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Benefits of MEDITATION - Based on RESEARCHES

you will know every factor that affects your life positively by doing meditation! and its FREE !

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Jan 2019

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What you will learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to understand benefits of meditate in daily life

you know the how meditation good affect on your

•brain & moods

•Mind and performance

•body & health


•mindfulness for kids


We all have heard that “meditation is good for you”. But good in what terms? Is that

just reports from people doing it for 10 years, or are there good scientific studies

showing specific benefits that I care about?

Everyone wants to achieve their goals.I am often asked questions like: 

How do I become a better person? 

How do I improve my relationships? 

How to move from thinking about me to feeling about others? 

Is there a way to transform intellect into wisdom? 

The answers is MEDITATION. and i will tell you how they improve each aspect of your life.

In this course I have summarized several scientific discoveries on the benefits

of meditation. Over 100 studies were analyzed (some of which are in themselves

analysis of other hundreds of studies). You will be surprised after this course some of these.

You will noticed that on many course and articles when people answer the question

“why should I meditate” or “what are the benefits of meditation”, they do mention a

few health benefits, and spiritual benefits, but leave a lot behind; or they often lack

scientific evidence backing up what they say. There are over 3,000

scientific studies on the benefits of meditation, but I have not found any article , course that

compiles hundreds of researches into an organized article, so I decided to fill in the


These studies were based on different types of meditation, and I have included details,

whenever relevant. Some effects, such as increased compassion and social bonding,

are more salient as a result of specific meditation techniques (such as loving-kindness,

which is a Buddhist meditation). However, my understanding and personal practice is

that any kind of authentic meditation will include most of these benefits, in one degree

or another. There is also evidence that the practice will be more beneficial for you if

you find a technique that you like better.


Benefits of MEDITATION - Based on RESEARCHES
Benefits of MEDITATION - Based on RESEARCHES
Benefits of MEDITATION - Based on RESEARCHES
Benefits of MEDITATION - Based on RESEARCHES




Brain & Moods

Brain & Moods

Mind And Performance

Mind And Performance





Mindfulness for KIDS

Mindfulness for KIDS




Fatumata12 June 2020

It talks about different meditation that are helpful to help us stay clam and do our best in our life.

Dharshanraj13 May 2020

This guys seems like he is just reading it of the web - Its more of an audio book than a learning course. Whats missing is the personal experience . clipping from people who have experienced things. Resources are just links to websites where the reader has read the data from. Good Attempt

Kishor11 April 2020

ya its very interesting topic, its very helpful for daily life to control the mind in the better way. Loved it

Tessio12 March 2020

Interessante ma difficile da seguire a causa dell'inglese poco chiaro, comunque comprensibile grazie soprattutto alle schede riassuntive

Sundee2 February 2020

Excellent compilation of the many benefits of meditation. Although I love the sound of his accent I do find it difficult to understand everything the instructor is saying. Dear Rushikesh, keep practicing and bring us your valuable information, but slow down your speech and become more engaged with your words. Namaste'

Novella26 January 2020

I finished the course and I have 7 of 7 showing but it's telling me to finish the course for my certificate.

Y9 December 2019

I was able to get the information which was useful to me. Provided information from trusted sources and mentioned the sources from which they have collected to built us trust. His mission is appreciable and hope it would be huge successes.

Bernard1 December 2019

Wonderful material contents, its mind engaging and inspiring. I recommend this to everyone who wants to control one's mind and discover numerous hidden benefits. God bless you

Mimmo16 June 2019

Good course. The instructor successfully achieves what was he set out to do. He gives quite a thorough look at the salient points regarding the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. The narration (over slides) was somewhat monotone and the pace may be a bit too rapid for some. Nonetheless, the information is very good; plus he, like myself, rightly advocates a regimen of meditation for all.

Alex16 May 2019

Aside from the difficulty in understanding the speaker it is a good course. I've known for a long time that meditation is in some way good for you but the author has done an excellent job of compiling a ton of scientific and not just word of mouth information for his students. I want to get to and go through all the resource material he has gathered for for us too.

Denise16 April 2019

I know mister Rushikesh Darge is very well verse with his ideas but its best if he does not read everything like he needs to improve his way of speaking not so fast and reading like in the net or whatever make your presentation understandable and simple that's just my advice after listening and reading all the information.


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