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Christian Doctrines and Theology / Online Bible Course

10 major doctrines of the bible / Basic Christian Theology in Hindi / The Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Faith

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Introduction and importance of Christian doctrines

Mystery of Triune God

Sovereignty of God

Human and sin

Redemption from guilt, pain and penalty of sin

Holy Scriptures

Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ and believers

Work of Holy Spirit in non believers

Work of Holy Spirit in believers

Holy Church

Second coming of Lord Jesus Christ


Boom! Oh! A building collapse. Why? Because of weak foundation and mixed materials. Same way if the foundation of our faith is weak then we may be deceived by false preachers and fall. Christian doctrines plays an important role in our lives. If your Christian foundation is weak then imagine what may happen with you in future when storms of questions will shake your Christian faith. Many argue with us to prove us wrong. Are you ready to answer others? We are here to help you through this awesome course.

We have covered basic Christian doctrines in this Tutorial. Like -

What is Christian doctrines?

Why we need to study Christian doctrines?

How to study Christian doctrines?

What is Trinity and why Christians believe in it?

How God is one though three persons?

How Triune God works separately?

How God is still sovereign in creation, revelation and final judgment?

How and why we are considered as sinners?

Where sin started and how it became universal?

What are the consequences of sin?

Good works cannot save us from eternal death. Why?

How to get forgiveness of our sins?

What are major difference between prosperity and true gospel?

Who and how Bible was written?

Which statement is correct and how? "Bible contains word of God." or "Whole Bible (66 books) is word of God."

Purpose of Bible. Why God has given us Holy Scriptures?

What are the purposes of church?

How to identify a good church?

Did Jesus resurrected with flesh or as spiritual being?

Does Bible talks about resurrection of all?

How Holy Spirit works in non-believers lives?

How Holy Spirit works in believers lives?

End Time really started? How to prepare ourselves for judgment day?

Hmmm! So many things. You are going to learn...

Interested ?

These Spirit-filled lectures will -

> Make you to Re-Think about God.

> Help you to Re-Shape yourselves.

> Help you to Realize the need of society.

> Help you to Re-Build the broken wall as modern Nehemiah. Rebuilding society.

So we are going to learn s many things. This course is going to open your eyes. Come let's start. Jump into lectures now.


Christian Doctrines and Theology / Online Bible Course
Christian Doctrines and Theology / Online Bible Course
Christian Doctrines and Theology / Online Bible Course
Christian Doctrines and Theology / Online Bible Course


Introduction of Christian Doctrine // The Foundation of Christian Faith


What is Christian doctrine?

Why we need to study Christian doctrine?

What are basic Christian doctrines?

How to study Christian doctrines?

Mystery of Triune God

Introduction of topic: Holy Trinity

Meaning and importance of Trinity

Is Trinity Biblical? Biblical basis of this doctrine

5. Unity and attributes of Triune God

4. How Father Son and Holy Spirit can be God at same time?

6. How Triune God functions separately?

7. Impact of Trinity doctrine in our lives

Sovereignty of God

Introduction of topic : Sovereignty of God

2. Meaning, definition and importance : Sovereignty of God

Is this doctrine Biblical?

4. What makes god Sovereign God?

Human’s freewill and sovereignty of God

Sovereignty of God in creation and revelation

Sovereignty of God in redemption

Sovereignty of God in final judgment

Practical implications of Sovereignty of God doctrine

Man and Sin

Introduction of topic : Man and sin

Origin of humans

3 important facts about humans

Why God created humans and what is sin?

Origin of sin and its consequences

Practical implications of doctrine of humans and sin

The Theology of Redemption

Introduction of topic : Redemption

Meaning, Definition and importance : Redemption

Redemption from what are the things?

How we got the redemption- 3 Important truths

False Theories of redemption & refutation

Can we lose our salvation?

How to identify prosperity gospel?

Practical implications of doctrine : Redemption

Holy Scriptures - The Holy Bible

Introduction of topic : Holy Scriptures (The Holy Bible)

7 Symbols Meaning Definition and 10 Uniqueness of Bible

How we got the Bible (The introduction of Canon)

Purpose of Bible and inspiration theory

Canonization criteria of Bible

Infallibility Reliability Supreme Authority of Bible

7 Important questions answered

Practical implications of doctrine Bible

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and believers

Introduction of topic : The Resurrection

Meaning and definition : Resurrection

Importance of doctrine of resurrection

Evidences of resurrection of Jesus

How was the body of Jesus after resurrection?

False theories against resurrection of Jesus

Practical implications of doctrine

Holy Spirit (part-1) Work of the Holy Spirit in non believers' lives

Introduction of topic : Work of Holy Spirit in non believer

Importance, Meaning and definition

Personality of Holy Spirit

Is the Holy Spirit God?

How does the Holy Spirit work in non-believers' lives?

Top 7 controversial questions answered

Practical implications of doctrine

Work of Holy Spirit in believers lives (Part -2)

Introduction of topic : Work of Holy Spirit in believers

Definition and indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit in Old Testament

Work of the Holy Spirit in believers

Baptism of Holy Spirit

What is Filling up with the Holy Spirit?

Gifts of Holy Spirit

Fruit of Holy Spirit and practical implications


Dibyo30 July 2021

Excellent course on Christian Doctrine. I really liked the way brother John explained the word of God in a very clear and insightful manner. This course is helping me to understand the word of God better and also helped me to clear some doubts. Thank you brother John. Really blessed to have this course. Best thing about the course is that it is focused on explaining the Doctrines based on the scriptures and not on personal opinions.


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