Game Development


Create a Battle Royale game using Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints

Create a Battle Royale game like Fortnite with the Industry Standard Unreal Engine 4

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Feb 2019

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What you will learn

Create a Battle Royale game like Fortnite

Integrate Steam into our game

Learn basic coding principals using Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint system

Learn general Game Development ideas


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Why does this course need to exist?

Everyone has played a Battle Royale game such as Fortnite. Perhaps you've always wondered how to make your own, but found tutorials were too long and didn't get to the point?

I want to put an end to Game Development being tiresome and boring. That is why at the end of the 8 hour series, you'll have a fully working Battle Royale game, ready to be built on and made into your own.

That means that depending on your learning speed, you can have a working Battle Royale game completely finished in under a week. The lessons you will learn can be used to go on and make any other type of game you can think of.

How is this possible?

Unreal Engine 4 is completely free to use and is a AAA quality engine, used to make games such as Fortnite, Bioshock, Gears of War, and Borderlands. Unreal Engine ships with Blueprints, an industry standard tool that is the perfect gateway into the games industry for a beginner with no technical knowledge. 

Think of Blueprints as driving an automatic car: you'll be able to learn all the correct skills and concepts, without any extra distractions. It will also put you in a great position to go on to learn the more technical C++ language, if that is what you choose.

Who is the teacher?

The course is fully developed by Reuben Ward, who has been working professionally as an Unreal Engine Game Engineer, and has over 2 years experience working professionally developing Battle Royale games. He also has plenty of experience teaching game development, and his video tutorials have received over 1,500,000 views on YouTube.

I understand how difficult Game Development can be when getting started, and that is why I love to take the technical boring parts of game development and make them as simple as possible. I hope you'll join me in making your own Battle Royale game!


Create a Battle Royale game using Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints
Create a Battle Royale game using Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints
Create a Battle Royale game using Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints
Create a Battle Royale game using Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints


Setting up Unreal Engine

Creating our First Project

Setting up our projects assets

Character and Weapons

Creating our Character

Adding Multiple Weapons

Shooting and Ragdoll death

Damage and Health

Weapon Ammo

Weapon Pickups and Loot

Creating Ammo and Health Pickups

Creating Weapon Pickups

UI and Spectator System

Health Bar and Weapon HUD

Adding a spectator system

Plane and Safe Zone

Creating the Airplane

Adding the Spawn Island

Safe Zone Part 1

Safe Zone Part 2

Creating the Map UI

Creating Matchmaking

Creating the Main Menu

Creating the Matchmaking System

Integrating Steam

Packaging our Game

Adding the finishing touches

Packaging the game


Parth11 October 2020

Well, the course is good but only if you follow exactly what instructor is doing. I surely enjoyed it but the instructor could have explained some things in a better way. And there were some moments where he rushed things so it was a little hard to keep up with. But it's still worth a try

Christopher25 September 2020

Why cant you post an updated weapons add since the prototype weapons are outdated also there isnt the Idle part in your asset download there are 8 items in the pack you have 9 lol

Jessep21 September 2020

I understand making games is trial and error, but this shouldn't be the case with a tutorial. Every video starts with something that was forgotten in a previous video, and then multiple times throughout a single lesson we have to go back to things that were forgotten or setup incorrectly as well. Very frustrating to learn from since it seems what we're learning each video he is just trying to remember on the fly. Also, constantly moving his cursor or clicking on random things, scrolling around screen instead of focusing on the thing he's talking about, making it very hard to understand what it is he's referring to. Have to rewatch each step multiple times because he moves to the next step too quickly. This course should've been longer and slowed down instead of seemingly trying to race to the end of each lesson that concepts are lost. This seems like a good course for making this specific Battle Royale game without actually knowing how you got there because things aren't explained very well. I appreciated everything I've seen/learned now that I'm at the end of this course, but still feel like there were a ton of crucial steps that weren't explained well.

Gaurav16 September 2020

This is actually good! I Enjoy it and being a beginner, this is awesome! I am having a lot of fun already!

Jacob27 August 2020

i feel that you check all your work and i like that you are really relatable not like this is a huge bother to you im happy to be here and im along for the ride

Lucas26 March 2020

It was very interesting, as with all things like this there will come problems as everyones machine is different and I found the problem solving of why a system didnt work a little difficult but satisying when I figured out what I had done wrong. Course was VERY well explained and helped me create the perfect foundation for a Battle Royale game.

Tyler26 March 2020

Super amazing tutorial. Having previous experience in unreal is awesome because the instructor moves quite quickly but he is still super informative for others as well.

Amanda23 March 2020

it is very very interesting i am 13 years old and i get bored very fast so this is very good i love this course and continue what you are doing

Michael22 March 2020

The courses aren't well organized, there is alot of breezing past things, and the instructor doesn't seem to respond to questions. I'm trying to get animations to work on clients and the solution may be somewhere in 2-3 hours of footage. After reviewing the footage, the firing animation was never setup in the first place.

Rob8 February 2020

So far and i am over halfway through... It has not been too bad of an experience but was really more interested in the online multiplayer and sort of disappointed. Since i have characters that run around and when they reload it shows them in other screens sliding along the ground while reloading. Plus will not show another character firing their weapon in another screen. would be nice to of went into a little detail about the multiplayer aspect a little more... but still have more to go maybe it will get better..... Also from what it looks like do not expect a response from him.

Daniel24 January 2020

Really great videos. Instructor does a good job explaining why we do certain things and the things that can go wrong if we don't take certain actions. Learning a ton of stuff.

Paulo24 January 2020

O Professor não está nem ae pra os alunos... não responde mensagem, não responde pergunta e o game depois de concluído não funciona. Simples assim.. (Curso pra ganhar dinheiro em cima dos alunos) NÃO ACONSELHO

Ioannis21 January 2020

Its good but needs a little bit more details on the videos and also it would be good if the creator replied on the questions. Good overall experience though.

Drake11 January 2020

Nice Teacher, clear and easy to understand. I learned more in this tutorial than about 5 other courses combined. short and precise but good concepts

Duncan10 January 2020

I have a basic knowledge of UE4 and got a lot out of this course, Reuben certainly knows his stuff. You certainly will get a working game out of this, if you: pay attention, pause, rewind, do the examples, rewind again. At one stage I sneezed and missed an entire section on the health bar. It is great to see a fast paced course like this - think of it more like a complete comprehensive checklist of things you need to do to get a game built - but don't kid yourself that you will understand everything that you do just from the videos, as he says - you should study and learn on your own. One thing this course REALLY needs is some resources on completed blueprints, even screenshots - I really did miss many steps and it took ages to realise I had to tick 'some checkbox' for it to work. I guess that is part of the learning though.


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