Become a Coding Warrior: Data Structure and Algorithm

Learn Data Structure & algorithms from scratch to crack any coding interview and get your dream job in tech giants!!


6.5 hours


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Learn, understand and implement some of the most difficult algorithms

Learn and implement different Data Structure

Practice hundreds of challenging coding questions

Understand and implement mostly asked coding question in tech interviews

Fundamentals of computer science to become a better programmer

A to Z of coding

Learn about the building blocks of Competitive Coding


The most updated course which covers Data Structure, Algorithms, and more than 100 well-explained questions with solutions. Want more? Every week new challenging questions are posted along with their elaborated solution. Not Enough? well, a new platform is introduced to provide easy referrals to enrolled students. So by enrolling, students don't only get the ultimate resource to prepare for the coding interviews, they also receive a new set of practice questions every week along with an amazing platform to get referrals if they perform extra-ordinarily.

If you are anxious before applying to your dream job, or if you are nervous about your first Coding/Technical interview, or the overall interview process intimidate you or do not have a fancy CS degree, or a complete beginner then this is the perfect course for you! A majority of students get "stuck" or do not have enough confidence while they face an actual technical interview. Hence, their goal of getting into dream companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Uber, etc remains a dream forever.

Cracking a coding interview is not just about the knowledge, it's more like a skill that can be achieved with a lot of practice and some mandatory acquaintance about the basics. The Motive of the course isn't to tell you "Learn and memorize these 100 interview questions and hope they are the only questions asked in the interview". NO!! instead, we practice and learn the techniques and the step-by-step approach used to solve the problem. Henceforth, these techniques will guide you to tackle any questions thrown at you in the actual interview process. Apart from that, you'll get:

  1. An in-depth explanation of the most important Data Structure and Algorithms. This can benefit people without a CS degree to get their basics strong.

  2. Well-diagrammatically explanations of every topic covered.

  3. One of the biggest collections of frequently asked interview questions along with their well-explained solution.

  4. 100+ Coding questions of various levels for beginner to advance level programmers.

  5. Multiple ways to reach out to me and constant support on the Udemy Q&A forums from me!!

The ultimate goal of this course is to help you answer each and every question asked in a coding interview and help you land your desired high paying job!


Become a Coding Warrior: Data Structure and Algorithm
Become a Coding Warrior: Data Structure and Algorithm
Become a Coding Warrior: Data Structure and Algorithm
Become a Coding Warrior: Data Structure and Algorithm




Course Breakdown

Motive of our course

About the coding interview

Coding Ability

How to get Help?

Why we need to setup?

Flow of our course

Setup And Terminal Basics

Environment setup part-1

Environment setup part-2

Environment setup part-3

Terminal basics part-1

Terminal basics part-2

Terminal basics part-3

Basics of Coding


Steps to solve a problem

More about Pseudocodes

More about Flowcharts

Ready to start coding?

Our first coding problem

Lets try one more interesting problem

Introduction about Data Types

Coding using various Data Types

Introduction about Decision Making - Part 1

Introduction about Decision Making - Part 2

Coding using Decision Making statements - Part 1

Coding using Decision Making statements - Part 2

Coding using Decision Making statements - Part 3

Coding using Decision Making statements - Part 4

Learning about Loops

Coding using Loops and steps involved in loops

Types of Loops

More about For Loops

More about while / Do-While Loops

Array Data Structure

some Background Knowledge

Different Data Structure we are going to study

What is Data Structure?

Introduction to Arrays

Importance of Array Data Structure

Types of Arrays

Frequently used terms..

Basic Operations

Indexing vs Actual Address - Part 1

Indexing vs Actual Address - Part 2

Calculation of Address - Part 1

Calculation of Address - Part 2

Calculation of Address - Part 3

summing up Calculation of Address

Ready to start coding?

Frequently used terms..

Traverse in an Array

Updation in an Array

Coding Very Fast ?

Insertion Operation

Deletion Operation

Overwriting VS Deleting

Basics terms to Know!!

Introduction to Search Operation

Linear Search


What we learned until now?

Basics of Function

Still getting confused?

Function's structure overview

Why use functions?

Ready to start coding?

Greatest number implementation

Function Declaration

Function Calling

Default Values in a function

Ways of calling a function

More about ways of calling a function

Swapping a number

How functions are better?

Time and Space Complexity

Why learn about time and space complexity?


Order of Growth

Calculation of complexity

Constant Complexity

Linear Complexity

Factorial and exponential complexity




Basic Terminologies used

what is Stack OverFlow problem?

Memory allocation

Pros and Cons of using Recursion

Winding up theory

Implementation Approach



Implementation basics

Rat in a Maze problem introduction

Rat in a Maze Code - part 1

Rat in a Maze Code - part 2

N queen problem introduction

N queen problem code - part 1

N queen problem code - part 2

Rat in a Maze Code - part 3

Pointers and Dynamic Memory


is Pointer useful?

theoretically defining pointers

Pointers Declaration

coding using pointers

Dynamic memory Introduction

coding using pointers and dynamic memory


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