Become Agile with Scrum by Examples (... and get certified)

Updated on 2020 - Learning the most used framework to become agile and exploring why it really works

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

All you need to know to start with Scrum

Foundations of the world of Agile

How to engage in Continuous Improvement

Being Agile over Doing agile

How to get certified on the most popular certifications about Scrum

Answers to more than 240 questions that simulate a real world exam or interview


Can you imagine learning a framework that really works for enabling continuous improvement and delivery of value? How do you see this fitting your current condition?

Ever wanted to learn something that is on the mouth of everyone in today's business? Being agile and not doing agile.

This course lets you understand the most famous and used framework in the world of organizational and business agility, Scrum, and provides you with examples, metaphors and real world knowledge to immediately apply and grow.

This course contains:

  • Video Lectures: to learn the theory and get the information

  • Coaching moments: short clips inviting you to reflect and grow on several areas touched by the framework

  • Section tests: to check your progress and get to the pace

  • 3 Full length exam simulation: to validate your understanding and be more prepared to get any foundational certification on Scrum

What do you need to start? Nothing! Just the will to learn, grow and the curiosity to explore something new!

*** This course includes the changes made by the Scrum creators in November 2020 ***


Become Agile with Scrum by Examples (... and get certified)
Become Agile with Scrum by Examples (... and get certified)
Become Agile with Scrum by Examples (... and get certified)
Become Agile with Scrum by Examples (... and get certified)




How to use this course

Who is your instructor for this course


Books and other references

Scrum basics

Scrum Pillars

Scrum Pillars




Coaching time: Pillars

Understanding the Scrum Pillars


Early Feedback

Scrum Values

Scrum Values Overview

Focus - part 1

Focus - part 2

Focus - part 3





Coaching time: Core Values

Leveraging the core values

Scrum Events

The Sprint

The Sprint Planning

The Daily Scrum

The Sprint Review

The Sprint Retrospective

Coaching time: Scrum in your life

Scrum Events

Scrum Artifacts

Artifacts Overview

The Product Backlog

The Sprint Backlog

The Increment

Understanding the Scrum Artifacts

Scrum Rules & Approach

Rules & Approach

The Definition of Done

Empiricism & PDCA

The Definition of Value

Coaching time: Approach

Understanding the rules

Scrum Roles

Scrum accepts no titles

The Product Owner

The Development Team

The Scrum Master


The Management

Coaching time: titles as labels

Understanding the roles

Putting all together

Making sense of everything (at least in using Scrum)

Evidence Based Management

Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan)

5 Dysfunctions of a Team (Lencioni)

The Speed of Trust (Covey)

Project Aristotle (Google)

M-Shaped Professionals

Cross-Functional Teams

Buzzwords of !Scrum

(de)Scaling Scrum - Reducing organizational complexity

Remote Scrum

Understanding why it works

Getting certified

Starting your learning journey

What does it mean to get certified?

Full length exam simulation I - (80 questions)

Full length exam simulation II - (80 questions)

Full length exam simulation III - (80 questions)

Next Steps

Finding your next steps


Salvatore14 March 2021

an agile course in an agile way. i feel like i could attempt the certification already from the first sprint

Stefan15 January 2021

I understand 100%, Speed is perfect; i like your graphics and the content is understandable transferred. Thx mate

M3 December 2020

I liked the coaching sessions and the advice on applying on real life. I liked also the real world examples from different businesses. An entertaing training. The drawing are really good and helpfull


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