Obstacles Make Me Stronger

Ask yourself, why do we go through life allowing ourselves to feel suffocated? In this course, you will get the answers!

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Personal Transformation
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Jun 2022
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What you will learn

Mind Hacks and Techniques to overcome any obstacles you face in Life.

Making Mental Wellness a priority in your Life

Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs, Procrastination and Protecting Your Inner world.

Finding Yourself and Your Purpose through the Pain and Contributing to the World!

Becoming non-judgmental, Loving, Forgiving Yourself, and realising its Okay not to be Okay!

Living a Purposeful, Authentic Life, and believing in Yourself.

Shifting your Identity and Building powerful daily Habits.


Imagine not being able to breathe, think carefully about this statement! It could be because of lack of oxygen or someone choking YOU.

What if YOU are the reason for YOUR own suffocation?

One of the biggest challenges we face as humans is our mental wellness. We tend to focus on everything that happens in our outer world due to the demands that society puts on us, we then forget to protect ourselves and our inner world. This leads to us trying to be someone we are not and doing things that don't align with our values. When we accept Life like this, at some point we will go into a depressive state and start hurting our minds and bodies.

How do we hurt our mind and bodies, you may ask? Let me explain, if you do not treat your body with the utmost care and love, the same way you would treat a sacred place, you will sub-consciously cause self-harm.

Let me ask you a question, when you over indulge in unhealthy food or drinks, what happens to your body? You feel bloated, uneasy, lethargic, etc. This is your body sending you a message that what you did to it, is not okay.

To become aware of these signs is the key to your healing.

Similar, when we feed our minds with negativity, our results will be negative thoughts. This causes limiting beliefs, fear, frustration, loneliness etc.

In this course, the Author shares some of his life experiences and how he was able to overcome mental obstacles, depression, suicide, limiting beliefs, and a conditioned mindset to start living a better life.

You will learn that you can also "GROW" through Your pain rather than just "go" through it with simple, yet life changing mind hacks and techniques that have been proven to work.

What makes this course unique? You will learn how to shift your mindset, develop new powerful habits and change your lifestyle according to how you would like to live. You will learn that showing up for you first is key if you want to be there for others. 

Change really starts from within, how badly do you want to become the BEST version of YOURSELF?


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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome and Introduction

Are you going through Pain or Growing through Pain?

How suicide could of ruined me?
Is Your Life meant to be Perfect? You are not alone!

Finding Yourself and Your Purpose through the Pain

Who are You?
What is Your Purpose in Life?

Turning Your Pain into Your Success Story and Contributing to the World

Make a Decision to Live Your Life on Your Terms
Use your Life Lessons to contribute to the World

Bonus Lecture

Bonus Lecture


June 20, 2022
Taking us through this course from his own life experiences and how Nolan overcame and grew from that. And showing us so many ways on how we too can do the same. It's like a little jumpstart to our lives. Thank you, Nolan.
June 18, 2022
Thank you Nolan for leading to what really life is all about. Your guidance and the learnings in this course are my life upgrade. I appreciate how far I've come, feeling and expressing true happiness and my conviction and clarity to my new found passion got stronger because of your exercise and guidance. I'm forever grateful for you! Love+Respect, Lawrence
June 16, 2022
Thank you for this amazing course!!! I enjoyed the exercises! Creating my life line was a fun reflection exercise and it showed me how much I have grown and changed as well as how I appreciate the life lessons and challenges I have faced!
June 13, 2022
This course my Nolan is exceptional for two reasons: 1. He uses his own inspirational story authentically to drive the point that we can transform ourselves even if we are from the most difficult of backgrounds and past experiences. 2. He shakes us up into action by bringing all the right insights to understand why and how that can be made possible. Thanks Nolan for this power packed course and it will create many breakthroughs in lives of many!
June 10, 2022
Battling to Breathe is a such a great call to action for us to reflect about our Life, and how we are living it. You can tell that Nolan made this video to help others, as he so vulnerably shares many moments and experiences of his own life to make us compare and think about Life's hardest challenges, and see them as lessons. Moreover, in every lesson there are key takeaways and practices we can implement right away to live a better Life. Thank you Nolan, for creating this empowering quest and for being so active on your quest to restore Humanity and help us become the best version of ourselves!
June 5, 2022
I liked this course because i felt the authors authencity and he used and shared his own life experiences. The course content is great and easy to understand and put to practice. I love the exercises as it allows us to dig deeper within ourselves. I highly recommend this course to everybody.
June 5, 2022
Yes, one of the best courses I have taken that relates to what we go through. Many of us remain silent and really do suffocate ourselves. Thank you for bringing a much needed course to the World.



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