Top Three Steps to Authoring a Best Selling Book

How does one become a Bestselling Author? Learn what to do before and after you publish your book.

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Mar 2016
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What you will learn

Take their book and understand how to leverage it into more business

Launch their new book successfully

Book Marketing Tips

Understanding the Buyer's mentality


Take your new marketing tools and use them to build credibility and income!

You have a book you wish to create and on your way to creating it. Now the book is complete. One thing, you don't know how to market it or how to use it for business so you can live the lifestyle that you desire.

Learn the tools necessary to maximize the vast work you put into your book and explode your income!

There are so many tools you can use to showcase and expose your best seller. Learn the steps to take to create the right kind of relaionships with key people you wish to do business with, get on the stages you wish to be on, create the joint ventures that will make you tons of money!

Use tools like websites, opt ins, landing pages, giveaways, learn to leverage others, build joint ventures, use podcasting and videos to promote.

Learn how to publish your book and what options you have to do so. You can use a traditional publisher or self publish or other options in between.

Do you create an ebook, a workbook, a paperback. Which option is best for you and your purpose?

How do you integrate social media and video to promote your book?

You will learn all of these tools in this course!

Stop building someone else's dream and start living the dream you want to live!

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So You Are a Best Selling Author!

Who is Randi
Introduce Yourself!


Consistent Promotion
Online Promotional Strategies
[Activity] Giveaways
Public Appearances
Leveraging Celebrities, Media and PR


Launch Your Book Online and Offline
Bulk Sales at Companies

After the Launch

Interviews and Media ~ TV, Radio and Podcasts
Donating Your Book and Charities
Next Edition
After Launch


Next Steps
Help Your Fellow Students


March 18, 2022
In my view, The instructor Randi Goodman has been successful in delivering essential steps to planning your book prelaunch. I certainly liked the content so far and look forward to completing it.
March 18, 2022
Good General Overview course. Great idea, many of them and a jumping off point in more specifics. Thank you ...
January 1, 2020
Informative and practical information for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch of your book. Randi clearly explains the work required in giving your book the greatest chance of being successful.
February 12, 2018
This is a very good, little course on book marketing. I know quite a lot about marketing and still got some nice new ideas for book specific marketing. Recommended :-)
December 1, 2016
I wish she didn't keep saying "I want you to.... " Nevertheless, I appreciate the effort, and, although most of the stuff is to be found in any basic publishing course, she was, for the most part, thorough. Maybe some tweaks or some "secrets" would've been good.
September 9, 2016
The tutor doesn't seem to be very well prepared. The information and instructions are very shallow. Like "contact someone in media". What media? Whom? Where? Maybe editors? Or journalists? Or TV presenters or something? The course has the feel of one of those cheap "get rich in 10 easy steps" videos you used to get in the late nineties.
September 6, 2016
From this course I learned that exposure, good marketing and networking are very important to help promote one’s career as an author. Thank you, Ms. Randi Goodman for sharing your success story with us. May God bless you with more success and glory in the years to come.
April 17, 2016
This course is well put together and I would recommend it for those very new to the field of self-publishing and first-time non-fiction authors. Not suitable for intermediate or above knowledge bases.
April 6, 2016
I love how Randi explains the step by step process of booking writing. I know where I want to go, so Randi's method shows me how to get there. Thank you.
March 21, 2016
The Instructor is easy to listen to. She gives many unique ideas, powerful suggestions and sage advice to challenge the viewer. Lots to take away, think about, and action. Looking forward to more from this Instructor!
March 16, 2016
Randi obviously knows what she is talking about. Plus I know for certain she has walked the talk. The steps, the process the insights invaluable. Thanks for a great share Randi and Scott.
March 14, 2016
Very relatable and the shorter segments make it easier to follow. There was a wealth of knowledge and valuable information given and it is clear that the instructor knows her stuff!
March 14, 2016
Amazing insights shared by Rando Goodman and her knowledge is inspiring in taking action, with the proper direction.
March 8, 2016
Randi is doing an excellent job,giving usable details at each section. She is fun to listen to and speaks easily.
March 8, 2016
Wow! So many good nuggets. I took pages of notes. Anyone who is interesting in learning how they can take that book that they are writing or have written and leverage it to create more exposure for themselves (and of course more money) has got to take this course. Randi really peels back the curtain to show the different steps and activities that you want to take during pre-launch, launch and post launch. Some of these were real eye-openers. She lays out the connections that you should start making and ideas that you need to start contemplating. I highly recommend this. Can't wait for the next one.



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