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AZ-400-Designing and Implementing DevOps - UPDATED 2021

Pass your AZ-400 DevOps Exam - Includes 200+ practice questions

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Students will be better prepared for the AZ-400 certification exam

Students will learn the important aspects for what is required from an exam perspective


Version 1.1 Mar 2021

  • Updated chapters on working with GitHub - This is to reflect the changes made to the naming convention of the main branch. GitHub now refers to the master branch as the main branch.

  • Updated the chapters on working with Git repositories from Visual Studio 2019 - With the newer version of Visual Studio 2019, the way on working with Git Repositories has changed.

This course is designed for students who want to attempt the Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

This course has contents for the Exam AZ-400

The objectives covered in this course are

  • Develop an instrumentation strategy (5-10%)

  • Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy (5-10%)

  • Develop a security and compliance plan (10-15%)

  • Manage source control (10-15%)

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration (10-15%)

  • Define and implement continuous integration (20-25%)

  • Define and implement a continuous delivery and release management strategy (10-15%)

In this course , you will learn aspects which includes the following

  • Working with Azure Boards

  • How to work with Git - Here there are extensive labs on working with Git repositories. Here you will also learn how to work with Azure Repos

  • How to create and implement Build pipelines using Azure Pipelines

  • How to use Jenkins for configuration management

  • Implementing security in your continuous pipeline

  • Building your infrastructure with ARM templates. There are also chapters on how to work with Terraform

  • Releasing your applications with Azure Release Pipelines


AZ-400-Designing and Implementing DevOps - UPDATED 2021
AZ-400-Designing and Implementing DevOps - UPDATED 2021
AZ-400-Designing and Implementing DevOps - UPDATED 2021
AZ-400-Designing and Implementing DevOps - UPDATED 2021



Important Course instructions

Course Introduction

Why DevOps

Implementing DevOps

Azure DevOps tools

Getting started with the Azure DevOps tools

Azure DevOps Services - Azure Boards

Quick primer on the Agile project management process

Lab - Getting started with Azure Boards

Azure DevOps processes

Lab - Making use of sprints

Lab - Integration with Slack

Lab - Azure DevOps - Azure AD Integration

Lab - Adding users to your Azure DevOps project

Permissions in Azure DevOps

Lab - Queries in Azure Boards

Using charts in Azure DevOps

Section Quiz

Important Points

Source Code Versioning

What is Git

Lab - Starting with Git

Lab - Making changes to your files

Lab - Going back to a previous commit version

Hosting your code centrally

Lab - Using GitHub

GitHub - Important Announcement

Lab - GitHub - Making changes

Lab - Azure Repos

Understanding branches in git

Lab - Working with branches in git

Lab - Merges in Git - Fast-Forward Merge

Lab - Merges in Git - 3-way merge

Lab - Merges in Git - Squash Merge

Lab - Pushing branches onto Azure Repos

Lab - Pull requests

Lab - Pulling changes from a git repository

Lab - GitHub and Visual Studio

Lab - Azure Repos and Visual Studio

Lab - Using the gitignore file

The gitignore file in Visual Studio

Lab - Working with Team Foundation Version Control

Lab - GitHub and Azure Boards Integration

Section Quiz

Important Points

Continuous Integration

What is Continuous Integration

The build process

Understanding Azure Pipelines

Starting with Azure Pipelines

Lab - Starting with Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines - Editing our YAML configuration

Lab - Starting with Azure Pipelines - YAML file

Lab - Azure Pipelines - .Net Core application

Lab - Azure Pipelines - .Net Core application - YAML file

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Triggering your pipeline

Lab - Azure Pipelines and GitHub

Azure Pipelines - Microsoft hosted agents

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Self-hosted agent - Setup

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Self-hosted agent - Implementation

Lab - Jenkins - Setup

Lab - Jenkins - Installing the required components

Lab - Jenkins - Integrating with GitHub

Lab - Jenkins - Azure Repos

Lab - Jenkins - Azure Repos - Continuous Integration

Security in your Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery pipeline

Different testing processes

Lab - Static Code Analysis

Making code changes after using an Azure Pipeline

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Using WhiteSource Bolt

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Using WhiteSource - YAML Configuration

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Unit Testing

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Unit Testing - Resources

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Code Coverage

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Code Coverage- Resources

Lab - Using SonarCloud

Lab - Using SonarCloud - YAML Configuration

Technical Debt

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Slack Integration

Azure Pipelines - Slack Integration - Service Hooks

Lab - Azure Pipelines - Classic Editor

Round-up of the benefits of Continuous Integration

Pipeline Analytics

Section Quiz

Important Points

Building your Infrastructure

Section Introduction

Lab - Publishing to an Azure Web App - Review

Lab - Publishing to an Azure Virtual machine - Review

Lab - Custom Script Extensions

Lab - Custom Script Extensions - Resources

Lab - PowerShell Desired State Configuration - Extension

Lab - PowerShell Desired State Configuration - Extension - Resources

Lab - Azure Automation - Maintain VM Configuration

Lab - Azure Automation - Maintain VM Configuration - Resources

Azure Resource Manager templates - Review

Lab - ARM Templates - Storage accounts

Lab - ARM Templates - Virtual Machine - Review

Lab - ARM Templates - Virtual Machine - Review - Resources

Lab - Nested and Linked Templates

Lab - Nested and Linked Templates - Resources

Lab - ARM Template - Custom Script Extensions

Lab - ARM Template - Custom Script Extensions - Resources

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Understanding Azure Release Pipelines

Lab - Azure Release Pipelines - Azure Web App

Lab - Azure Release Pipelines - Azure Web App - Continuous trigger

Lab - Azure Release Pipelines - Multiple Stages

Approvals and Gates

Lab - Azure Release Pipelines - Approvals

Test Plans and Package Management

Starting with Azure Test Plans

Lab - Working with Test cases

Lab - Working with Test Cases - Creating a bug

Lab - Test and Feedback extension

Understanding packages

Azure Artifacts

Lab - Publishing packages to nuget.org

Lab - Publishing to Azure Artifacts

Practice Section

Solution based quiz

Practice Test


Eduardo1 December 2020

I already work with Azure DevOps some years and the approach and sequence used was so good. I'm really on this course.

Puneet21 November 2020

Your teaching way is very good. I like learning by examples. rather than by theories pasted on PPTs. Thank you for this course

Mohamamd14 November 2020

Thank you Alan. Appreciate your efforts and knowledge. You made this course extremely helpful. Notes to learner who want to enroll this course: This course is complete in nature not intended for just to get you AZ-400 however a comprehensive knowledge on DevOps, Azure basics, Jenkins and much more. Initially I was not able to judge the knowledge of Alan, however later I realised that he made this awesome course as wholesome. Thanks again. Nadeem

Luis13 November 2020

I just passed the exam today. I think this is a great course and I recommend as a good resource to preparing for the exam.

Venkateswara27 October 2020

We are glad with Alan Rodrigues experience, no doubt perfect and he is master in subject. where as in uploading resource and in exposing to video we need to clarity and clear in updating video some steps aren't revealing. If reveled it would be greatful to us. Thanks to Alan & udemy

Joris26 October 2020

Great course. Hands on, good detail. Only downside is that it is slow to progress in the course, since you need to try certain things yourself. I expect to be working for some time on the continuous delivery chapter. Maybe it can be split up, just to make it more encouraging to progress...

Jeewan18 October 2020

Alan has explained the topics very clearly with great demonstration of lab tasks. It helped me a lot to learn the course content in quick time.

Manish16 October 2020

It is not interesting to hear this course at all. Good content put delivery is awful. Long emphasis on atleast one word in every sentence is distracting and making it boring. Single word “gone ahead” is spoken unnecessarily. Repeating sentences many time.

Mithilesh14 October 2020

This course is very good. I can see almost covered all the topics required for taking AZ-400 exams. But I was expecting it should have lectures on terraform and Helm as well, which is one of the topics in exam and also definitely questions are there on Helm. But overall its very good course and Thanks Alan once again for this wonderful course. Thank you so much.

Venkata11 October 2020

Thanks for the detailed explanation. The details are given to the minute level. Any new guys also will be able to understand without any struggle.

Aakash9 October 2020

The video keeps stoping,The experience is awful to learn. I have broadband with 150MBps , Other learning sites plays videos without a glitch, but udemy fails terribly.

Rahul9 October 2020

Precise content, great examples and labs. Covers everything you need to clear AZ-400. I have enrolled to Alan's az-900,104 and 500 courses and can confidently say - he is the best!

Amit5 October 2020

One of Best course of Azure DevOps only thing missing is links to sample Github projects which can be used for practice.

Kawsar2 October 2020

Alan is one of the best instructors in Udemy. He always tries to give extra content so that subject becomes easy to understand. I have his other azure course also. In my opinion, his course is enough to prepare for any Azure certification. The main thing I like in his course, he answers every question of students and he always includes so many practice questions. That's why one does not have to buy other course for just practice questions. I would recommend his courses to everyone who is willing to take Azure exams.

Manas27 September 2020

I like very much the way Alan run the course. It's very easy to understand for me. I was struggling to understand the basic CI of .net apps with self-hosted agents


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