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Become an Expert on Mortgage Credit Reports

Finibi Mortgage, CEO, Joe Correa teaches you how to Solve Credit Problems and Improve Borrowers Credit Scores

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn how to read a tri-merged residential credit report

You will learn how to understand different terms and numbers that appear on credit reports

You will know how to interpret credit scores and determine what score lenders will use to qualify borrowers

Students will learn how to run credit simulations to increase credit scores

Students will learn how long it takes for derogation credit to come off borrowers credit

You will learn how to analyze why a borrower has the credit scores they have

You will learn how credit scores are determined by Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian

You will learn how credit repair companies work

You will learn how to improve your own credit by using the same strategies credit repair companies use


Becoming an Expert on Mortgage Credit Reports is a smart and practical approach to approving more borrowers and helping them have better interest rates in the process which will increase your sales and total income. Mortgage credit report experts are always in high demand, they close more deals, and make more money!

In this modern course, you'll learn all of the skills necessary to become an expert on mortgage credit reports and be able to use these skills in you're day-to-day working life. From how to read a credit report to requesting a "rapid re-score" to running credit score simulations, these lectures are designed for any one who wants to approve more buyers and borrowers. With real world examples demonstrating exactly how to execute each step of the credit score improvement process, you'll find out exactly what to do to remove delinquent credit and how to get it to report in a matter of days not months, and be compliant with all federal and state regulations.

Main benefits of this course and of being an expert on mortgage credit reports are:

- Double, triple, or quadruple your income by approving and closing more loans.

People who put into practice what they learn in this course can go from making $60,000 to $300,000 or more. The volume of loans that you can close will increase many times over which will seriously increase your income.

- Improve your own credit scores

- Get hired much faster with a bank, lender, or mortgage company or simply help more buyers get approved if you already work in the financial industry.

- Help borrower's get better interest rates and lower mortgage payments.

- Become the best at what you do or want to do by knowing more than you competition about mortgage credit reports.

If you already know the basics of mortgage credit reports and want refresh your memory or are just starting out and want to learn more in depth, this is the course for you. Ensuring the success of each and every loan requires that you have the knowledge necessary to solve credit problems. You need to know how to solve different types of credit problems and tools you can use to make these changes. This course will provide you with the knowledge and the solutions you need to become a success in the mortgage and real estate industry.

The first and second sections of this course will take you through two hugely important parts of the mortgage credit process: how the entire mortgage credit reporting process works and what it means to be a mortgage credit report expert. You will learn how credit scores are determined and what can bring them up the most. In addition, you will learn what scoring models are and just how high credits scores can go. Besides that you will understand what components go into a mortgage credit report and how each one affects a borrowers capacity to qualify for a mortgage.

In the third and fourth sections of this course you will learn what you need to do to improve borrowers credit and their scores (or your own if that's our goal). This section will go into depth how to solve common credit problems borrowers have such as collections, late payments, low credit scores, bad credit, etc., so that you can quickly recognize them and efficiently resolve them.

In the fifth and sixth sections, you will learn how to solve common credit problems and how to run credit simulations to see just what needs to be done for each particular borrower to bring their scores up. You will also understand what the minimum credit requirements are to qualify for a home loan and how credit repair companies work and how they help borrowers. In the end of this section, you will understand what credit fraud and identity theft are and how to prevent them. This is a growing concern among borrowers which you can advise them on.

At the end of it all, you'll have the tools needed to make better, and more successful decisions when helping borrowers qualify for a mortgage. A course diploma will be available to you when all sections have been completed at 100% which you can save or print. For instructions on downloading your course diploma you can go to: https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229603868-Certificate-of-Completion

Your instructor

Joseph Correa is the founder and CEO of Finibi Mortgage, a licensed mortgage brokerage business based out of Orlando, Florida. Having closed hundreds of mortgage loans and having improved borrowers credit to help them close, he has the necessary mortgage credit knowledge to help you become a success. In the past, he has also owned a correspondent lending business and invested in real estate.


Become an Expert on Mortgage Credit Reports
Become an Expert on Mortgage Credit Reports
Become an Expert on Mortgage Credit Reports
Become an Expert on Mortgage Credit Reports


Introduction to Become an Expert on Mortgage Credit Reports

Who should become an expert on mortgage credit reports?

Why should you become an expert on mortgage credit reports?

What are the benefits of becoming an expert on mortgage credit reports?

Who should become a mortgage credit expert?

What does an expert on mortgage credit do?

What are mortgage credit reports?

Instructor background

Why do lenders and banks require a mortgage credit report?

Is it possible for credit bureaus to report different information?

Mortgage credit report expert tasks and borrowers expectations

What are the main benefits of this course?

What are the main benefits of this course? The break down.


The general process of how credit is reported

What is the fair credit reporting act?

How credit scores are determined

How credit reporting agencies determine credit scores

How are amounts owed determined?

How is the length of credit history determined?

How is new credit determined?

How are types of credit determined?

What is a good or bad credit score?

What are the scoring models?

What is a Vantagescore and other factors that affect credit scores?

What are soft credit inquiries?

What are hard inquiries?

How long do credit inquiries last?

Free annual credit report

Free annual credit report overview of website


What are the components of a mortgage credit report?

1. Borrower's credit scores

2. Potential score increases

3. Date of credit report, reference number, and company that pulled credit

4. Borrower's information

5. Scoring models for each credit bureau

6. Current tradelines

7. Derogatory accounts

8. Collections and charge offs

9. Other credit history and public records

10. Alerts and remarks

A Quick Interruption

11. Trade and derogatory summary

12. Source of information

13. Credit inquiries

14. Creditors and their contact information

15. Miscellaneous information

16. Disclaimer

Understanding a mortgage credit report


What credit score ranges will result in a change in interest rates?

What things can be improved on a credit report to see a short term increase?

What things can be improved on a credit report to see a long term increase?

What tools do most mortgage companies and lenders have to help borrowers?

Can scores go up without any credit improvements?


1. The borrower's credit is new and does not reflect credit scores

2. Only one or two credit scores appear on the mortgage credit report

3. Borrower has derogatory credit that has expired but not been removed yet

4. The co-borrower doesn't have a good enough middle credit score to qualify

5. A bankruptcy chapter 7 or 13 appear on the borrower's credit report

6. A foreclosure appears on the borrower's credit report

7. A short sale appears on the borrower's credit report

8. A recent late mortgage payment shows on the borrower's tri-merged credit

9. The borrower's middle credit score is short 2 points to qualify

10. How can a collection be removed from a mortgage credit report

11. The borrower paid off a debt but it does not reflect on their scores

12. Too many inquiries have dropped the borrower's credit scores to qualify

13. The borrower's total debt is too high and is hurting their scores

14. No credit scores or tradelines appear on the borrower's mortgage credit


What are credit score simulations?

How credit score simulations work

The most common ways to increase borrower's credit scores

How to run a credit score simulation

Can borrower's improve their credit on their own?

How can borrower's create credit fast

Credit Karma website overview


What is the minimum credit score needed to qualify for a home loan?

How do credit scores affect borrower's rates?

Are there any loans that don't care what your credit scores are?


Can a credit repair company make a difference?

How much do credit repair companies charge

What do credit repair companies have to offer?

Have several credit repair companies to choose from


What are fraud alerts?

Why are fraud alerts important and how to place one?

What is an extended fraud alert, a credit freeze, and a credit report lock?


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Gail21 March 2021

Very satisfied. Felt course provided all the necessary information to process a loan if you were a processor, and all the necessary info to manage your own credit scenario's. Very satisfied with the layout of how the information is delivered. Love the fact Joe talks fast (thus keeping you alert) and the information is shown on screen to reinforce into your memory. Looking forward to taking more classes from Joe Correa. Thank you very much!

Donceletta26 January 2021

Hello , The course is a recap on a few thing I already know being in the credit repair industry thanks !

Shantel16 January 2021

I don't feel like I got much value from the course. A lot of repetitive rambling and very little new information than I've already seen or heard. I will acknowledge that I may be biased since I work in the mortgage industry so a lot of it I was privy to.

Kenneth24 November 2020

Very useful information in regards to how to help an applicant with their credit scores. Can definitely be used to get more successful loans through.

Chante22 November 2020

The course was very informative and good overall. However, there were a few duplicate lessons. Thank you so much!

Noreen31 October 2020

Good course for beginners in the mortgage industry. Joe Correa is good instructor and keeps his courses updated too.

William12 October 2020

The information on this course is good. However I found it to just more of a general overview on this basic knowledge. I'm looking more for an advanced classic with more technical information that either I don't know or that I can learn from.

Vinod8 October 2020

Excellent Course But more theoritical lesson rather then Practical Example If possible come up with more example of credit report how to calculate borrower expense in credit report.

Ronnie30 September 2020

I really enjoy this course. However, I would like to have a hard copy of the content to review. this is critical to have as a backup or as a refresher to maintain the necessary knowledge. Thank You!

David22 September 2020

Joe rocked this thing. He's provided our company with a huge competitive advantage. We condensed the material down to 22 pages of typed notes. Yup, there's that much good stuff in there. You should check it out. Thanks, Dave

Tammy25 July 2020

This course is very informative. I learned about services I didn't know existed from the credit agencies.


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