Blender 2.9 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween Scene

Blender 2.9 3D Modelling a Portfolio Scene Beginners Full 3D Model Blender Guide

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What you will learn

Using Blender 2.9 and understanding its interface and shortcuts

Effective problem solving in Blender 2.9

Following through a complete guide on creating a 3D stylised scene of Halloween pumpkin carriage

Optimise geometry for a stylized art 3D model

Marking Seams, Sharps, and fixing Normals

Smoothing and preparing meshes for texturing

Adding materials using Blender 2.9’s node system

Mesh deforming and using Booleans

Learning how to make loop cuts in Blender 2.9

Fixing Ngons within Blender 2.9

Complete guide on marking seams & texture resolutions

UV mapping and UV unwrapping your model

Learning how to mark seams on spheres to achieve a good UV unwrap quality

Creating Glass, Leather, and Coal Materials

Creating Collections of Objects and Meshes using a Hierarchy System

Creating a Simple Animation within Blender 2.9

Creating Grass using Particle Systems

Creating Trees using the Ivy Generator

Creating Moths & Bats using silhouette alphas

Creating Atmospheric Light using principled volume

Creating a Mood with Emission Lights

Creating a Spooky Halloween Night Sky through Node Systems

Creating Burning Ember with the Blender 2.9 Node Wrangler

Rendering a Stylized Halloween Scene of a pumpkin carriage all within Blender 2.9 using Cycles & Eevee


Hi and welcome to this new Udemy course, ‘Stylised Halloween Scene Blender 2.9 ’. This is the complete beginner’s guide to creating a 3D stylised game model. This course will teach you how to create a stylised 3D model from scratch to a professional level.

Stylized Halloween Scene in Blender 2.9 ’ will take you through a Halloween 3D modeling rollercoaster exclusively in Blender 2.9. You will come away with an inspiring portfolio piece that will let you shine through.

Like my other Udemy courses, I will be taking you on an extensive 3D modeling journey involving modeling, texturing, freebies, lighting and rendering a game ready 3D asset. The focus of this course is to creating a spooky creative scene to showcase your stylised game model of a Halloween pumpkin carriage in a way that it will make your 3D modelling artist portfolio shine!

We will also focus on making our model according to a real-world scale.

Enroll in this Blender 2.9 course and experience over 20 hours of content, full of learning opportunities to take your 3D modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting and rendering skills up by quite a few notches. By completing this course, you will walk away with a comprehensive view of how to model, texture, and render from the ground up, with a super-fast industry-standard workflow.

What is more, we will be taking a new approach compared to my other past courses: after finishing the modelling of every course asset or sub-component, we will be texturing it straight away. This will elevate your excitement to new levels as with every couple of lessons, you will be able to grasp more of the final product step-by-step.

‘Stylized Halloween Scene in Blender 2.9 ’ is beginner friendly, so even if you’ve just started 3D modelling, this course will set you up with a professional and efficient workflow.

Using everything I learned from previous courses, mainly from all your helpful feedback, I was able to make a course that really has the wow-factor; something you will be proud of accomplishing.

Through the incorporation of varied pumpkin carriage components, we will go over interesting functionalities, including new and creative ways of using various Blender 2.9 modifiers and addons, including but not limited to:

- Marking Seams, Sharps, and fixing Normals;

- Smoothing and preparing meshes for texturing;

- Adding materials using Blender 2.9’s node system;

- Mesh deforming and using Booleans;

- Loop cuts;

- Joining meshes and finishing seams;

- Fixing Ngons;

- Creating Glass, Leather, and Coal Materials;

- Creating Collections of Objects and Meshes using a Hierarchy System;

- Creating a Simple Animation;

- Creating Grass using Particle Systems;

- Creating Trees using the Ivy Generator;

- Creating Moths & Bats using silhouette alphas;

- Creating Atmospheric Light using principled volume;

- Creating a Mood with Emission Lights;

- Creating a Spooky, Halloween, Night Sky;

- Creating Burning Ember with Nodes;

- Rendering a Stylized Halloween Scene.


Through this course, we will be modelling several smaller props and assets to be placed within our stylised Halloween pumpkin.

This course will teach you how to model stylised assets from the ground up, using Blender 2.9. Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone who is looking to elevate their skill level, animations will be popping up when you need them, telling you all about modifiers, Blender functions, and key commands. This course explains everything and will include a step-by-step exploration of all the new shortcuts that have come with this new Blender version. Best of all, this unique course functionality also lets you set your own pace. This allows the course to be viable for Blender users of any level.

By the end of the course, the knowledge you will have learned can be used independent of the direction you take in 3D modeling – following the amateur or the professional path.


As part of the texturing part of ‘Stylized Halloween Scene in Blender 2.9 ’, you will learn how to create complex stylised materials from scratch. This will include the embers and the world material for the night sky. To make the texturing process quicker and more beginner-friendly, you will be supplied with all the other materials that will be used in this course.

As part of the texturing process, we will also go over how to lay or apply multiple materials to meshes.


Finally, to present our model in a professional way and make it really stand out in any portfolio, we will be rendering out in a fully equipped spooky Halloween scene. A starry night with moths and bats in front of a full moon with cast light to our fully modelled and textured Halloween pumpkin carriage as it stands on a cobbled road with fenced off grass.

You will come away with renders which you will be proud to show off on your social media. By the time we have finished rendering in Blender 2.9, you will have the knowledge and confidence to create stylised assets that look like they fell out straight out of a game. As part of rendering, I will show you how to make backdrops and specialised lighting, including extra lights. I always feel that lighting is one of the key components that tend to be the most overlooked. To be honest, I learned this the hard way, seeing as lighting is important with regards to making a scene pop.

Download Pack

Best of all, this course also comes with a free download pack, full of everything you will need for the course. This will include things like full references to over 22 props that will be part of our stylised Halloween pumpkin carriage scene, and a whopping 105 texture maps free for you to use. The ‘Stylized Halloween Scene in Blender 2.9 ’ course download pack will include resolution maps and alphas as well.

These are resources that you are free to download and reuse in your other projects. I created all these textures and resources using a mix of Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Adobe Photoshop. All textures included for free with this course are custom made specifically for this course.

So, with all that said, I hope I have whetted your appetite to start your journey into stylised 3D game asset creation. Check out the free introduction and I am sure you won’t be able to put this course down.

Got plans for next weekend?

Now you do! After opening access to ‘Stylized Halloween Scene in Blender 2.9 ’, you will know exactly what’s coming.

Halloween is on its way and as October’s most exciting whimsical time, my newest course will fully honour it!

It’s including everything that’s magical about autumn held together by everything spooky about Halloween ... all held at your fingertips.

I had a blast making this course and I am sure you will too.

Happy modeling everyone!

Neil, 3D Tudor


Blender 2.9 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween SceneBlender 2.9 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween SceneBlender 2.9 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween SceneBlender 2.9 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween Scene


Introduction Blender 2.9 3D Model & Render a Stylized Halloween Scene
Pumpkin Carriage Doors
Lesson 1 - Modeling the door frame
Lesson 2 - Modeling the Carriage Door Bottom
Lesson 3 - Modeling The Door Ornament Swirls & Alcoves
Lesson 4 - Marking Seams and Sharps On Ornaments
Lesson 5 - Smoothing & Preperation For Textures
Lesson 6 - Importing The Resolution Map
Lesson 7 - Adding Materials & Detailed Node Explanation
Lesson 8 - Beveling Edges Of Carriage Door
Pumpkin Main
Lesson 9 - Modeling The Pumkin
Lesson 10 - Mesh Deforming & Using Booleans
Pumpkin Wheels & Spokes
Lesson 11 - Modeling The Wheel & Spokes
Lesson 12 - Adding Materials & Textures To Wheels
Lesson 13 - Modeling The Metal Side Rails
Pumpkin Side Rails
Lesson 14 - Texturing The Rails & Modeling Mud shields
Pumpkin Main Support
Lesson 15 - Modeling & Texturing The Main Support And Steps
Pumpkin Luggage Compartment
Lesson 16 - Modeling The Luggage Compartment Cleaning Up Build
Lesson 17 - Loop Cuts & Preparing Luggage Compartment Mesh
Lesson 18 - Modeling Moon Door Panels
Lesson 19 - Finishing Modeling Carriage Moon Door Seams & Sharps
Lesson 20 - Joining Meshes & Finishing Seams On Carriage Holder
Lesson 21 - Texturing The Frame Of The Carriage Luggage Holder
Lesson 22 - Texturing The Moon Doors & Creating The Cauldron
Pumpkin Luggage
Lesson 23 - Modeling & Texturing The Crate
Lesson 24 - Modeling The Sleeping Bag And Straps
Lesson 25 - Texturing The Sleeping Bag & Straps
Lesson 26 - Modeling The Broom Handle
Lesson 27 - Texturing The Broom Handle
Lesson 28 - Modeling The Top Part Of Chest
Lesson 29 - Preparing The Top Part Of The Chest For Textures
Lesson 30 - Texturing & Finishing The Chest
Lesson 31 - Packing Luggage Compartment Modeling Cage Post
Pumpkin Fairy Cage
Lesson 32 - Modeling The Fairy Cage
Lesson 33 - Adding Seams & Materials To The Fairy Cage
Lesson 34 - Modeling & Texturing The Hanging Cage Post
Pumpkin Wheel Axels
Lesson 35 - Modeling & Texturing The Wheel Axels
Pumpkin Mouth
Lesson 36 - Modeling The Front Grill Using Boolean
Lesson 37 - Modeling The Inside And Teeth Of The Grill
Lesson 38 - Fixing Ngons Creating Sides For Front Grill
Lesson 39 - Marking Seams, Sharps & Fixing Normals On Front Grill
Lesson 40 - Applying Materials To Front Grill
Lesson 41 - Creating Coal & Glass Materials
Pumpkin Drivers Seat
Lesson 42 - Outlining The Driver Seat Shape
Lesson 43 - Modeling The Doors & Ornaments On Drivers Chair
Lesson 44 - Modeling The Leather Seat & Chair
Lesson 45 - Modeling The Hinge & Door Handle
Lesson 46 - Adding Materials To The Hinge & Door Handle
Lesson 47 - Creating Leather Materials & Finishing Doors
Lesson 48 - Marking Seams & Sharps On Drivers Seat Preparing Mesh
Lesson 49 - Adding Materials & Finishing Up The Drivers Seat
Pumpkin Front Windows
Lesson 50 - Modeling The Front Windows
Lesson 51 - Creating The Glass & Window Bars
Lesson 52 - Finishing Adding Materials To Windows Modeling the Exhausts
Pumpkin Exhaust System
Lesson 53 - Finishing The Exhausts Using Curves
Pumpkin Rain Drop Lantern & holder
Lesson 54 - Modeling The Lamp & Holder Using Curve Brush
Lesson 55 - Modeling The Greybox Of The Rain Drop Lantern
Lesson 56 - Marking Seams & Sharps Applying Materials To The Lantern
Lesson 57 - Adding Glass To Lantern & Creating Axel Supports
Pumpkin Front & Rear Supports
Lesson 58 - Modeling The Front Carriage Support
Lesson 59 - Modeling The Carriage Rear Support
Lesson 60 - Modeling The Rear Support Bolts & Fixings
Lesson 61 - Applying Materials To Rear Supports
Pumpkin Inside
Lesson 62 - Modeling The Inside Of The Pumpkin
Lesson 63 - Creating The Wooden Planks
Lesson 64 - Modeling The Floor & Ceiling
Lesson 65 - Mirroring Pumpkin Walls & Floor
Lesson 66 - Mirroring Pumpkin Ceiling
Pumpkin Couch
Lesson 67 - Modeling The Couch Leather
Lesson 68 - Creating The Couch Wooden Supports
Lesson 69 - Finishing The Couch Mirroring The Bottom
Pumpkin Furnace
Lesson 70 - Modeling The Wood Furnace
Lesson 71 - Modeling The Furnace Door Grid
Lesson 72 - Adding Materials To The Furnace Door
Lesson 73 - Creating The Coal Material
Lesson 74 - Creating The Logs Finishing the Furnace
Lesson 75 - Finishing Modeling The Exhaust Pipes
Pumpkin Chimney
Lesson 76 - Modeling The Pumpkin Chimney
Lesson 77 - Creating Bands & Bending The Chimney
Lesson 78 - Adding Materials To The Chimney
Road & Fence
Lesson 79 - Creating The Cobblestone Road
Lesson 80 - Modeling The Fence & Fixing The Road
Lesson 81 - Adding Materials & Finishing The Fence
Lesson 82 - Creating Collections & Preparing The Build
Simple Animations
Lesson 83 - Creating A Simple Animation
Road Light
Lesson 84 - Modeling The Road Light
Lesson 85 - Creating Materials For Road Light
Lesson 86 - Finishing The Road Light & Cement Materials
Creating Grass
Lesson 87 - Creating The Grass With Particle Systems
Moths & Bats
Lesson 88 - Creating The Bats Using Import Images Add-On
Lesson 89 - Creating The Moth Around Light
Creating Trees
Lesson 90 - Creating The Trees With Ivy Generator
Creating The Moon
Lesson 91 - Creating The Moon With Emission Materials
Lesson 92 - Creating The Atmospheric Lighting
Night Sky
Lesson 93 - Creating The Night Sky Using Nodes
Finalising Scene & Final Render
Lesson 94 - Creating The Backdrop With Alphas
Lesson 95 - Adding The Bats & Moths To Our Scene
Lesson 96 - Final Render Creating Embers With Nodes


25 September 2021
He is easy to understand, explains everything completely and goes at just the right pace. Loving it.
4 August 2021
Using this to learn blender from another 3d package I'm used to. It's the perfect run through a project and learn where the tools you need are. Half star off; as he's a bit fast.
25 June 2021
This was the most intense Blender course that I have take so far. The instructor is great because he is so detailed oriented and in each section he covers. I enjoyed each section and I have a greater understanding of Blender as a result of taking this course.
1 April 2021
Almost done w Section 2. The Instructor has clear instructions and sets a quick pace. Short cut keys are continually drilled along w animated logs of what he presses on the lower left & right hand side of the screen. There's virtually no backtracking at all, which simply proves how prepared and polished this course is. You will literally press the pause button every 5-10 secs so you don't fall behind or miss instructions. Highly recommended.
3 March 2021
A well designed and detailed course with lots of examples and how to. Also, really great to see a course that goes right through to the render bring multiple items together.
17 February 2021
A really good course so far, but instructor's actions and talking speed is too fast, I had to lower to speed to .75, otherwise I'd be pausing and rewinding a lot.
12 January 2021
I just started. It seems to be a good course so far. I can already tell I'm going to have to keep pausing it to read the pop ups though because he goes pretty fast.
5 January 2021
Really good course, with a lot of good information. I like the repetitive nature that certain things because it drills things like marking seams in sharps into my head vs other courses that wait until the end to do UV. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the speed at which he moves. Many times I found myself having to rewind because I missed a step because he was moving so fast. Other then then that, great course.
23 December 2020
The idea of generating one scene and going through the process step by step through a large number of lectures proves to be very effective. Neil's approach is straight forward and his direct way of addressing the process is refreshing and makes each lecture very productive. This is a course I highly recommend for anyone starting out in Blender.
21 December 2020
Good content so far, on the other hand THIS IS NOT A BEGINER COURSE, he is explaining everything as it should be explained to someone with prior experience on Blender.
11 December 2020
Very thorough and well explained. Moves quickly but has on screen tooltips and helpers which are very handy.
5 December 2020
overall a very good course. well explained, easy to follow and understand. the lessons are short enough to not be overwhelming but still contain enough content to keep you interested and excited to continue with the next ones. Also Neil is very helpful and quick to respond to any questions or queries that arose, no matter how trivial they were. I would have no problem recommending this or any of Neil's courses to anyone interested in learning 3D modelling and Blender
3 December 2020
This has been the most comprehensive Blender course I have taken so far when it comes to modeling, texturing, and UV unwrapping. I like how we unwrap and texture each item as we finish, allowing us to take progressive renders and having something more fun to edit. Great instruction, he was so good that by the end I could skip ahead in videos and model faster than before.
21 November 2020
Excellent, as I have some previous experience, but a little fast paced. This is good though, as there is much more information and can simply pause.
10 November 2020
This course blew my mind. It has so much content. It is a really must-do course. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!



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