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Beginner's Guide To Creating Basic Logos With Free Software

Learning How To Design & Create Basic Logos With Free Software - Canva, Ucraft, Vectr, Design Evo, & Free logo design

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

This Is A Basic Logo Design For Beginners Using Free Software Course.

How To Design & Create Basic Logos With Free Software - Canva, Ucraft, Vectr, Design Evo, & Free logo design

Learn about super easy basics of logo design

This Course Is Taught In English.


Do you want to create a basic logo for your home/small business or do you just need some simple branding? Don't want to spend money or time learning complex expense software? Looking for the simple answers to just get a basic logo? Discover how to create basic logos with Canva, Ucraft, Vectr, Design Evo, & Free logo design. This course is designed for complete beginners and will cover only the information that you need to start making basic logos. This Is A Basic Logo Design For Beginners Using Free Software Course. We will cover only the very basics of logo design and mainly focus on the actual creation of a simple logo. This Course Is Taught In English.


Beginner's Guide To Creating Basic Logos With Free Software
Beginner's Guide To Creating Basic Logos With Free Software
Beginner's Guide To Creating Basic Logos With Free Software
Beginner's Guide To Creating Basic Logos With Free Software



Welcome To The Class

Things We Will Be Avoiding In This Class

Bad Logo Design

Ucraft Free Logo Creator

Ucraft Logos

Freelogodesign.org Free Logo Creator

Freelogodesign.org Logos

Canva Free Design Software

Canva Logos

Design EVO Free Logo Creator

Design EVO Logos

Vectr Free Design Software

Vectr Logos

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Consuella13 September 2020

Great for beginners who are learning to make logos. Shows them different playgrounds they can use to practice.

Cheftzibah11 August 2020

really happy to know about these apps! a little light on design principals, but my confidence in my ability to make my own logo has sky rocketed - thanks so much

Cheryl3 August 2020

It was really fun and simple to learn about the basics in graphic designing. Also loved how the tutor tried to make the subject extremely simple without using any complex logo names or designs that are difficult to understand or try at first. Also his voice was pretty crisp & clear as well as his language was easy to understand even to non native speakers I believe.

Naheed29 July 2020

it was good but i am confused whether i can use them in professional level or have to learn illustrator. thanks

Ma.29 July 2020

I enjoy this kind of course, but the last lecture is somewhat hard enough for me to create a logo using vetr logos. I can't fully hover the pen tool.

Mabel28 July 2020

Me encanto! Me parecio super practio y super buenos consejos en cuanto a manejo de colores y practicas que hacer y no hacer cuando vas a confeccionar un logo

Périclès19 July 2020

Ce cours est très intéressant et axé sur la pratique . Les exercices à la fin de chaque section permettent de s'exercer et d'ameliorer les compétences .

Payoj12 July 2020

I am pursuing great course. Instructor is really good. The information is really good. I made some designs here. All design have great image quality. Thanks you for nice teaching.

Yasmin1 July 2020

Great course and absolutely the right guidelines for the beginners. As a beginner logo creating process is confusing and the instructor has clearly ruled out all misconceptions and myths in logo making at the start of the course for beginners. A great course so far.

Shubham25 June 2020

It Was Very Precise And Informative Session, As We Went On Know The Dos And Don'ts Of The Basic Logo Designing.

Emre25 June 2020

First of all this course is for completely beginners about logo design. I've learned a couple of useful tools for me. But, after really good tools, designevo seems impractical for me. Also except the first lesson, there is no much tips or basic knowledge about designing. More like some program tutorial videos.

T5 August 2019

nothing special, create boring logos with pre-defined graphics. well, for me personally, i do better logos in less time with photoshop. but ok, it's a beginners tutorial, so, good explained, easy to understand (like all the free logo websites are) and the only helpful for me was the video about the adobe color wheel.

F.13 July 2019

Highly recommended! Excellent course, very professional presentation, full of good content and guidance to make logos easily, with amazing free tools! Many thanks, teacher!

Grzegorz8 July 2019

I am having some trouble with sound. Could be my headphones, but never happened before. Every once in a while the sound goes away.

Rizwan7 July 2019

Amazing experience, learned how to create logo's and what are the exact meaning of colors in the Logo's Thank you so much for providing a useful course


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