Cognitive Biases in Persuasion and Sales

Covering the usual fallacies, biases and problems in our thinking and behavior.

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

How to identify and address the most common cognitive biases in executive situations

How to prevent - or at least mitigate - falling into cognitive traps


In this course, we will cover the usual cognitive biases, fallacies, and other errors and distortions in human behavior and thinking.

These can be caused by external triggers, skewed perceptions, other people, and/or many other triggers. Although it's not always easy to simply "fix" these biases, a thorough understanding of them is the first step to changing perception and behavior.

You will learn about both frequent and unknown/obscure biases including:
- Loss aversion;
- Time discounting, baseline discounting, symbol grounding and symbol dependence;
- Motivated reasoning, confirmation bias, negative attribution and many other biases related to emotion;
- Perceived depth and effort manipulation, simplicity and triviality biases, and more;
- Salience effects, the peak-end effect, and others;
- The focusing illusion and affluent pressure;
- Anchoring, framing and context manipulation;

... As well as many others, and how they change someone's attitude in terms of buying or being persuaded to do something.

The course is presented in a reference guide format. In short, lessons are not sequential or dependent. You can take any specific section and watch it, and the contents will be encapsulated. But naturally, for someone watching the whole course in one go, things will be sequential and ordered. By the time you're done with the course, you'll be an expert on all things related to cognitive biases.

If this seems the course for you, let's begin!


Cognitive Biases in Persuasion and Sales
Cognitive Biases in Persuasion and Sales
Cognitive Biases in Persuasion and Sales
Cognitive Biases in Persuasion and Sales


Cognitive Biases


Perception: Intro

Perception: Baseline Discounting

Perception: Baseline Discounting in Persuasion

Perception: Time Discounting

Perception: Time Discounting in Persuasion

Perception: Motivation and Confirmation

Perception: Motivation and Confirmation in Persuasion

Perception: Self-Serving and Illusion

Perception: Self-Serving and Illusion in Persuasion

Perception: Groups and Herds

Perception: Groups and Herds in Persuasion

Perception: Depth and Effort

Perception: Depth and Effort in Persuasion

Perception: Names and Labeling

Perception: Names and Labeling in Persuasion

Behavior: Introduction

Behavior: Overfitting/Overadjusting

Behavior: Overfitting/Overadjusting in Persuasion

Behavior: Moral Blame/Warfare

Behavior: Moral Blame/Warfare in Persuasion

Behavior: Loss/Sunk Cost/Endowment

Behavior: Loss/Sunk Cost/Endowment in Persuasion

Memorization: Introduction

Memorization: Salience and Peak-End

Memorization: Salience and Peak-End in Persuasion

Memorization: Simplicity and Triviality

Memorization: Simplicity and Triviality in Persuasion

Memorization: Familiarity and Exposure

Memorization: Familiarity and Exposure in Persuasion

Memorization: Suggestibility/Implementation

Memorization: Suggestibility/Implementation in Persuasion

Interpersonal: Introduction

Interpersonal: Authority and Halo

Interpersonal: Authority and Halo in Persuasion

Interpersonal: Attributions

Interpersonal: Attributions in Persuasion

Interpersonal: Naive Realism

Interpersonal: Naive Realism in Persuasion




Carolyn15 January 2021

Knowledgeable instructor. The content is good. Not all biases translate directly into use in sales and persuasion, but you obtain knowledge even about the ones that don't. It's more a persuasion course with a sales complement than a sales course (but it was advertised this way, so I don't have a particular issue with it). Instructor sometimes speaks a little bit fast, but not a deal breaker.

Volker31 December 2020

Presentation and content is good, text on slides (gray on white) is poorly visible and readable. Speaking is a bit fast.


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