Become a Haircutter, Unit 1-3

From Solid Shape to Graduated Shape

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What you will learn

Designers Approach to Haircutting - become a haircutter from the beginning

Lengths Arrangements: The 4 basic shapes

The Workflow: 7 steps to cut

Unit 1-3: From solid to your first graduated shape


On these charts you will learn all the theoretical basics to understand haircutting starting from the beginning. We explain to you the way we teach and how to use our training courses correctly. We will also introduce you to the 4 basic shapes that will help you recognize length arrangements and better understand workflows. To perform a haircut correctly you need a structured workflow: division, head position, section, combing direction, combing angle, finger position and cutting line. You will learn everything important on these charts.

For optimal learning success, you will need a tripod as well as two training heads (Unit 1-10), then more training heads. Before you start cutting, watch each haircut once completely and pay attention to all details. Only then should you begin with the finishing work. Then work step-by-step! The easiest way is to get a holder for your smartphone so that you can attach it to the head stand.

Unit 1: Solid shape - horizontal - training head 1

Your introduction to cutting hair! First, make a contour section and make sure it has the same width all over. Then cut a horizontal baseline to which all further hair is worked towards. Work with horizontal sections, natural combing direction and 0° combing angle. So that the contour cutting line is exact, cut 3-4 sections in the nape area with the head tilted forward. This results in an increase in length in the top (negative solid form).

Unit 2: Solid shape - diagonal - training head 1

If you have successfully trained the horizontal shape, we now continue with the diagonal solid shape. The working method remains the same, but now you cut a straight, diagonal baseline from front to back. This runs straight diagonally into the neck area, and only in the middle of the neck do you round off the two diagonals concavely. All other hair is cut on this baseline.

Unit 3: Graduated shape - diagonal - training head 1

To complete this exercise, you should have successfully completed Unit 2. After you have cut the contour line with a contour section diagonally solid, you continue in the nape area with an A-shaped section. This should be approx. 4 cm wide. Now you divide pivotally, comb hair at a 45° angle and work with a right-angled combing direction.


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Become a Haircutter, Unit 1 - 3

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Solid Form - diagonal
Graduated Form - diagonal
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April 17, 2022
As a veteran stylist I tend to forget the basics. So far, this program has got me thinking about those basic cutting techniques.



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