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Get started with GIS & Remote Sensing in QGIS #Beginners

Get an overview and learn basics of GIS, QGIS and Remote Sensing with open data & tools (QGIS and Google Earth Engine)

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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

Fully understand basics of GIS and Remote Sensing

Learn Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing

Learn open source GIS and Remote Sensing software tools

Learn feely available sources of geodata

Fully understand the components of GIS system and its main functionality

Learn how to install QGIS and its basics functionallity

Learn how to create basic GIS-based map

Learn Geodata types: raster and vector data types


This course provides an introduction to GIS (geographic information systems) and Remote Sensing for spatial analysis with the emphasis on open source software available for free as well as free spatial data portals that offer a possibility to get started with the GIS, Remote Sensing, and spatial data analysis. This spatial analysis introductory course will provide you with an understanding of the GIS system and Remote Sensing in a very short time. By the end of the course, you will feel confident and completely understand the GIS and Remote Sensing technology and where get GIS software geodata to make maps.

This course will prepare the students for the basics of using GIS and Remote Sensing with open source and absolutely free software tools. We will go over various industries where GIS and Remote Sensing can be used including agriculture, geology, mining, hydrology, forestry, environmental, and many more! We will talk about the main GIS components and stages of GIS analysis. I will explain your desktop computer requirements needed to start working with GIS. We will talk about different geodata types. Finally, I will also equip you with the knowledge of different geospatial software tools available and GIS data portals where you can download your spatial maps and data for free.

As a BONUS lecture, I provide you a half an hour step-by-step video training on how to quickly create a land cover/ land use map on the cloud with Google Earth Engine using Machine Learning algorithms without any prior knowledge.

In this course, I include downloadable practical materials that will teach you:

- Understand the fundamentals of GIS and Remote Sensing

- Learn a variety of open FREE data sources and GIS % Remote Sensing software for conduction geospatial analysis

- How to install open source GIS software on your computer and correctly configure it

- QGIS software interface including its main components and plug-ins

- Learn how to prepare your first GIS map using open-source tools in QGIS

- Learn how to create a land use/land cover map using Google Earth Engine


Get started with GIS & Remote Sensing in QGIS #Beginners
Get started with GIS & Remote Sensing in QGIS #Beginners
Get started with GIS & Remote Sensing in QGIS #Beginners
Get started with GIS & Remote Sensing in QGIS #Beginners




Applications of GIS

Applications of GIS

Key principles of Geographic Information systems (GIS)

Definition of GIS

Main principles of GIS

Open Source GIS software

GIS software and your PC set up

Geodata and spatial data portals.

Basics of Geodata and its main types

Spatial (geodata) Freely Available Data Sources


H19 December 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I didn't have any prior knowledge so found the pace, information and insights really interesting and a great starting point. Thank you.

Kusum3 October 2020

it is good for beginners as i am a beginners so good to know more about the GIS and remote sensing applications and the example was to understanding for me

Bhuwan8 September 2020

Very well Informative course for beginners . I have achieved my goal of choosing this course. I suggest all the beginners out there that you should take this course . Thank you .

Raffi4 September 2020

im a data scientist who knew nothing about remote sensing and QGIS. the course fully met my expectations as an intro course. looking forward to other courses by the same author especially if i can use python with QGIS. thank you Kate for very clear explanation and above all for being passionate about it. all the best....

Yemin31 August 2020

very good for a starter in GIS and remote sensing. The lecturer teaches from A to Z clearly and loves to learn with you.

Indushree26 July 2020

Please provide English captions as it becomes difficult to understand certain words because of accent.

Charlie19 July 2020

Great course for introducing GIS and QGIS. I do wish that UDEMY would do a better job of auditing the Closed caption though. I've seen this issue across multiple courses now where the CC is not accurate.

Imran20 June 2020

I am so happy that I opted for this course that got better as the lectures progressed. The instructor has taken great pains to explain fundamentals of GIS and has introduced QGIS very well. There is a great clarity in her explanations and have also given examples and links required for GIS work.

Barney29 May 2020

This course is good and straight to the point. I liked that such a complex subject is taught very understandable and easy to follow.

Angela15 April 2020

The course got better as we moved onto more lectures. The instructor answered all of my questions in a timely fashion.

Eric9 April 2020

I was thoroughly impressed by the comprehensiveness of this course, and the ratio of price and quality. It covered most of the important, fundamental aspects needed for a completed beginner like me. Recommended resource for anyone going into earth science or GIS-related fields. Thank you!

Randy16 February 2020

While stated as an 'Introductory' course, this is more a listing of terminology and terms used in/for GIS. Good information, but this 'course' could easily be summarized in a two page document.


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