Basic Grant Proposal Writing for Nonprofits

Crafting Winning Proposals that Get Funded, with Effective Outcomes Statements and Proven Communications Methods

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Jun 2019

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What you will learn

Building your case for fundraising

Types of foundations and other funders

Types of proposals and submissions

Key elements of successful proposals

What funders are looking for in a proposal

Understanding outcomes versus outputs

Story telling for grant seekers

How grants fit into your fund development plan


An in-depth look at it takes to craft winning grant proposals for nonprofit programs. The course covers building your fundraising case, to learning about different types of foundations and other funding sources, to the seven essential elements of a fundable proposal. We'll take a close look at crafting strong outcomes statements, the use of storytelling to make an impact, and what funders are looking for.

This online course is adapted from the instructors' fifteen years of experience teaching grant proposal writing in a classroom setting to over 1,000 nonprofit professionals.


Basic Grant Proposal Writing for Nonprofits
Basic Grant Proposal Writing for Nonprofits
Basic Grant Proposal Writing for Nonprofits
Basic Grant Proposal Writing for Nonprofits



Introduction and Welcome

Lesson 1: The Charitable Giving Landscape

Charitable Giving Landscape

Quick Quiz: Fundraising Landscape

Lesson 2: Making Your Fundraising Case

Making Your Fundraising Case

Lesson 3: Getting Ready for Grants

Getting Ready for Grants

Middle Stretch

Middle Stretch

Lesson 4: Starting Your Proposal

Starting Your Proposal

Lesson 5: Goals and Outcomes

Goals and Outcomes

Goals and Outcomes Quiz

Lesson 6: Methodology, Evaluation, and Sustainability

Methodology, Evaluation, and Funding Sustainability

Lesson 7: Budgets


Lesson 8: Putting it all Together

Putting it all Together

Putting it Together Quiz




Rodney7 November 2020

Although I'm in the United Kingdom, the theory I believe is still relevant. So far - what I expected.

Holly3 November 2020

In this course Ken demystifies the format and contents of grant proposals in a simple and easy to follow style and language.

Zuzana3 November 2020

Very easy to follow for someone new to grant proposals. Great resources and presentations. Thank you!

Stacy29 October 2020

This course was incredibly helpful. The resources and handouts will help me for years to come on my grant writing journey. Thank you!

Ramona21 October 2020

Very informational. I was offered a grant opportunity while taking the course and they asked for a LOI and I was so excited that I knew what it meant. However, the course was great, kept my interest, great handouts, I will be applying all that I have learned.

Alesia1 October 2020

Its good for me because I am searching for grants right now to support my agency's eLearning program.

Lindsey29 August 2020

Yes, this section helped me learn more about foundations. I work for a Chamber of Commerce and we also have a Community Foundation.

Shoaib22 August 2020

I am working with a Foundation based on Special Education. I think I am learning exactly what I wanted. Mr. Ken is throwing all at the point clearly and boldly. Hope that the upcoming sections will be also great as this.

Fadzayi17 August 2020

No doubt, a great course. I personally enjoyed the course. Exactly what I needed. Thanks Ken for the detailed course.

Tamara4 July 2020

It was very informative and detailed. Having the ability to download the lessons as well as the attachments and resource list is an added plus! Being that I have yet to start grant writing, I believe what would’ve been even more helpful is if there was a “mock” assignment.

Hollie1 July 2020

I think it was a very informative course and gave me a great start to writing grant proposals. I think perhaps tehre could have been a few lectures added on how to conduct internet searches for possible grant givers and pethaps one more on seed funding and how this may be a little different. I am happy with the downloadable course materials too. Thanks, great course!

Nick30 June 2020

I thought this course was great. It was very beginner-friendly, thorough, good reflection questions.

Carolyn26 June 2020

This is a good beginner level course. I like that it has assignments, where others are just lectures. Good information.

Devin15 June 2020

Great introduction to grant writing. It sets you up with the basic skills and outlines that you need to create effective proposals.

Michael11 June 2020

The structure in the beginning was bit confusing. Sort of supposed we were doing a dry run of writing a proposal. As I didn't have a grant ready to write, it was frustrating. In the end, session not bad. Best,


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