Basics of Commerce A Complete Study

In a single course, learn Internal Trade, International Trade, Transport, Warehousing, Banking, Insurance, Advertising.

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Understand What is Commerce, hindrances and its various Branches

Understand more about Small Scale Retail Organisation

Understand more about Large Scale Retail Organisation

Understand International Trade, Types of International Trade, Procedures, etc.

Understand Meaning of Transport, Importance, Types, Documents Used, etc.

Understand Need for Banking, Kind of Banks, Regulatory Authority, Kinds of Cheques, etc.

Understand Necessity of Insurance, Difference between Insurance and Assurance, Principles, Form, Kinds of Policies, etc.

Understand Advertising, Objectives, Merits and Demerits, Various Forms, etc.

Understand Salesmanship and Consumerism


Welcome to this course on Basics of Commerce A Complete Study.

The very first disclaimer: This is an Academic Oriented Course with an intention to enable the student to understand the various aspects of Commerce so that they can prepare themselves for various academic examinations.

In this course, you are going to understand as to What is Commerce and its related aspects. But why we should understand What is Commerce?

"In Modern world, we are enjoying a very happy life and good standard of living because of development of commerce. Commerce provides all the things that are required to lead a happy life. Commerce refers to those activities which are necessary to bring goods and services from the place of their origin to their place of consumption."

So, what you will learn in this course?

In this course, you will learn the following:

Section 1: Introduction to Commerce: 
Meaning of barter system - definition of commerce -business-industry-trade-hindrances of trade-branches of commerce.

Section 2: Internal Trade - Small Scale Retail Organisation: 
Home trade - wholesale and retail trade - middle men types of small retail organisation - street stalls - second hand goods dealers - speciality shops

Section 3: Internal Trade - Large Scale Retail Organisation:
Types of large scale retail organisation - departmental stores - features - merits - demerits - multiple shops meaning - definition -features - consumer co-operative storesmail order business - hire purchase and instalment system - recent developments - web marketing -E-commerce - Tele shopping

Section 4: International Trade:

International trade - meaning - need - merits and demerits - differences between home trade and foreign trade - types of foreign trade - import, export, entrepot trade with examples - import trade - procedure - intermediaries involed in import trade - indent house - clearing agents - export trade - procedure - intermediaries involved in export trade -
commission agents - export and trading houses - globalisation multinational company - WTO.

Section 5: Transport

Meaning of transport - importance of transport functions of transport - types of transport - land - water - air - merits -
demerits - private and public carrier - containerisation - documents used in transport - bill of lading - charter party -
way bill - railway receipt - air way bill 

Section 6: Banking

Need for banking - meaning of bank - kinds of banks - commercial banks - central bank - functions of commercial banks - co-operative banks - indigenous bankers - Reserve Bank of India - functions - internet banking and EFT (electronic funds transfer ) cheque - definition - features - MICR cheques - crossing - kinds - endorsement - meaning - kinds of endorsement - dishonour of cheque - reasons - ATM card - credit card.

Section 7: Warehousing

Need of warehousing - meaning of warehouse and warehousing - functions of warehousing - kinds of warehousing - private - public - co-operative - bonded - advantages - warehousing documents - warehouse warrant - dock warrant - dock receipt - delivery order - warehouse keepers receipt - warehousing in India and in Tamil Nadu.

Section 8: Insurance:

Necessity of insurance - meaning of insurance - insurance - assurance difference - principles of insurance - forms of insurance - life insurance - kinds of life policies - surrender value and nomination - fire insurance - marine insurance - burglary insurance - mediclaim policy - privatisation of insurance - meaning - need and benefits.

How this course is structured?

This course is structured in self paced learning style. Video lectures (screencast) are used for explaining the concepts.

Any Prior Knowledge is required?

No Prior knowledge is required for taking this course.

What are the basic equipment required for this course?

PC / Laptop / Tab / Mobile (Android / iOS) with good Internet Connection.


Basics of Commerce A Complete Study
Basics of Commerce A Complete Study
Basics of Commerce A Complete Study
Basics of Commerce A Complete Study



Introduction to Commerce

Barter System and its difficulties

Money as Medium of Exchange and Wheel of Commerce

Definition of Commerce

Nature of Commerce

What is Business?

Industry and its various classifications

Trade and Hindrances of Trade

Branches of Commerce

Commerce and Trade

Difference between Trade, Business and Industry

Why Commerce is so important?

Multiple choice:

Fill in the blanks

Internal Trade-Small Scale Retail Organistion

Trade and its Classifications

Classification of Trade Explanation

Channel of Distribution in Home Trade

Factors of Channel of Distribution

Middle Men (Mercantile Agents)

Merchant Middle Men

Wholesales and their Characteristics

Functions of Wholesalers

Difference between Factors and Brokers

Services provided by Wholesalers to Producers and Retailers

Retail Traders and their Functions

Services provided by Retailers to Wholesalers and Customers

Difference between Wholesaler and Retailer

Various types of Retailers

Introduction to Internal Trade Large Scale Retail Organisation

Multiple choice:

Internal Trade - Large Scale Retail Organisation

Departmental Store, Features and Type of Organisation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Departmental Store

Multiple Shops and its Features

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiple Shops

Difference between Departmental Store and Multiple Shops

Consumer Co-Operative Stores

Advantages and Disadvantages of Consumer Co-Operative Stores

Mail Order Business Houses

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mail Order Business Houses


Introduction to International Trade

Meaning and Features of International Trade

Merits and Demerits of International Trade

Difference between Home Trade and Foreign Trade

Import Trade and its General Procedures

Intermediaries involved in Import Trade

Export Trade and General Procedures Part I

Export Trade and General Procedures Part II

Export Trade and General Procedures Part III

Intermediaries involved in Export Trade

Entrepot trade, Features and need

Globalisation, merits and demerits

Multi National Companies, Merits and Demerits

World Trade Organisation


Introduction to Banking

Meaning of Bank

Different Kinds of Bank

Classification of Banks

Classification of Banks based on Ownership

Classification of Banks based on Schedules

Indigenous Banker

Functions of Commercial Bank

Primary Functions of Banks

Secondary Functions of Bank

Cooperative Banks

Primary central state co operative banks

RBI and its Objectives

Functions of RBI

Credit Control Functions

Internet Banking


Crossing of Cheque and its different kinds

Dishonour of Cheque

Endorsement and its types


Introduction to Transport

Definition, Importance and Fucntions of Transport

Types of Transport Part I (Motor Transport)

Types of Transport Part 2 (Tramways)

Types of Transport Part 3 (Railways)

Types of Transport Part 4 (Water - Inland)

Types of Transport Part 5 (Water - Ocean)

Types of Transport Part 6(Air Transport)

Common Carrier and Private Carrier


Bill of Lading

Charter Party and Way Bill

Railway Receipt and Air Consignment Note


Introduction to Insurance and Assurance

Difference between Insurance and Assurance

Principles of Insurance

Life Insurance

Kinds of Life Policies

What is Surrender Value?

What is Nomination?

What is General Insurance?


Advertising - Introduction and Meaning

Objectives of Advertising

Benefits of Advertising

Disadvantages of Advertising

Media of Advertising

Indoor Advertising - Press Media

Radio Advertising

Television Advertising

Film Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Direct Advertising

Promotional Advertising

Web Advertising


Bonus Lecture


Rakesh18 May 2021

very well thought out, gives great basic teachings into the subject and allows the reader to grow a curiosity towards the subject.

Sai1 July 2020

Amazing course for commerce students....Its a complete study (outlook) of commerce.....Its easy to study after completing this course

Ankush12 April 2020

“Dear Sir, it's so great to see you've come into teaching with such enthusiasm and constant support ! You've set high expectations for students and Professional people like us and I think this is just starting of journey and there will be never final destination of "Excellence" because you have to continue this journey with "continual development" instead of "sustainable development" in era of education field. I wanted to let you know you're doing a great job and we will always praise you so much in your excellency of services. I wish you all the best for your endeavors and future assignment !! Regards, Ankush Holkar, MBA- International Business

James17 January 2018

hard to understand the instructor ( language barrier ) also was expecting information on US commerce not on on India

Colombe25 December 2017

i did this because i learn everything which is teaching. I have a new comprehension of some difference on words like Insurance and Assurance and also the benefits or merits and demerits between some elements of Commerce.

Stephan12 October 2017

It's an introduction course so you expect some generality, but what you find in this course is less informative than if you simply entered "commerce" in wikipedia. Much of the information here are dictionary definitions for words like "cheque" or "trade". Furthermore, all examples given apply to the laws and institutions of India, not the US or international.


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