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Beat the Codility Coding Interview in JavaScript

Learn and practice how to solve many coding puzzles from Codility using JavaScript

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Experience solving many of codility's coding interview puzzles, with problem descriptions, hints and solutions

Learn common problem solving tips ideal for coding interviews

Have a greater chance of passing the coding interview with codility, hackerrank and others

Have a better chance of doing well in a face to face or phone coding interview


This course has been designed to help you pass your next coding interview. It focuses on puzzles from Codility's training lessons, so if you have an online coding test coming up, this course is perfect for you. The course will also help you for onsite and phone coding interviews.

The key to passing these coding interviews is to practice as much as possible by solving various types of coding puzzles. In doing so you sharpen your problem solving skills and eventually you will start to see patterns amongst the different coding solutions. You will also increase your chances of being asked a problem you’ve already solved.

In this course you’ll get to practice many of these coding puzzles. In every section we introduce the topic, explain the problem and later provide you with a few hints that help solve the puzzle. In the end we arrive at the solution together. There is a good mixture of puzzles with different levels of difficulty.

Along the way you'll learn how to ride a motorbike, surf, scuba dive and fly an aeroplane. *

Join me on this course, and let’s get you to pass this interview!

*Not really, however this course is pretty fun regardless.

All code in this course can be found on github, username/project: cutajarj/CodilityInJavaScript


Beat the Codility Coding Interview in JavaScript
Beat the Codility Coding Interview in JavaScript
Beat the Codility Coding Interview in JavaScript
Beat the Codility Coding Interview in JavaScript



Make most of this course

Useful links and resources

Time Complexity

Quick recap on Complexity Theory

Perm Missing Element Problem

Perm Missing Element Hint 1

Perm Missing Element Hint 2

Perm Missing Element Solution

Perm Missing Element Code Walkthrough

Equilibrium Problem

Equilibrium Hint 1

Equilibrium Hint 2

Equilibrium Solution

Equilibrium Code Walkthrough


Refresh your knowledge on Arrays

Cyclic Rotation Problem

Cyclic Rotation Hint

Cyclic Rotation Solution

Cyclic Rotation Code Walkthrough

Counting Elements

What do we mean by Counting Elements?

Frog River One Problem

Frog River One Hint

Frog River One Solution

Frog River One Code Walkthrough

Max Counters Problem

Max Counters Hint 1

Max Counters Hint 2

Max Counters Solution

Max Counters Code Walkthrough

Stacks and Queues

The basics around Stacks and Queues

Brackets Problem

Brackets Hint

Brackets Solution

Brackets Code Walkthrough

Fish Problem

Fish Hint

Fish Solution

Fish Code Walkthrough


Leader definition and the Dominator Problem

Dominator Hint

Dominator Solution

Dominator Code Walkthrough

Maximum Slice Problem

Introduction to the Maximum Sub Array problem

Max Profit Problem

Max Profit Hint

Max Profit Solution

Max Profit Code Walkthrough


Overview of different Sorting Algorithms

Disc Intersection Problem

Disc Intersection Hint

Disc Intersection Solution

Disc Intersection Code Walkthrough Part 1

Disc Intersection Code Walkthrough Part 2

Prefix Sums

How to generate prefix sums

Passing Cars Problem

Passing Cars Hint

Passing Cars Solution

Passing Cars Code Walkthrough

Div Count Problem

Div Count Hint

Div Count Solution

Div Count Code Walkthrough

Primes and Composites

Understanding Primes and Composites

Flags Problem

Flags Hint 1

Flags Hint 2

Flags Solution

Flags Code Walkthrough

Euclidean Algorithm

What's the Greatest Common Divisor Algorithm?

Chocolates By Numbers Problem

Chocolates By Numbers Hint

Chocolates By Numbers Solution

Chocolates By Numbers Walkthrough

Caterpillar method

How does a Caterpillar move?

Count Distinct Slices Problem

Count Distinct Slices Hint 1

Count Distinct Slices Hint 2

Count Distinct Slices Solution

Count Distinct Slices Walkthrough

Greedy Algorithms

What's a Greedy Algorithm like?

Max Non Overlapping Segments Problem

Max Non Overlapping Segments Hint

Max Non Overlapping Segments Solution

Max Non Overlapping Segments Walkthrough

Tie Ropes Problem

Tie Ropes Hint

Tie Ropes Solution

Tie Ropes Walkthrough

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