Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset Free Series

The most detailed and hands on online investment banking/M&A course ever created!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

UNDERSTAND the difference between an asset sale and a share sale

LEARN who are involved in an M&A Process and what are their duties

PRINT excel documents properly

USE PowerPoint Slide Master

READ a balance sheet

UNDERSTAND the concept of non controlling interest

LINK the 3 financial statements

CALCULATE inventory turnover ratio and days inventory outstanding

RUN multiple scenarios in a financial model

CALCULATE revolver in a financial model

CREATE sensitivity tables and RUN sensitivity analysis in DCF valuation methodology

CALCULATE fully diluted shares of a company

CREATE waterfall charts in excel


About this course

Become an M&A Analyst: the Complete Skillset is the most detailed and hands on course about investment banking/M&A advisory skills you can find anywhere online!

This series offers 140+ lectures across 14 sections where everything is done from scratch with an incredible 24 hours of extensive video content. There are also 70+ supporting Excel and PowerPoint documents and 60+ quiz questions.

Udemy Free Series offer 14 different free lectures from the Original Series.

These lectures are:

1) What is the difference between share sale vs. asset sale?

2) Who are involved in an M&A transaction and what are their duties?

3) How to print in excel properly? 

4) How to use PowerPoint Slide Master?

5) What is non-controlling interest?

6) What is a balance sheet?

7) How the 3 financial statements are linked?

8) How to calculate inventory turnover?

9) What is financial modeling?

10) How to use index match formula to run multiple scenarios in excel?

11) How to calculate revolver in financial modeling?

12) How to create a sensitivity table in excel?

13) How to calculate fully diluted number of shares?

14) How to create a waterfall chart in excel?

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Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset Free Series
Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset Free Series
Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset Free Series
Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset Free Series



What this course covers

What is the difference between share sale and asset sale?

Who are involved in M&A transactions and what are their duties?

How to print in excel properly?

How to use Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Master?

What is a balance sheet?

What is non controlling interest?

How the 3 financial statements are linked?

How to calculate inventory turnover ratio?

What is financial modeling?

How to use index-match formula to run multiple scenarios in financial models?

How to calculate revolver in financial modeling?

How to create sensitivity tables in DCF Analysis in excel?

How to calculate fully diluted shares outstanding?

How to create waterfall charts in excel?


Subhamoy30 June 2020

No Practical explanation with downloadable excel file and very poor sound quality during explanation of the topics. Thanks & Regards Subhamoy

Yuriy16 May 2020

There is no logic in this course. No refered attachments which is quite disappointed. Overall this course is quite useless.

Aruwa15 November 2019

My experience is amazing, as the course is extremely practical, I've learnt alot on Excel and power point as well

Mehriban1 October 2019

I am happy with the debth and breath of the content, really well presented, especially the practical parts on excel.

Carlton27 August 2019

Valuable information; however, there are no attachments as mentioned in the lectures. Lectures are not in order that makes sense to the viewer.

Katherine6 August 2019

The course is a good match for me as it matches my career options. The best part is that I can always go over to it again and again. Also the M&A process was well analysed and I also found it more interesting.

Viswanath27 May 2019

Thankful to the creators of the video. This is a demo video where you can understand what course is all about. Overall I will give average rating. Adding excel sheets as per the discussions in the video would have made big difference.

Kornel24 March 2019

I believe whole course is great. But this sample is just random lectures that do not stick together. No excel sheets, no materials. Just the recording wich does not explain much.

Aravind20 March 2019

Perhaps I should have been more attentive when purchasing this course and realized that this is a cluster of lectures and not the entire course. At the least, it would be beneficial to include the downloadable files for the lectures you do cover.

Lim8 March 2019

As this is a free series, it is understandable where the complete content is not shown. However, it would be better if at least one of the topic is complete. Some video have a very low audio which make it hard to be heard (But can be solve if you use a Bluetooth speaker). Nevertheless, still appreciate the instructor effort on sharing his knowledge at Udemy and the free series that enable me to gain some insight.

Ahmed9 February 2019

This course just takes bits and pieces from another course. It is rather difficult to remain engaged because the videos do not build on each other.

Emre19 January 2019

An excellent and insightful foretaste for the complete skillset course which I think is only available on Ali's professional website. I would like to register for the full course, if would get a good discount from Ali ;-) Seriously, it is worth to buy the full course, if you consider all the experience, knowledge and presentation skills the instructor is performing only in the short version, of course if you aim to have a successfull start into the M&A world.

Nathan16 October 2018

Each lesson ends with a statement about what will be next . . . but then that subject is not next. Great demos in excel, but disjointed flow in the course makes this difficult to follow.

Piyush5 April 2018

It is Nice & good for beginner. If you can include quiz after every video that will help to understand topic very well.

Eda16 March 2018

Great course, thank you. Do you provide coupons for your paid Excel, PowerPoint and Presentations for Investment Bankers course on Udemy?


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