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Blogging Insight To Learn How To Write Better Blog Posts

This course provides blogging tips for anyone to learn how to write better blog posts.

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Blogging Insight To Learn How To Write Better Blog Posts


1 hour


Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Identify a keyword phrase for their blog post.

Develop a blueprint for their blog post.

Write a better and more complete blog post.


This is a course for anyone that wants to learn how to write a better blog post. Consider the sheer number of blogs that exist online today there are few that survive their initial year in blogging. The reasons for this vary, but there is one common theme.. most do not know what blogging truly entails. Don't be one of those individuals that starts a blog without truly understanding that blogging takes work just like any other content platform. Blogging truly is a business and this course will help you to write better and as a byproduct connect with your visitors better as well. A well written blog post, shows a reader that you have taken the time and have put care into writing a well published blog post. Even if you have been writing for a while or you are new to blogging, this course has information that may be of help to you.




The Exclusive

Your Sound & Your Words

Determine The Type Of Blog Post

Develop A Template For Your Blog Post

The Blueprint

Getting Into The Media Forms

Keywords Matter

How Long Is Long Enough

Grammar Check

Before You Publish

Blog Resources


Daniel11 December 2020

It is unprofessional and boring. You sit there and watch one slide for 5 minutes... it is more like a podcast. The volume differs between sections. The presenter drinks while presenting.

Rishi14 April 2020

Nothing new, just common sense things. check grammer, beware of keywords. Its good for being free. I wouldn't pay for it. If it was meant to be a demo towards a more in depth paid course, that makes sense.

ayoub20 July 2019

the instructure knows what he is talking about, but he could do better in the term of information present, thank you so much for this course

Annette9 June 2019

I think he is very knowledgeable, but there was more talking than necessary. For what he gave, this course could have been just 30 min (if that). The Length section could have been stated in 1 minute, for example, and it is 7 minutes. What really bothered me about this course is that it seemed to be an advertisement to get people to go to his blog to learn more. A lot of "Uhm" and "you know," particularly in the early sections. The Blueprint section was not clear at all. The Resources section appeared to be links, but they were not clickable. He should have written out the URLs so a student could take a snapshot of them, or, obviously, make them clickable. So the resources were useless. The only reason why I gave 3 stars instead of 2 is there were a few tidbits in the course.


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