Sales Negotiations and Closing Sales 4 High Ticket Sales

Sales, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Sales Negotiation, How to Close Deals, Sales Closing Techniques

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What you will learn

How to close B2B and B2C SALES

Why its more PROFITABLE and EASIER to focus on High Ticket Sales

How to REALLY connect with your Business Prospect

How to improve your COMMUNICATION SKILLS

How to IDENTIFY your Prospects real business problems


How to make your B2B and B2C Prospect want to buy from you

The complete FRAMEWORK of a Business B2B Sales Conversation

The mechanics of a B2B SALES CLOSING Conversation

Comprehensive SALES SCRIPTS for both B2B and B2C sales

How to master SALES CLOSING with Role Play

Your own Complete Sales Career Blueprint

Exclusive expert advice from three top B2B and B2C Sales Closers


High Ticket Sales: Sales Negotiations and Closing Sales

Sales, Sales and Marketing, Sales Negotiation and Closing Sales How to Close Deals, Sales Closing Techniques

B2B Sales: Sales Skills For Closing High Ticket Sales

Pain: Are you struggling to improve your Sales Skills?

Pain: Do you need to close more B2B Sales?

Pain: Are your Sales Closing Skills letting you down?

Let us take your PAIN away!

Firstly, lets be blunt - it makes much more financial sense to focus on High Ticket Sales than selling loads of low ticket items

Its easier, its quicker and its more profitable

Its also scarier which puts a lot of sales people off

We are going to remove that FEAR!

To sell successfully...

  • You need a strategy

  • You need a framework

  • You need to practice

Sales do not happen by accident - This course provides you with the answer to all three - and much more!

Firstly we are going to show you how to CONNECT with your prospect and really understand them

Why is this important? Because making a purchase is an emotional decision, later justified logically

We are going to show you how to become “UNCONVENTIONAL” in your approach to sales

Out goes - product features and focus on commissions

In comes - focusing on the needs of your prospect

This requires you to fine tune your Communication Skills - making your non verbal signals consistent with your sales conversation

Remember we all hate to be sold to…we all want to be understood

This is the heart of Effective Communication - the core skill of successful sales people.

This brings us to the importance of Sales Psychology which is a central part of this course. This means understanding the psychology of your prospect

We are going to show you how to uncover the problems that your prospect desperately wants you to solve for them. How to move your prospect from being distant and suspicious of you to being trusting and embracing what you have for him.  We also will show you the important connection between the intangible benefits of your high end products and services and their emotional desirability to your prospect - the KEY to closing your sale.

We will open the Sales Psychology Pandora’s Box for You.  Show you the Three Levels of Selling, the PAIN invovled and explain to you how you need to address them with your prospect

What are these three levels?

  • Logical Pain

  • Financial Pain

  • Emotional Pain

We will show you how you have to deal with all three of these to move your prospect to the point where they are ready to buy from you..  You will discover how to communicate the benefits of each of these three Pain levels and how to close the gap with your prospect.

At this point we are just warming up!

Armed with this knowledge we are going to share with you the complete framework of a sales conversation.  The step by step mechanics of a sales closing conversation in a very easy to follow process

Then we will show you how to create your own sales scripts for both B2B and B2C sales situations.  You will see sale closing role plays which will bring all these strategies and techniques into focus

If that is not enough, we are also going to give you a complete sales career blueprint to help you to personally advance your career what ever stage you are at.

To wrap up the course, we have three interview with top sales closers for you to learn from, exclusively created and recorded for this course.

Why am I telling you all this right up front?

Because although this course will require you to go through it without skipping lectures and completing the quizzes and assignments, we want you to really understand the potential this course has for you... up front!

Your unfair advantage and competitive edge lies inside the course.

Subayal says...

"Anyone, from any background, can close high-ticket sales or start a solid sales career by following this course which will take you through a six-step process which I followed to go from an introvert scientist to becoming an authority in the area of high-ticket sales.

My current clients include some of the best names in the personal development space and consultants who have fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Disney and Southern California Edison secure and public sector actors like The United States Government."

See you inside the Course!

John and Subayal


Sales Negotiations and Closing Sales 4 High Ticket Sales
Sales Negotiations and Closing Sales 4 High Ticket Sales
Sales Negotiations and Closing Sales 4 High Ticket Sales
Sales Negotiations and Closing Sales 4 High Ticket Sales



Introduction to the Course

Watch This Video First - This Course will Revolutionise Your Sales

How will this course help you?

Conviction and Problem Solving to Increase Sales Closing Rates

Sale as a Transfer of Energy

Connect and Serve Your Prospects

Who is this course for?

Sales Closing in the Era of the Internet

Quiz Section 1

John's Section Summary - What have we learned?


Why Most Salespersons Get Average Results?

The Proven 6 Step Process

How Sales Closing has evolved?

The Start of the Journey

Quiz Section 2

John's Six Steps Section Summary


Welcome to Step 1 of the Six Step Process.

Introduction to Unconventional Wisdom

Real Motivation Underpinning a Purchasing Decision

Whose Perception counts?

Selling High-End Services and Products makes sense

The Advantages of Selling High-End Products and Services

Importance of Positive Perception and Experience

High-End Brands and Associated Customer Perception

Low-End Brands and Associated Customer Experience and Perception


Diagnostic skills

Focus on their problems

How you make them feel.

Team up and clarify vision.

The power of experience, desire and association

Role of Status and exclusivity in branding.

Emotions vs logic

Comparing high-end and low-end brands in different market segments

Projecting your Values and The Myth of Affordability

Section Summary

Quiz Section 3

John's Section Summary - Unconventional Wisdom


Welcome to Step 2 of the Six Step Process.

Introduction to Non Verbal Communication

The power of tonality

Power of Body Language

Detailed Transcripts and Overall Slides of Section 4

Quiz Section 4

John's Section Summary - Non Verbal Communication


Welcome to Step 3 of the Six Step Process.

Introduction to the Psychology of Sales Closing

A Recap of Related Concepts, Role of Trust and making them Feel Safe.

A Recap of Related Concepts and Power of Being a Contrarian

Three Levels of Pain and Pain Pyramid

Impact of pains at each level of Pain Pyramid

The conscious mind, Subconscious mind and importance of trust

Uncovering level 1 and level 2 pains: Examples and Resources

Three levels of gaps (vision and pain pyramid)

Summary of The Psychology of Sales Closing

Quiz Section 5

John's Section Summary - The Psychology of Sales Closing Conversations


Welcome to Step 4 of the Six Step Process.

Introduction to the Underlying Mechanics of the Sales Closing Conversation

Lecture 1: Rapport and Trust

Lecture 2: Maintaining Control

Lecture 3: Uncovering the pains

Lecture 4: Costing the Problem and Consequence

Lecture 5: Clarity, Conviction and Confidence

Lecture 6: The Flow and Stages of a sales closing

Lecture 7: Dissecting the Stages

Lecture 8 - Stage 1: Trust And Making Them Feel Safe

Lecture 9 - Stage 2: Agenda

Lecture 10 - Stage 3: Exploration And Discovery

Lecture 11 - Stage 4: Gap Clarification

Lecture 12- Stage 5: Prospect Gap-Selling

Lecture 13 - Stage 6: Close By Matching Features And Desires.

Quiz Section 6

John's Section Summary: Underlying Mechanics of the Sale Closing Conversation


Welcome to Step 5 of the Six Step Process.

Introduction to Applying the Skill in B2B and B2C Scenarios

How we reached here? – Connecting the dots

Blueprint: The Industry agnostic Script

Screencast: Industry Agnostic Script

B2B examples using the blueprint script.

B2B Roleplay with Mr Supreet Singh

B2C examples using the blueprint script.

B2C Roleplay with Mr Supreet Singh


Quiz Section 7


Welcome to Step 6 of the Six Step Process.

Introduction to Career Start, Mastery, Growth and Leadership

Career Start: Blueprint for finding your dream job?

Mastery: Blueprint for Mastering the Art?

Growth: Blueprint for growth?

Leadership: Blueprint for building a team of skilled closers.

Leadership: Blueprint for Leading a Team Effectively


John's Section Summary: Career Start, Mastery, Growth and Leadership


Interview with Mr. Tiji Thomas

Interview with Mr. Marc Jospitre

Interview with Mr. Christian Moser

Course Summary and Wrap Up

Course Summary and Wrap Up


Harshavardhan2 February 2021

Started the course with a curiosity at around 11 pm and its around 4 am in the morning and I am still finishing the course. This has got me attached to the course! Very nice content and lot to learn and implement.

Polina11 November 2020

It is a great course, that will help you to understand Sales process and psychology generally speaking, but also improve yourself.

Emmanuel17 September 2020

It is a perfect match. Usually I would have just skipped all the lectures and schedule to read the downloads when I can, but Subayal wont let me...(lol). Its mind blowing.

Chigemezu4 September 2020

The Course touched all the Vital areas required to close high Ticket deals that I had no prior knowledge of. It was indeed helpful

Armen30 August 2020

What can I say. First, I want to mention that the instructor is very helpful and responsive which is something very rare in Udemy for which I am grateful to Subayal. Although there are plenty of things to add to this course to make it better for all students, I think the approach to uncover the 3 level pains may really work as it has psycological, professional, but also friendly approach which will make a prospect think he is felt and understood and what is more important he is not sold but helped. But if we add more roleplays with all types of prospects, including fast speaking native speakers, the transcripts, also 5 industries where high-ticket closers are needed and all questions for those industries that prospects may have and ask and closers may have to uncover their pains, also ways to find legitimate high-ticket closer jobs that everyone can do from any location remotely, I believe this course will have a value more than 1000 USD. Thanks for the great content and looking for more news. Good Job!

Ahmad26 August 2020

The course has increased my confidence in diving into the closing process without any fear, I gained a great deal of knowledge to understand the prospect and communicate the proper way and build a trusted bridge that would have a continuous bond with my prospects.


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