Become an Odoo Consultant Odoo Sales Machine [V17 / 2024]

Easy accounting System quotation software Send polished quotations with Odoo Sign and online payment

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Become an Odoo Consultant Odoo Sales Machine [V17 / 2024]
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May 2024
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What you will learn

Odoo Basic set up to get your accounting live - Chart of Accounts

Basic setup to get your accounting live - Journals

Odoo The basic journal entries

Odoo Inventory valuation

Odoo Asset management

Odoo Deferred revenue and expenses

Professionally showcase your products and services

Sales Basics and Your First Quotation

Product Variants Set-Up

Product Variants Applying & Customizing

Online Quotations

Coupons & Loyalty programs

Setting Delivery Prices

Setting Delivery Lead Times

Expand your sales with dropshipping

Set Pricelists_Multiple Prices per Product

Set Pricelists - Computed

Sell faster with electronic signatures

Communicate quickly and efficiently

Maximize profits by upselling

Great prices lead to a great return

Design, implement, and adjust your pricing strategy to maximize revenue

Use pricelist rules to compute the right price based on customer conditions

Convince customers to buy more with discounts and coupons

Automate operations and focus on customer relationships and revenue

Odoo Analytic accounting

Odoo Budget management

Why take this course?

πŸš€ **Become an Odoo Consultant: Odoo Sales Machine [V17 / 2024]** πŸŽ“ --- ### Course Headline: **Unlock the Power of AI in Sales with Odoo Sign and Online Payments** --- ### What is AI-guided selling? πŸ€” Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are revolutionizing the sales landscape. They enhance, not replace, the human touch by providing advanced tools that streamline and personalize the sales process. AI can analyze data to offer insights about customer behavior, predict future trends, and suggest the most effective strategies for engaging with prospects. --- ### Why Should You Learn Odoo Development? πŸ’‘ Learning Odoo Development is a game-changer for professionals looking to excel in the realm of ERP systems. Here's how it can transform your career: - **Increased Proficiency in ERP Systems:** Master the essentials and understand the core functionalities of ERP. - **Enhanced Project Management Skills:** Learn to manage projects more efficiently using Odoo's suite of tools. - **Improved Process Automation:** Discover how to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and resources. - **Professional Growth:** With a 78% rise in job opportunities, Odoo skills are highly sought after. - **Customization Abilities:** Gain the power to tailor Odoo applications to your specific business needs (95% proficiency potential). --- ### The Importance of AI in Modern B2B Selling πŸ€– The B2B selling landscape is more complex than ever. AI-guided selling helps navigate this complexity by: - **Strategic Relationship Building:** Leveraging AI to understand and predict customer needs for better engagement. - **Accelerating the Buying Process:** Streamlining processes to close deals faster. - **Engagement with Buyers:** Providing personalized recommendations based on user behavior and preferences. --- ### Who Should Take Odoo Development Certification Training? 🎯 This course is designed for: - **Software Developers:** Interested in mastering enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions with Odoo. - **IT Professionals:** Looking to expand their programming skill set with practical, real-world applications. - **Business Owners:** Who wish to customize and optimize their own ERP system for better business management. - **Companies:** Seeking efficient business process solutions and want to empower their teams with Odoo expertise. - **IT/Computer Science Graduates:** Eager to acquire practical skills in a high-demand area. - **Tech Enthusiasts:** Who want to contribute to open-source projects and learn from industry experts. --- ### Why Choose Office of the Chartered Accountant Dr. Abdel Al-ghany Fouad for Odoo Development Certification Training? πŸ† Dr. Abdel Al-ghany Fouad's office stands out as a premier training destination due to: - **Certified Odoo Instructors:** Receive guidance from instructors who are not only certified but also bring rich industry experience. - **Career Growth Opportunities:** Enhance your skills, making you more competitive and opening new career paths. - **Customized Training Programs:** Tailor your learning experience to fit your unique needs and goals. - **Flexible Training Options:** Choose from a variety of training locations to suit your preferences. - **Competitive Pricing:** Take advantage of affordable pricing without compromising on quality education. - **Top-Rated Training Institute:** Benefit from the reputation of a renowned and well-respected institution, Koenig. - **Convenient Scheduling:** Select a training schedule that fits your busy lifestyle. - **Online Training Availability:** Access top-notch instruction directly from your home or office through our online training platforms. - **Accredited Training Courses:** Gain internationally recognized qualifications that enhance your professional credibility. --- ### Course Highlights 🌟 In this comprehensive course, you will: - **Understand AI in Sales:** Learn what AI-guided selling is and why it's crucial for today's sales teams. - **Learn Odoo Sign and Online Payments:** Master the tools within Odoo that allow you to send polished quotations and handle transactions seamlessly. - **Apply AI Insights:** Utilize AI-generated insights to enhance customer experiences and improve conversion rates. - **Streamline Your Sales Process:** Discover how to automate and optimize your sales pipeline for maximum efficiency. --- ### Ready to Transform Your Career with Odoo? πŸš€ Join the ranks of professionals who are leveraging AI and Odoo to drive their careers forward. Enroll in our Odoo Sales Machine course today and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success! πŸ“ˆβœ¨ --- **Enroll Now and Step Into Your Future as an Odoo Expert!** 🎊


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