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Bitbucket Complete: Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud-Hands On

Step By Step guide to Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud for Beginners and Intermediate - 2021

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Integrate Git with Bitbucket Cloud in their daily projects.

Confidence to use Bitbucket in their application

Most terminologies used in Bitbucket

Work for any IT/non-IT companies and feel comfortable using Git commands on the development projects.

Execute basic commands in the command line (Git Bash for Windows Users)

Create branches, pull requests at Bitbucket Cloud and many more


Thanks for your interest in this course :) 

You are always my priority, GIT is mandatory if you want to be a developer !!

This course specially prepared for both IT/non-IT employees who are working with GIT with Bitbucket cloud version control system for their day-to-day assignments. Become a part of the Bitbucket cloud training, it is mandatory if you want to work with any IT company.

  • This course is not meant to be looked at as comprehensive on the topics of GIT, GIT commands, Bitbucket, Remote Repository, Branches, Merging, Pull Request, Reviewing the Pull Request and Retain Previous version of the Application.

  • This course has to be treated as an introduction to the topics of Git and Bitbucket. Once you complete the course, you will be able to work Independently on development projects to store the code/files.

Let me tell you a little bit about the course:

  • We start the course by defining Version Control and Git.

  • We then go over the Git Glossary, which are the practical terms used for Git.

  • We will Install GIT and Setup Bitbucket cloud Account followed by creating Remote Repository.

  • We will be creating new files and modifying new files in remote repository.

  • Then we will clone the repository to working repository using HTTPS and SSH protocol

  • Then we will go through the process of executing git commands, anything and everything from staging, committing, viewing the history of commits and many more

  • We will learn creating new development branches.

  • Then we will be doing new developments on new branch, once we have done things locally, we will move the changes to Bitbucket remote repository.

  • We will learn everything from cloning a repository, all the way to pushing up local commits.


Bitbucket Complete: Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud-Hands On
Bitbucket Complete: Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud-Hands On
Bitbucket Complete: Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud-Hands On
Bitbucket Complete: Learn Git with Bitbucket Cloud-Hands On


Introduction and GIT Installation

Welcome and Course Goals

Course Overview

What is Version Control System

What is GIT

GIT Glossary - Part1

GIT Glossary - Part2

GIT Installation in Windows 10

Install GIT in Your System

Introduction to Bitbucket and Create Bitbucket Cloud Account

Bitbucket Overview

Signup to Bitbucket Account

Create a Remote Repository

Add and Modify a File in a Remote Repository

Cloning : HTTPS and SSH Urls

Cloning Using HTTPS Url

Cloning Using SSH Url

GIT Basic Commands Execution

Git Status

Staging and Unstaging Files

Committing Files

Pushing Changes

Viewing File Differences

Viewing History

Deleting a File from Repository

Version Tagging and Its Types

Create different Types of Tags and List & Delete Tags

Fetching Files from Remote Repo and Merging with Working Repo

Stash the Development Work (Hide the Development Work)

Restoring Stashed Development Work

Using Git Bash Command Line : Remove Files from Remote Repo and Working Repo

Check You Knowledge

Branches and Pull Requests

Create a New Branch

git fetch and git checkout

Development in New Branch

Create a Pull Request

Review and Merge the Changes

Delete a Branch from Remote Repository

Delete a Branch from Local Repository

Revert to Previous Version

Getting Started with Bitbucket - Challenge

End of the Course



Karthik18 February 2021

Good basics for the git concepts. Regarding BitBucket, as the title says its not complete, in this course only the basics in BitBucket is covered. Topics like pipelines are not covered.

Geejowilsonk26 January 2021

This is a really good tutorial. This will helps to get the better idea of GIT and its commands. Recommended !!!

Nandini26 January 2021

This is an amazing course in short duration. I'm new to Git and Bitbucket, this course is easy to follow as Instructor explains concepts clearly with an example and step-by-step installation process. This course is recently created, All the git commands, cloning, branches, Merging ,Pull request and Reviewing concepts were explained very nicely. Strongly recommend it to anyone with Beginner and Intermediate Level. Thank you!! :D


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