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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp

From Mining and the Blockchain to Ethereum and Smart Contracts

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Jun 2018

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What you will learn

Understand the personal and business applications of Blockchain, Smart Contracts, DApps, and Tokens

Explain Bitcoin and Ethereum to your parents/grandparents/dog

Purchase your own cryptocurrency (if you want, but no pressure otherwise!)

Understand the ins and outs of the culture, concepts, and history behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Blockchain

Formulate conspiracy theories about Satoshi Nakamoto


Do you like learning about fascinating technology? Are you considering investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum? Are tired of wondering what the heck the Blockchain is? Or maybe you'd just like to hold your own in a conversation on cryptocurrencies at the office?

This course is for students who wish to confidently navigate the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, and it's taught by developers who love technology, rather than investors looking to pitch you.  Many courses focus on teaching you how to purchase Bitcoin, but very few explain how it works or why it has become so popular. 

The course begins with a basic overview of the history, concepts and vocabulary of cryptocurrency: What it is, how to acquire it, how to send and receive it, how it differs from differs from stocks and bonds, and what the heck a miner is. With that foundation, you will be ready to take on cryptocurrency's more advanced concepts: mining, forks, digital signatures, hashing functionssmart contracts, tokens, and distributed applications (DApps).  

This structure makes our course suitable for students of all levels.  No math or coding experience is necessary.

By the end of this course, you'll have no trouble answering the following questions:

  • What is a Bitcoin?  Can I touch it?  Where do I get some?
  • What is Ethereum? (and, yes, how to buy it)
  • How and why cryptocurrency Mining works.
  • What exactly happens behind the scenes in a Bitcoin transaction?
  • What is a Blockchain? What can it do? What can't it do?
  • What is a Smart Contract? What can it do? What can't it do?
  • What is an Ethereum Token?
  • What i the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • What is an Address? A Wallet? A Private Key?
  • What is SHA-256?  RSA?  ECDSA?  Why does it matter?
  • What is a Digital Signature and why does it prevent someone from stealing my Bitcoin?
  • What the heck is Segwit?

This is not a course designed to pitch Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a token!  This is a course taught by developers who love technology, rather than investors looking to pitch you.  

This course is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp



Introductions. Start Here!

Course Overview: IMPORTANT!

Bitcoin in 3 Minutes


Supplement: Slides PDF

Types of Currencies

Quiz: Types of Currencies

Digital Money

Quiz: Digital Money

Creating Our Own Digital Currency: RainbowCoin

Problems with RainbowCoin

Earlier Attempts at Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Basics

Introduction to Bitcoin

Acquiring Bitcoin - Three Ways

Quiz: Acquiring Bitcoin

A Bitcoin Transaction in Depth

Quiz: A Bitcoin Transaction in Depth

A Real Transaction - Kevin Sends Colt Bitcoin :)

What Happened After We Hit Send?

Quiz: What Happened After We Hit Send?

An Overview of Mining

Quiz: An Overview of Mining

Cryptography and Fingerprinting

Introduction To Cryptography

One Way Functions

Quiz: One-Way Functions

Thumbprints: A Wedding Cake Mystery

Introduction to Hashing Functions

Properties of SHA-256 and Other Hash Functions

A Demo of SHA-256 and Moby Dick

DEMO: Verifying a Download With SHA-256

Hashing Passwords Demonstration

Review: SHA-256 and Hash Functions

Blocks and the Blockchain

Introduction to Blocks

Introducing the Blockchain

Quiz: Introducing the Blockchain

Demo: The Interactive Block Explorer

The Mechanics of Mining

Mining: How and Why

Quiz: Mining: How and Why

Introducing The Nonce

Quiz: The Nonce

HashCash Overview

Quiz: Hashcash

Demo: HashCash Illustrated

Quiz: Hashcash Targets

Demo: Proof Of Work Interactive

What are Target and Difficulty?

Demo: HashCash Mini Mining Walkthrough

Review: Mining

More About Mining

Mining Rewards

Orphan Blocks

Tamper Resistance

Quiz: Tamper Resistance

Double Spends

Quiz: Double Spends

Block Size and Fees

Public Key Cryptography

Symmetric Key Cryptography Intro

Quiz: Symmetric Key Cryptography

The World of Public Key Cryptography

Demo: Simple Public Key Example

Quiz: Public Key Cryptography

RSA and ECDSA and Some Math!

Quiz: Math Basics for RSA

An RSA Example

Review: RSA and Public Key Cryptocraphy

Digital Signing and Bitcoin

Private Key Signing Part 1

Private Key Signing Part 2

Quiz: Digital Signatures

Bitcoin and Private Key Signing

Quiz: Bitcoin and Private Key Signing

Signing and the Block Explorer

Transactions: Ins and Outs

Quiz: Transactions Ins and Outs

Ethereum Basics

Wait there are other Cryptocurrencies??!

Quiz: Wait, other Cryptocurrencies??!

Introducing Ethereum

Quiz: Introducing Ethereum

Smart Contracts

Quiz: Smart Contracts

A Simple Election Contract

Comparing Bitcoin and Ethereum

Quiz: Comparing Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ethereum Transactions Explained

Quiz: Ethereum Transactions Explained

More About Ethereum

A Simple DApp

Quiz: A Simple DApp

Exploring the Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum Virtual Machine

Quiz: The Ethereum Virtual Machine

What is Gas?

Quiz: What is Gas?

A Real Ethereum Transaction

Ethereum Tokens

Tokens Visualized

Quiz: Tokens



Appendix: Can Addresses Collide?

Appendix: Mnemonic Seeds

Appendix: Mnemonic Seeds Demo

Quiz: Mnemonic Seeds

Appendix: Privacy

Appendix: Safety

Appendix: Public Key Vs. Address

Quiz: Appendix: Public Key Vs. Address

Appendix: 51% Attack

Appendix: Segwit

Appendix: Bitcoin Cash

Quiz: Bitcoin Cash

Appendix: Base 58 Encoding

Appendix: RSA Note on N and Public Key

Quiz: RSA Note on N and Public Key

Getting Started

Picking an Exchange

Picking a Wallet App


Shwetha8 September 2020

I am a beginner to all these bitcoins, block chain and mining concepts. I have heard many people talking about it. So i thought of taking this course to make myself familiar with these concepts. This course has given me the idea of how these works. Both the instructors are very good at explaining the the concepts with some examples and demo. I have really enjoyed this course. Thank you Colt and Kevin

Mikhail6 September 2020

Perfect overview for a Bitcoin and Ethereum technology. The explanations are simple, easy to grasp, well illustrated. Good course to understand the basics.

Ov26 August 2020

This is a course for beginners as stated and they do cover a good range of topics, the content is definitely there but the delivery is why I marked it down. For the first half of the course they present material and content in an informal podcast manner which wouldn't necessarily be bad but they act like giggling school girls throughout these parts which is beyond distracting and annoying. I lost my patience and skipped some cringe worthy parts, you can tell they're having fun but I did not. I didn't buy the course to hear them banter I bought the course to learn. What you two find humorous and "hee hee haha" at is inane to me and really distracts and even slows the momentum. I'm not even saying don't be lighthearted or don't include some levity but these guys took it to a whole new level with their distracting giggling nonsensical banter.

Travis20 August 2020

great course - really clear instruction especially in the first half or three-quarters of the course. I trailed off a bit at the end, but if you want a solid conceptual understanding of blockchain/crypto, I recommend this course

Dimitrios3 July 2020

A superb introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies! If you would ever want to go deeper there is a lot of math waiting for you!

Giorgio10 December 2019

Good course, well structured and done in an understanding way. Sometimes I feel like the course is a bit too simplified. I know it's for all kinds of skill levels, but the RSA part could have been more detailed in my opinion, as sometimes that also makes it easier to understand. One thing that bothered me quite a bit was the very frequent interrupting of one instructor by the other (in both ways). It's a good idea to split the course between two instructors, but maybe it might be better to split the roles better or really have one teacher per course, changing between courses. Still reccomend!

Emanuele22 September 2019

Very good! I tried several cryptocurrencies courses, but this one explains how the bitcoin "machine" works in a detailed and easy way. Thank you very much!!

Vishakha5 September 2019

The instructors are well informed, and they explain the content in a fun, interactive way. Enjoyed the course.

Michael4 September 2019

I love this course. I've been wanting to learn more about blockchain (the technology aspect - not trading) and this course was SO helpful. The course dug into how mining actually works, how a blockchain remains secure and how individual transactions use public / private key cryptography to keep secure. Definitely recommend!

Bunyamin18 July 2019

This is a wonderful course for learning fundamentals of bitcoin/ethereum blockchain. It is also a detailed course and with lots of activities which can help students to grasp blockchain topics easily.

Jeffrey17 July 2019

Good overview of concepts and terminology. Not very technically deep (that's not the point) but laying a good foundation for deeper courses.

Adele5 July 2019

Minus half a star because they joked so frequently, it distracts me, makes me laugh so hard that I have to rewind it.

Drew18 June 2019

The information is there, but the editing/commentary could be cleaned up for better delivery of the information.

Benjamin13 April 2019

This is a decent course to get a from-nothing introduction to how Bitcoin/Ethereum/other cryptocurrencies & blockchain work. But it is entirely theoretical, there is no practical usage of the material being presented. So overall I don't really find it particularly useful, and I would say it is hands down the worst course by Colt Steele here on Udemy.

Shariff23 February 2019

As someone new to the world of cryptocurrencies, the course had the right amount of high level overview as well as detail.


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