(June 2021) Economic Analysis of “Sales” (Oxford Diploma)

Buy one get 5 million free.....? But does that make it right? (Workbook included)

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Black Friday - who gains?

Black Friday - who loses?

Types of pricing policy

The psychology behind Black Friday

Alternatives to Black Friday

Retailers strategies



The course includes a WORKBOOK.

Black Friday Economics looks at the Economics behind Black Friday - but also the Ethics.

We look at:

1. Black Friday history

2. Pricing policy - not just 'sale price; but the strategies within the strategies!

3. Black Friday 'traps'

4. The psychology behind deals - you are welcome to share your own personal experiences!

5. Violence

6. Retailers' strategies - is the bottom line simply to gain more revenue?

7. Guilt - just one party or several?

8. Behavioral Economics

8. Alternatives

Very current.

The course is bolstered with film clips, studies, recent newspaper articles and examples. We also look Cyber Monday. Black Friday is very soon - what you learn here, what you consider - and any discussions you take part in, may just influence your behaviour...

What will YOU be doing on Black Friday/Cyber Monday/ Green Monday?

The material on this course covers responses to ALL sales - cyber and High Street - and we look at the history, the strategies and the results. Some of this may make uncomfortable viewing - especially if you have queued all night only to find the price reduction was on ONE item only! In terms of ethics, of course we look at the ethics of the marketing but also is the consumer (yes, the one who pushes to the front of the queue, hurdles barriers, fights other consumers to get the 'super sale' TV, - blameless?


(June 2021) Economic Analysis of  “Sales” (Oxford Diploma)
(June 2021) Economic Analysis of  “Sales” (Oxford Diploma)
(June 2021) Economic Analysis of  “Sales” (Oxford Diploma)
(June 2021) Economic Analysis of  “Sales” (Oxford Diploma)



Introduction - pt 1

Introduction - pt 2

Introduction - pt 3


Violence (2008)

Violence (2010)

Violence (2011)

Violence (2012 - 2014)

Violence (2015 -2018)

Violence (2019)


Now witness the crowds


Black Friday - a short history lesson

Pricing policy

Loss leader - pt 1

Loss leader - pt 2

Loss leader - pt 3

Price discrimination - pt 1

Price discrimination - pt 2

Black November...and ethics?

Black November? - pt 1

Black November? - pt 2

Consumerism - boycotting?

Ethical consumerism

A bit more about the ethics of consumerism

Shopping makes you happy - pt 1

shopping makes you happy - pt 2

Can Black Friday survive in an era of ethical consumerism?


Guilt - pt 1

Guilt - pt 2

Are presents a waste of money?


Behavioural Economics



Huy5 January 2021

Of course, yes. I have a basic understanding on business and sales these days, Black Friday Discount, for example.

Brian22 December 2020

Opinions of this course will be more subjective than others. PLS DO read the instructor's warning regarding course involvement. Great economics and marketing discussions of holiday shopping. The instructor is very knowledgeable and engaging, as well as open to Q&A. Also bonus Art Therapy lessons are included. There are two course completion certificates associated with this course. Of course there is the standard Udemy certificate issued upon completion of all the lessons....even with passive involvement. However, students have an opportunity to earn an Oxford (not the U) Short-Course Diploma at no monetary cost if the student is active in posting and comments and answering questions in the Q&A, and by completing a 20+ multiple part question workbook. So again, pls review the course description and understand what the course is before choosing to enroll..

Cassandra1 December 2020

What a superb course this is! This is an informative, smart, insightful and extremely powerful course on consumerism and consumer behaviours around and during great holidays sales events. However, the course offers strategies that could be applied anytime to make students better and smarter consumers, and better members of society. In fact, this course should be pre-requisite viewing before anyone heads out shopping, be it online or in the shops (both are covered in this course). In all seriousness, everyone, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, should take this course. Not only is it insightful, packed to the brim with current information and science-backed data, news clips, videos and so on, but it also asks deeper questions that go well beyond the world of economics into the world of ethics and morals, issues of sustainability and what it means to be a responsible consumer in today’s world. The instructor is professional, extremely knowledgeable and very relatable; he has a way to draw students into the lectures. He is clearly very invested in his students’ success, and the course is packed with a workbook, extra resources, bonuses and more. He is very responsive to students’ questions and comments. The lessons are well-paced, entertaining and thought-provoking, and you will come away with a better understanding of why sales are so enticing and can lead to seemingly incomprehensible behaviours, and importantly, how to avoid falling into the traps set up by retailers during Black Friday sales and throughout the year. Do yourself, and your wallet a favour this holiday season, and get this course.

Johana26 November 2020

Every course taught by Chris is a guarantee of enjoyment, knowledge and passion. The topics are always updated.

Sebastian19 November 2020

Very recent and current to the situation. Updated and good questions making me think and reflect. Interersting illustrations and inspring remarks. This course has opened my eyes. Thanks


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