Beginners guide to editing sound in Reaper.

Learn to simply edit speech, music or sounds, for podcast, radio and social media using Reaper (which has a free trial)

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Apr 2022
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What you will learn

How to edit audio from recorded speech, interviews and music.

A working knowledge of a great program called 'Reaper' for all your sound work.

Insight into tips and techniques to stand out from the crowd.

Produce a final mixed down audio file ready for distribution and sharing.


The nuts and bolts of editing audio using a fantastic software programme called 'Reaper'*.

We'll be covering everything from downloading and setting up the programme, getting sound files in, editing out sections, how to make that sound good, saving everything, and then exporting your work to produce a final audio file to use.

While there are many courses on the concepts, marketing and logistics of podcasts - this course is specifically focused on sound. Mission simple: make you, and your content sound as on point as possible.

With the whole world seeming to be jumping into podcasts and sharing audio - these essential lessons will be an important step in standing out. Why invest so hard in your time and brand only to be let down by substandard sound?

Please note: for speed and efficiency - these lessons don't cover recording of audio into Reaper; that's set for a future course. Also, you will be given a fully working template with settings that are bespoke. Designed with radio/podcast work in mind, less so for music composition based projects. This is a very basic, short, complete beginner's course to get you up and running fast.

Taught by Chris Bailey (The Boy in the Corner) who has over 25 years of professional radio and podcast production to bring to your table. He's worked with the likes of MSN, Ministry of Sound, SONY, the world no.1 DJ Martin Garrix, and UEFA, plus been featured on Radio One, BBC Sounds, 1Xtra, KISS, Capital, Dance Paradise and Sirius XM to name a but a few platforms. Literally, millions of people hear his productions every single week.

*A 60 day free trial of the software which works across Mac/PC. The trial comes as standard with or without this course (plus you'll receive a template that is bespoke and set up by Chris). After 60 days, there is an option to keep trialling or a very reasonable $60 starting licence at the time of writing this, no monthly or yearly subscriptions.

**This isn't affiliated in any way to Reaper or marketing of the programme (it happens to be useful as a free trial and for teaching).


Beginners guide to editing sound in Reaper. - Screenshot_01Beginners guide to editing sound in Reaper. - Screenshot_02Beginners guide to editing sound in Reaper. - Screenshot_03Beginners guide to editing sound in Reaper. - Screenshot_04




Installing and setting up Reaper

Installing Reaper and important files you need to download (in the resources).
Setting up Reaper
Organising Files in Reaper
Setting up the sound

Basics of using Reaper

Getting in sound files
Navigation in Reaper

Editing sound in Reaper

Quick edit tools in Reaper
Editing part 1
Editing part 2
Grouping sounds together
"Tidying up" audio
Normalising sound files

The end game

Mixing down!


June 7, 2022
Pros 1. The simplicity of the course. One could get going as soon one finishes the course. 2. The style of the teacher - it is very engaging and his mastery of the craft is very visible. Cons 1. The simplicity of the course again. This is way too simple a course to be of any use to musicians. Even podcasters might want to know how to set levels on Reaper and use Reaper as a recording programme. To my utter surprise, the course didn't touch on recording at all. This one is just about bringing audio into Reaper and doing basic edits in it. 2. The configuration file - another reviewer has shared this. The configuration file is geared towards podcasting and it is designed to make the life of the student much simpler. But we don't get any insight into how it is arrived at and what it is doing. I wish that the instructor, with his mastery of Reaper and such other audio programmes considers expanding this course to be more inclusive of people other than podcasters who might want to use the programme. Five stars for the teacher and his style. Three stars for the content, in terms of volume.
May 16, 2022
So far it seems to be a very good course. The teacher is very clear and friendly. However, I was not expecting to import the teacher's configuration into the software when I don't actually know what the configuration is. I think it would have been better to be taken through the config process making the changes ourselves so that we know what configs have been changed.
April 12, 2022
As a small business owner this is just what I need to be able to edit sounds file to share without having to learn a whole new trade! Chris has made the setup so simple. He is easy to listen to and gives really clear explanations making it easy to follow and keep up with. Thanks!
April 10, 2022
This was perfect for me; I am an absolute beginner on editing and this really held my hand through the process and has given me the tools and confidence to build on. Chris gives excellent and clear instruction and guidance.
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