Beginner Tutorial on Solo Ads

Beginner friendly guide to build your online business.

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Start A Profitable Solo Ad Business


Making Money Online With Solo Ads.

This training is meant for newbies in internet marketing. If want to learn how start making money online, this course is for you.

Learning Outcome:

  1. Prepare Your Webpage To Attract Visitors
  2. Prepare An Irresistible Free Gift To Giveaway
  3. Generate Traffic To Your Website
  4. Profit From Selling Solo Ads

Bonus Materials: It is my habit of rewarding my students who take action. Upon completing every module, send me your work and I will send you your reward. Yes, I want to help you with your business I will reward you with tools to achieve success.

Show me your effort and I will guarantee your success.

How Fast You Can Start: You can complete the course in a day and implement the action steps at your own pace.

Step By Step Guidance. I will be showing you the exact steps to build your business. You get to look over my shoulder while I set everything from scratch.

Why Take This Course: If you tried internet marketing, affiliate marketing or creating your own product but failed, it is normal. It takes a lot of skill to be successful at those.

The good news: being a solo ad seller is the perfect stepping stone to learn and master the basics of internet marketing. Selling solo ads is the best way to generate income while learning the business.


Beginner Tutorial on Solo Ads
Beginner Tutorial on Solo Ads
Beginner Tutorial on Solo Ads
Beginner Tutorial on Solo Ads


Introduction: What Is Solo Ads


What To Expect From This Course

Internet Marketing Basics

Making Money Online

What Is Needed To Succeed

Business Planning

Business Overview: 3 Step Process

Niche Selection

Niche Selection

Preparation: Setting Up Your Auto Responder

March 2016 Update: Get Access To Student Library

Introduction To Autoresponder

Register And Activate Your GetResponse (Claim Your Bonus)

Create Your Campaign And Adding Contacts

Creating Newsletter

Maximum Emails Per Day

Advance Email Settings

Preparation: Your Irresistible Free Gift

What To Giveaway

Live Demo: Preparing Free Gift

Free Gift Delivery

Free Gift Delivery

Preparation: Your 30% Conversion Website

3 Platforms To Build Your Squeeze Page

Building Squeeze Page With GetResponse Templates

Live Demo: Creating Your Squeeze Page From Scratch

High Conversion Website

Get Instant Profits?

Drive Traffic

Number 1 Newbie Mistake

Free Traffic Vs Investment Traffic

Investment Traffic

Need Assistance With Solo Ads?

Free Traffic Part 1: Authority Sites + Social Media

Free Traffic Part 2: Content Syndication

Monetizing Strategies

Selling Solo Ads

Super Charge Your Profits

Closing Thoughts + Take Action

Bonus: Students Questions Answered

Know Your Rights: What Is PLR, MRR, RR, P

(BONUS) Live Demo: Creating A Viral Image Facebook Post


Eva6 January 2020

Sehr lehrreich, gut strukturiert, nur der Akzent des Tutors macht das Verstehen manchmal schwer, daher ein Stern Abzug.

Naveen21 June 2019

Promoting his affiliate links (GetResponse, Udimi etc) and promoting Patric Chan's ClickBank Course throughout this course.

Tamiran2 April 2019

Jay has layed out a clear 3 step roadmap to follow. He explains each step in detail in several videos, so I as the student will have a good understanding. I have finished the whole course. Now I am ready to take action. I hope to achieve great success.

Ray2 February 2019

Yes. It is a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a course on solo ad buying as an affiliate marketer. I never in a million years entertained the thought of solo ad seller. I'm intrigued

Sean20 September 2018

I liked how he made the course to promote an affiliate product. He did a good job at it tooo... I most likely buy it.

Randal19 July 2018

There were a number of issues with the course. First was the audio, it was low and at times hard to hear the material being presented. Second was the long winded personal history, totally unnecessary for the purposes of presenting the material and an hour I will never get back. We live in a fast paced world and there is no time for "And there I was" type material. Get to the point, pitch what you have to pitch and get out of the way cause I am gonna go implement it.

Benno15 March 2018

Goede introductie in internet marketing en positionering waarom solo ads een goed idee zijn om mee te beginnen.

Paul20 October 2017

It took me a few minutes, but his Chinese accent was ultimately no problem. He knows his stuff for sure. I found it well worth the time invested. He shared an abundance valuable information and I picked up a few gold nuggets too. Jay delivered his information sincerely, honestly and from his heart. Good job Sir.....

Thomas14 August 2017

took all this time to find out its gonna cost me $500 to start. if id known from the start i wouldnt have gone any further.

Patsy4 August 2017

I'm having to strain a bit to understand the instructors English, although it is pretty good. Just requires a lot of focus. Which is good anyway. :)

Charles25 July 2017

This is an excellent course because the instructor is is open, honest, and meticulous. It did a great job of answering my questions.

Jane8 March 2017

The instructor teaches the material in a step by step manner and is encouraging to the student in the process. As a newbie to some of the material, I find this very helpful. Thank you very much, Sir.

Charles28 November 2016

This course was awesome! I enjoyed it some much, I hired the instructor to be my personal coach. I have purchased many courses, seeking to learn the online business. This course takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step on how to set-up and run a successful online business.

Kevin29 September 2016

He wants you to pay to gain access to his library. I wouldn't give this a one penny. Waste of time.

Evilene12 September 2016

This course I was looking for a long time, now I found it I cant believe it. Its no very easy . I thankyou you instructor for sharing this amazing knowledge and give us opportunity to work with internet marketing, I high recommend this course.


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