is an excellent instructor. If you're unsure if bookkeeping is the right career choice for you, definitely take this course. You'll learn exactly what a bookkeeper does and if it's the right career path for you!

Jennibeth27 April 2015

This course was very helpful in learning the basics of bookkeeping and what I expect from following a career into it. Dr. Jacinto makes all her lessons and courses easy to understand. She was the main reason why I learned more of Accounting 1 in Accounting 2 than the actual Accounting 1 class and the reason why I chose to change my major to Accounting. This course has me excited to learning more on where and what I can use my knowledge on. I would definitely recommend this course. It takes less than an hour and you can test yourself on your weaknesses and improve on them. Thank you Professor Jacinto!


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