Database Management System A-Z™: Beginner to Expert (2021)

Learn Basics of SQL to efficiently create and manage databases

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May 2021

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What you will learn

You will be able to create and manage databases using MySQL.

Perform various actions on databases.


It will cover all the concepts of Database Management Systems (DBMS) under the Computer Science/IT/IS branch syllabus for 2nd/3rd year. This course is specially designed to help you understand the concepts you need help in. This course will help you in solving numericals, answer questions, understand concepts & prepare for your internal/exams.DBMS or Database Management System is a software application used to access, create, and manage databases. With the help of DBMS, you can easily create, retrieve and update data in databases. A DBMS consists of a group of commands to manipulate the database and acts as an interface between the end-users and the database

The following are a few characteristics of DBMS:

  • To limit the permissions of the users

  • Provide multiple views of the single database schema

  • Facilitates security and removes data redundancy

  • Allows multi-user transaction processing and sharing of data

  • Follows the ACID property

  • Offers both physical and logical data independence

    Databases form the backbone of all major applications today – tightly or loosely coupled, intranet or internet based, financial, social, administrative, and so on. Structured Database Management Systems (DBMS) based on relational and other models have long formed the basis for such databases. Consequently, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase etc. have emerged as leading commercial systems while MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. lead in open source and free domain.

    While DBMS’s differ in the details, they share a common set of models, design paradigms and a Structured Query Language (SQL). In this background the course examines data structures, file organizations, concepts and principles of DBMS’s, data analysis, database design, data modeling, database management, data & query optimization, and database implementation. More specifically, the course introduces relational data models; entity-relationship modeling, SQL, data normalization, and database design. Further it introduces query coding practices using MySQL (or any other open system) through various assignments. Design of simple multi-tier client / server architectures based and Web-based database applications is also introduced.

    • Concepts covered

      • Languages & Architectures

      • Conceptual Data Modelling using Entities & Relationships

      • Relational Model

      • Relational Algebra

      • Design into a Logical Design

      • SQL

      • Internet Applications

      • Normalization

      • Transaction Processing

      • Concurrency Control

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Database Management System A-Z™: Beginner to Expert (2021)
Database Management System A-Z™: Beginner to Expert (2021)
Database Management System A-Z™: Beginner to Expert (2021)
Database Management System A-Z™: Beginner to Expert (2021)



Introduction to DBMS

Relational Database Management Systems

Data Abstraction

Components and Structure of DBMS

Architectures in DBMS

Codd's 12 Rules

Data Warehousing and Data Mining

What is SQL?

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