Personal Transformation


Become Your Own Life Coach

For People Who Want To Make Empowered Life Choices

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Be empowered to live a healthier, happier and more relaxed life.

Explore self-reliance with the aim of coaching yourself effectively.

Be introduced to a variety of fundamental self-development techniques.

How to take personal responsibility.

How to easily and quickly create clear, meaningful life goals.


This bite-sized course aims to support those who wish to quickly and easily create an improved life vision for themselves. Exploring a variety of personal growth and transformation techniques with a view to setting clear, meaningful life goals.

It encourages the development of self-reliance and a proactive attitude to research the resources that are right for them, rather than be totally reliant on a Life Coach.

Students will learn how to:

  • expand their consciousness and develop a positive mindset

  • coach themselves with kindness

  • practically apply wellbeing techniques

  • take personal responsibility for their happiness

Our concept of ‘self’ comes from the stories we tell ourselves about who we have been and should be, or what others expect from us. Our basic values dictate the life choices we make, and it’s those choices that reflect who we are and what’s important to us.

Difficulties arise when we lack a coherent sense of identity, especially as we have a large number of roles; parent, child, partner, sibling, friend, etc. Each of these roles has a unique meaning and comes with a set of expectations. A clash of priorities or demands from others can potentially put us at odds with our true self.

To gain clarity on our true self is one of the most challenging tasks we can ever undertake. The ultimate goal is to develop and nurture those life choices that are consistent with our ‘authentic self’. The compelling reason to undertake this challenge is that it allows us to live in harmony with our true desires and create more happiness. To deny the authentic self is to deny the best within us and limits our potential.


Become Your Own Life Coach
Become Your Own Life Coach
Become Your Own Life Coach
Become Your Own Life Coach


Introduction - Course Objectives

About Instructor

Do I Need Life Coaching?

Coach Compassionately

Distorted Perceptions

How to Identify Unhelpful Beliefs and Attitudes

What is Unhelpful Thinking?

Why Do We Think Negatively?

Personal Responsibility

The Importance of Taking Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Basics of Positive Psychology

Setting Clear Life Goals

Personal Transformation

What is Personal Transformation?

Coaching Others

Summary - What's Next?


Guided Meditation - Drop The Bag

Guided Meditation - Healing

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