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Blogging Course For Beginners with WordPress & Elementor

Setup Blogging WordPress Website. Learn to Blog. Rank your Blogs. Promote your Blog. No Coding. Just Drag & Drop.

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Blogging Course For Beginners with WordPress & Elementor


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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

What is Blogging in simple?

Which blog topic you should start with?

How to setup Blog Website with WordPress?

How to install Wordpress with Web Hosting?

How to design Blogging Website?

How to do SEO for your Blog?

How to write perfect Blog?

How to connect Blog With Adsense?

How to promote your Blog?


In this course "Blogging Course For Beginners with WordPress & Elementor"

No matter what you finish up doing, working online may be a marvelous opportunity and a powerful thanks to enjoy more freedom and potentially greater earnings.

If you're employed online, means performing from anywhere, that you simply can set your own pace to figure at which you'll determine your salary.

But while working online is great, there are tons of varied forms that this will take and not all are made equal.

In other words, some online Home Businesses are more successful and more fun than others and if you’re working to supply a service sort of a web design, copywriting or coding, then basically you won’t be doing anything different from working for an employer.

Clients mean deadlines and they’re essentially very almost like bosses!

We firmly believe that becoming an authority blogger is that the ultimate method to earn money online.

Firstly, being an authority blogger means generating a passive income. You’ll have an internet site which will make money for you, but you won’t got to put during a lot of daily work for that to happen. the right Home Business.

That’s means; the power to try to to things like

Do work up front, and sit back to relax while the cash comes in from advertisement, digital products sales, and sponsorship.

How and once you Write the occasional blog posts and do some promotion, are going to be up to you.

You won’t dread doing it as you’ll be writing about the subject that you simply enjoy and you’ll be doing things that you’re pleased with doing.

Be a celebrity: people read what you write, and leave comments and respond.

Feel amazed once you compose a post that creates you pleased with which you poured your heart into, then receive emails from people that read it and located it engaging.

Imagine the sensation once you stumble onto a forum where subscribers are discussing your ideas or recommending your blog!

Become an expert within the niche you're keen on and obtain to spend all of your time learning and writing about it!

Get great potential earnings for a top blogger. the sole limit is your ambition.

And the list goes on.

Becoming an Authority Blogger may be a highly rewarding thanks to work and earn money online.

Blogging for money, yes we said it.

How to make money Blogging?

We are often asked the way to make money blogging so want during this course to get out some necessary steps that we see most bloggers who earn a living from blogging re-evaluate .

Here is the way to make money starting a blog.

Set up your blog

Start creating useful content

Get off your blog and begin finding readers

Build engagement with the readers that come

Start making money from the readership you've got by one or more of a mix of income streams

Sounds easy, doesn’t it! On some levels the tactic is straightforward – but you would like to understand up front that there’s tons of every step and below we are getting to offer you some tips about each.

Here is the way to make money starting a blog.

1. Start a Blog

To make money blogging, you’re getting to got to have one. While this is often pretty clear, it's also a obstacle for various Blogging Beginners who come to the thought of blogging with limited or no technical background.

If that’s you – don’t worry! it had been our story too, and most bloggers start out feeling a touch overwhelmed by the method of starting their blog.

2. Create Useful Content

A blog isn't a blog without content, so once you’ve set it up, you would like to focus your attention on creating valuable content. What you select to make will depend a touch on the topic that you simply plan to write on (most successful bloggers have a number of their focus to their blogging whether that be a distinct segment or a demographic that they write for).

The key to making content is to possess it as useful as possible. Focus upon creating content that changes people’s lives in any way are going to be the sort of fabric that folks will value the foremost and it'll encourage people to understand , like and trust you, which is important if you later want to form money from your blog.

3. Leave your blog and begin finding readers

As you create the foremost valuable content that you simply possibly can, it's easy to urge very insular together with your focus and waste most of some time watching building your blog. Several bloggers have a ‘build it, and that they will come comprehension’ with their blogging, but this is often a touch of a trap.

If you would like to form money from your blog, you would like to not only specialise in building a powerful blog, but it's also necessary to urge off your blog and to start promoting it.

There are some ways to experiment with building your blog’s audience, but it's essential to enter into of these strategies remembering that you simply shouldn't just be checking out ‘traffic’ but ‘readers’.

Start by thinking strictly about the sort of reader you’d wish to have read your blog. you would possibly want to style an avatar of that reader (sometimes called a reader profile or persona) to assist you're employed out who you’re trying to draw in .

Once you recognize who you’re hoping to possess read your blog, ask yourself where that sort of person might already be hanging out online. Begin to list where they could be gathering:

Are they reading specific blogs? List the highest 3

Are they participating especially forums? List the highest 3

Are they taking note of podcasts? List the highest 3

Are they engaging especially social networks? List the highest 3

Which accounts are they following on each of those social networks? List the highest 3

Each of those places that you simply readers might already be gathering has opportunities to develop a presence whether that be by leaving good comments, offering to make guest posts or simply by being helpful and answering questions.

With such an inventory of blogs, focus, podcasts, social media accounts in hand you'll have some good places to start to hold out and make value.

The core is to create authority, to feature value, to foster relationships – to not engage in spammy practices.

4. Engage with the readers that come

With a maintained specialise in creating extraordinary content and finding readers, you’ll start noticing more people visiting your blog and interesting with the content.

At now , you'll got to turn your focus to engaging together with your audience and building a community.

Respond to reader's comments, reach bent them and do everything that you simply can to stay them returning again and again.

Look after your readers well, and you’ll find they spread the word of your blog for you and support make your blog even more widely read.

Having an engaged reader is additionally much easier to form money from.

5. Begin making money from the readership you've got using one or more of a diversity of income streams

OK – the primary four steps of beginning a blog, creating content, finding readers and building engagement with those readers are important foundations that you simply do got to get in situ before you'll build long-term income for your blog.

There’s little question that what we’ve covered may be a lot of labor though if you are doing it well, you’ll be setting yourself up properly and giving yourself every opportunity of having the ability to form money from your blog.

With these foundations in situ , you’re now set to start out attempting to form money from your blog, but you are doing got to be conscious that simply because you've got found out your blog, have content and have engaged readers that the cash won’t just automatically flow.

It takes continued work and experimentation to form money from your blog.

To make it easy to find out about the simplest methods for becoming a Top Blogger, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide which will teach you exactly the way to roll in the hay .

Who this course is for:

You have noticed some online home businesses are more successful and more fun than others, and you’re struggling to work out which one to hitch .

You’re battling selling eBooks or promoting someone else’s eBook as an affiliate.

You make strenuous efforts to urge faraway from bosses, or maybe from Clients with deadlines, which is just about similar or maybe worse than bosses!

You want to remain faraway from business models with a ceiling that limits your earning capacity, and it’s also not exciting or rewarding.

You’re trying to avoid feeling as if you're scamming people to form money, which isn’t an excellent feeling.


Complete Blogging Course For Beginners

Blogging Course For Beginners with WordPress & Elementor

What is Blog?

Which topic to make Blog?

What is Web Hosting & Domain

How To Acquire Hosting & Domain

Making Blogging Website

Make Money with Blog

How To Write Perfect Article

How to Promote Blog?



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