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Learn how to be a competent WordPress Developer and enhance you career

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Become a WordPress Developer
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Sep 2018
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What you will learn

Apply to any WordPress development job

Create complex Plugins

Create complex Themes


This course is for all beginner WordPress Developers who want to improve their career and jump from a novice level to an intermediate one.

What if you don't need to go through 10 or more tutorials just to create a feature, plugin or theme in WordPress?

Tried developing with WordPress, but you have a hard time to start? Too much information out there?

Get ready for a course that will teach you how to install a WordPress locally, where to look for information on functions, classes etc.

Are you ready to develop a plugin and a theme? Ou yeah. We are going into that adventure together! We will build a plugin and we will also create a theme.

Maybe you're not satisfied with that? Sure, we will also go into some advanced topics.

Some of the stuff you'll learn in this course:

  • JavaScript & WordPress

  • AJAX with WordPress

  • HTML to WordPress

  • Developing Custom Themes

  • Developing Custom Plugins


Basic WordPress Environment

Editor of Choice
Local By Flywheel
Local Server
Installing WordPress

Codex & Standards

Code Reference
Plugin Handbook
Theme Handbook
WordPress Standards

Plugin API

What is the Plugin API?


Freemius eBook
Interview: Kobe Ben Itamar, Co-Founder of Freemius

Simple Theme Devleopment

Starting the Theme
Our first index.php
Displaying Posts inside the index.php
CSS First Steps & Adding it to our theme
Theme Functions
Title & HTML5 Support
Separating Header & Footer
Header & Menu
Post Content
Template Tags & Styling the Post Content
Adding Author Info to the Post Template
Adding Secondary Menu to the Footer
Adding Widgets to our Footer

Theme Development (HTML to WP)

Template (ZIP)
Starter Themes
WPGulp & WPGulpTheme
Preparing Styles & Images
Preparing Scripts
Creating the Front Page & Footer
Front Page - About Section
Front Page - Building a Customizer Repeater Control (HTML, PHP)
Front Page - Building a Customizer Repeater Control (JavaScript)
Front Page - Other Sections
Blog Layout - Preparing the Settings
Blog Layout - HTML & PHP
Blog Layout - CSS
Single Post
Single Post - Sidebar
Single Post - Responsive Header Image
Single Post - Comment Form
Single Post - Comments
Footer - Social Media
Page & Refactoring Content
Page & Post Templates
Post Formats - Audio
Post Formats - Video
Post Formats - Gallery
Not Found (404) Page
Contact Form - Sidebar
Contact Form - Preparing
Contact Form - Error Check
Contact Form - Sending Email
Contact Form - JavaScript
Contact Form - AJAX

Simple Plugin Development

Creating the Plugin Base
Creating the Custom Post Type
Adding a Metabox
Adding a Dropdown with all Pages & Posts
Saving the Dropdown Value
Retrieving the Custom Post Types at the bottom of a page or post
Displaying the Retrieved Custom Post Type
Enqueueing CSS and Styling the Posts

Food Menu (Plugin Development)

Creating the Post Type
Creating Categories
Fixing the Category Error (& Explanation)
Adding the Price Box
Saving the Price
Displaying Menu Items
Displaying Food Categories
Adding Food Content to Single Food Page
Adding Style
Adding Category Links
Showing Ingredients
Introducing Food Menu Builder for Customers
Food Menu Builder - Settings Page
Food Menu Builder - Page Option
Food Menu Builder - Shortcode
Refactoring the plugin with folder & file structure
Food Menu Builder - Initialisation
Food Menu Builder - List the Menu
Food Menu Builder - Creating the container for chosen items
Food Menu Builder - Adding Menu Actions & Totals
Food Menu Builder - Enqueueing JavaScript
Food Menu Builder - Filling the Food Object on Click Event
Food Menu Builder - Rendering Chosen Menu Items
Food Menu Builder - Updating Total
Food Menu Builder - Deleting Chosen Items
Food Menu Builder - Save Chosen Items in a Cookie
Food Menu Builder - Overview on Submitting the Menu
Food Menu Builder - Submitted Menu CPT
Food Menu Builder - Submitting the Menu through AJAX
Food Menu Builder - Redirecting on Successful Submission with JS
Food Menu Builder - Hooking into the content of each Submitted Menu
Food Menu Builder - Rendering the Submitted Menu in a Table
Food Menu Builder - Styling the Menu Table

Events (Development with ACF and WooCommerce)

Preparing the Plugin
Overview of the Plugin Boilerplate
Creating the Custom Post Type
Introducing Advanced Custom Fields
Integrating ACF
Creating ACF Fields
Loading ACF Fields
Refactoring the Fields
Registering the Shortcode
Querying Events through Shortcode
Listing Events through Shortcode
Displaying Single Event Information
Events Pagination
Configuring WooCommerce to Sell Digital Tickets
Adding Products Events Tab
Saving the Linked Event in a Product
Showing the Linked Event in the dropdown
Returning non linked events + the selected event
Showing Event Information under the Product Tab
Linking the Event in Order Details
Listing all People who purchased the ticket


May 23, 2020
Sometimes, the explanations are done at quite a speed, so a quick summary of what's discussed in a video would then be helpful.
April 15, 2019
Voice not clear.Cannot hear anything. Instructor's navigation is confusing and unclear all the time. No practice at all.
November 15, 2018
The speaking is not very clear & fluid. I wouldn't class these first few videos as lessons either, they are just talking about a few 'recommended' products which could have been listed and discussed briefly.



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