Become an Instagram Manager, from Beginner to Master, 2022

Start your business in Instagram Management, Content Strategy, Make Money Online, Start Working with Clients.

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May 2022
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What you will learn

Learn Instagram Marketing Strategy & Content Strategy

Choose a Profitable Niche to work with clients you love

Learn the skills of "social selling", landing clients through DM-s and Discovery Calls

Create a profitable Instagram Management business

Learn how to register your business, send contracts, invoices

Find customers and land them as clients

Offer the right services & how to price them

Successfully manage clients using the best tools and strategies

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of Self-employment


If you have been thinking about starting as a Social Media Manager, but that sounds like a lot to handle for you right now… Why not start your entrepreneurial journey as an Instagram Manager?

Being a specialist in one thing, will get you further than being a generalist in a lot of things.

This course provides you with my proven Roadmap to start your own business online (from home, or anywhere), to start making money with social media, and offer your skills as a freelancer. This is the same Roadmap I have used to start my own Freelance social media business, which is now transforming into a Marketing agency. It was the best decision of my life and I am so happy to have created this course to help you start your own entrepreneurial journey.

If you are a creator, a student, an aspiring entrepreneur, stay at home parent, or just want to start a side-hustle, this course is for you. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and the rest will be provided with this course, through step-by-step video lessons, workbooks, checklists, templates, and constant support.

In 2022, a Social Media presence for businesses is a must, and especially a well curated Instagram page. Most business owners don't know, don't have the time, or just don't want to deal with their own Instagram because it can be very time consuming, and it is not always effective, if it's not set properly. That is why they are happy to hire an Instagram Manager.

You do not need to be, or offer, full Social Media Management services immediately, because a lot of smaller businesses, or new businesses, only rely on their Instagram page and do not use any other platform, or their clients are not on other platforms. You don't need previous experience to get clients, because your own account can be a great testimonial for potential clients, even without previous real client experience. This will also be taught inside the course.

Here is what you will learn with this course:

  • How to start and maintain your and your clients Instagram accounts

  • Instagram Marketing Strategy

  • Content Strategy & Content Pillars

  • Instagram Metrics & Analytics

  • Choosing a Profitable Niche

  • Attracting and start working with Clients

  • How to price your services and create Packages

  • How to handle calls with potential clients

  • Workflows, send Contracts, Invoicing & receive Payments

  • The Legal side of being your own boss

This is a hands-on course, full of real life examples, where I have shared the latest, the most updated Instagram Marketing Strategies that I still use to grow my personal brand and business (Ina Media) & my clients businesses. These strategies will also work for you and your new clients. I have shared the latest, the most updated Instagram Marketing Strategies that I still use to grow my personal brand and business (Ina Media) & my clients businesses. These strategies will also work for you and your new clients.

Take this course and invest in your knowledge by getting a proven system to get you from Beginner to Superstar Instagram Manager, ready to start working with paying clients.

I would love to take you on this journey with me.



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Welcome to the course

Job Description

What are you expected to do as an Instagram Manager

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Bio & Highlights Strategy
Instagram Stories Strategy
Instagram Captions Strategy
Instagram Reels
Hashtag Strategy

Account Setup

Setup your account for success

Choose Your Niche

Choosing a Profitable Niche

Content Strategy

Content that converts
Content Research & Content Pillars

Metrics & Analytics Explained

Posts and Story metrics
Reels, Videos and Live metrics
Real life example and Exercises

Working with Clients

Working With Clients - Pricing and Packages
DM Conversion Strategy
Outbound DM Strategy
Reach Your Income Goals - Pricing Formula
Discovery Call Strategy & Script
Contracts, Invoicing & Payments
Handling the Nr. 1 Objection on Calls

The Legal Side

The Legal Side




July 10, 2022
Ina is very professional. She explains everything in very small details and in logical and understandable way even for beginners. Thank you so much.??
July 10, 2022
I feel like she is rushing and not necessarily giving me information that I did not already know before...but I am just beginning so maybe it will get better
July 9, 2022
The course was really enjoyable and it is really recommended to begginers.The instructor looked happy,friendly, and willing to help the ones' who took the course.The presentations ,videos and resources were informative and easy to read and understand
July 1, 2022
The title of this course is misleading! it's not about Instagram marketing rather about how to start your own business. - I purchased this course because I was interested in Instagram marketing, but in the entire course there was almost not even once a screen sharing video from within the app, only presentations about irrelevant subjects like managing clients and finding your niche and legal stuff, NOT INSTAGRAM. I feel like it was just a complete waste of my time. I completed the course and will now look for another course for Instagram marketing - NOT on how to start a business. Sorry for the bad review... Please change the title of this course.
June 24, 2022
I enjoyed the course a lot. It provided some excellent Instagram management information. I'll keep using all I learnt there to better manage my Instagram. Was this review useful?
June 6, 2022
This course has been absolutely amazing for me! I truly feel like have all that I need (and more!) to apply the knowledge this course gives you to my business IG account! and this course is well designed for newbies who want to start their own Instagram Management business Then enroll in Ina's Course. So thank you, Ina!! This is the 1st course of yours that I've done and I'm already waiting for another specific course to get the discount rotation to start it! Definitely recommend this course, and I'm not just saying this, I literally have been recommending it to friends and coworkers who think may benefit from it!
May 24, 2022
I learned a lot about social media management. There are also great and valuable resources including checklists, templates, and workbooks. Thanks Ina!
May 20, 2022
I really liked the course. It gave very good informations about Instagram Management. I will keep applying all that I learned in it to manage my IG better.
May 9, 2022
this course not only teaches how to be a professional Instagram manager but also tells me the legal aspect of the contract with the client and other legal such as income and taxes. thanks, ina
April 18, 2022
Ina's course is full-packed with valuable information on how to start your professional path as an Instagram Manager or even if you just want to manage your business account for yourself. The lessons are very well structured and presented with great real life examples which is the real gold here. Thanks Ina for making this whole Instagram mystery so clear and easily digestible, it was real fun and great experience learning from you. Keep up the work!
April 11, 2022
Thank you Ina for this amazing course haw to become a Instagram Manager and working with clients itself. This course is detailed and perfect for anyone that is a beginner with management. I like so much that as part of this course are included free resources to help with experience from real life clients.I totally recommend your course! Thank you! @fashionarcreative
April 9, 2022
This course is very helpful and a lot to understand about Instagram growth tips and content strategy to attract clients. All the information is provided is very in-depth and practical and I am already started to increase my Instagram game ON.
March 25, 2022
In-depth and easy to understand, you get the tools you need to start your own Instagram manager business.
March 24, 2022
This was so worth it. Straight to the point, not at all like some others I've seen full of fluffy word and un-needed explanations. The extra material and workbooks I find them so helpful. I haven't had the time to work on them yet. I will watch the course a second time and really start with this new business opportunity. Very easy to follow and, another thing, I was happy to discover so much new information about instagram marketing and content strategy that I can also use for growing my own instagram. Thank you!!!
March 23, 2022
I am enjoying the course very much! It's very well structured and straight to the point. I love the fact that it is so new, and teaches you the latest techniques for managing Instagram. The resources provided are very practical and I am already putting them to use in my online business!



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