Structured Note Taking Vol 4: Book Organization System

A complete system for organizing all your books, discs and other media for learning and beyond.

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Structured Note Taking Vol 4: Book Organization System
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Nov 2019
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What you will learn

Get a system that lets you enter each new book or other resource in just a few seconds each

Learn how to keep any conceivable type of media organized in one system

Discover how to filter and sort your catalogue of media to find exactly what you are looking for

Why take this course?

**📚 Structured Note Taking Vol 4: Book Organization System **🚀 A complete system for organizing all your books, discs, and other media for learning and beyond! 🚀

Course Headline: Are you drowning in a sea of knowledge? Feel like you're constantly losing track of the valuable resources you've accumulated over time? It's time to transform your collection into a powerhouse of accessible learning with Structured Note Taking Vol 4: Book Organization System. This isn't just about tidying up your shelves; it's about creating a dynamic and efficient system that keeps all your intellectual treasures within arm's reach.

Course Description:

Why Organize?

  • Find Everything Quickly: No more searching high and low for that one book or video that holds the answer you need.
  • Efficient Learning: Leverage your existing resources to learn more efficiently, without starting from scratch every time.
  • Maximize Your Investment: You've bought countless books, courses, and materials. Ensure you get the most out of them!

Key Features of the System:

  • Tight Integration: Seamlessly integrates with systems taught in other organization and information management courses, including "End Game".
  • Track Everything: From physical books to digital content, this system can handle it all.
  • Stay Organized: Whether you're buying new materials or revisiting old ones, this system helps you stay on top of your collection.


  • Eliminate the 'Unknown Unknown': Remember what you've learned and where you've stored it.
  • Never Lose Track Again: Keep a record of all your learning materials in one accessible place.
  • Integrate with Existing Tools: This system complements your use of tools like OneNote and Evernote, not replacing but enhancing them.

Personal Experience: I, Timothy Kenny, have implemented this very system to manage my own extensive collection of resources. Thousands of items that once felt unmanageable are now at my fingertips, ready for me to utilize whenever I need.

Real-World Application: Consider all those ebooks or online courses you've purchased outside of platforms like Udemy. How many have you lost track of? This system is your solution to ensure every piece of content has its place and purpose in your learning ecosystem.

Join the Community: By enrolling in this course, you're not just getting a set of instructions; you're joining a community of lifelong learners who are committed to mastering their knowledge and making the most of every resource at their disposal.

Ready to get started? 📘 Let's turn your collection from an overwhelming pile into a powerful tool for growth, innovation, and learning. Enroll in Structured Note Taking Vol 4: Book Organization System today and unlock the full potential of your intellectual property!

See you on the other side of organized chaos, Timothy Kenny

Our review

Overview of the Course Review:

The course in question has received a high overall rating of 4.40 from recent reviewers, with all feedback pointing to its valuable content and innovative approach to organizing and tracking learning materials or resources. The majority of the reviews praise the course for its comprehensive information and the unique form provided, which, however, lacks interactivity due to being non-editable and not available in an Excel format.


  • Informative Content: Reviewers have noted that the course provides phenomenal information that is hard to find elsewhere at such a price point. The instructor's expertise is evident, and it encourages users to explore other courses offered by the same instructor.

  • Usefulness: The system taught in the course is described as simple yet sophisticated, offering a genius way to organize media items and track progress, not just limited to books but applicable to various resources.

  • Ease of Use: Professionals like Cataloging Librarians find the course extremely useful for managing personal or home libraries, highlighting its potential to enhance the learning process both for current and future projects.

  • Time Efficiency: The course material can be consumed at an accelerated pace of 1.75X without sounding unnatural, significantly reducing the time needed to complete the course.


  • Form Limitations: A significant point of critique is that the included form cannot be edited or used in Excel format, which limits interaction with the content during the lecture.

  • Missing Instructions: Some users have pointed out that certain aspects of the system, such as the color coding and numbering projects, are not fully explained within the course. Additional context on these elements could enhance user understanding.

  • Potential for Improvement: The non-editable form and missing instructions suggest there is room for the course to be more interactive and comprehensive in its instructional approach.


  • Editable Formats: It is recommended that the form be made editable, especially in Excel format, to allow users to interact with the content directly.

  • Course Continuity: One user suggests creating a copy of the provided template with personal modifications for future reference and easier navigation through course demonstrations.

  • Future Learning: There is an indication that additional courses by the same instructor could contain information on the color coding system and numbering projects, which users may want to explore.


Overall, this course is highly recommended for anyone looking to organize and track their learning resources or projects effectively. While there are some limitations to its current format, the value provided by the course content and the innovative system taught is clear. With a few improvements, particularly around the editable form feature and additional instructional clarity, this course could be an even more powerful tool for personal or professional development.



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