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AZ-303 - Azure Architect Technologies- UPDATED 2021

Microsoft AZ-303 Preparation Course + Over 250 + Practice questions + Actual Exam Lab Scenarios

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Be in a better position in taking the AZ-303 - Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam

Understand all the details required for understanding the various objectives for the exam


v 5.0 - March 2021

Added several new videos that includes

  • Azure Storage accounts - Working with the File and Table service

  • Azure Storage accounts - Access tiers

  • Azure AD - Self-service password reset

  • Azure Blueprints

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • Azure SQL - High Availability

Also reviewed questions and added new practice test questions

v 4.0 - August 2020

  • Updated course to cover objectives for both AZ-300 and AZ-303

  • Added more practice questions for AZ-300

  • Added a separate practice test for AZ-303

v 3.1 - May 2020

  • Refreshed multiple chapters including Azure Webs , Azure Functions, Azure Key Vault.

  • Added more chapters on Azure Cosmos DB

v 3.0 - Apr 2020

  • Core chapters on Virtual Machines , Virtual Networks and Storage accounts updated to reflect newer features in Azure

  • Added new chapters on working with Virtual Machines , Virtual Networks and Storage accounts

v2.1 - Sep 2019

  • Added chapters on Docker , containerizing .Net applications and working with Kubernetes

  • Added chapters on Managed Service Identity

  • Added chapters on Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hub, Notification Hub and Azure Service Bus

v2.0 - Aug 2019

  • 100 Practice questions added to the course

  • Exam lab based scenarios added

v1.0 - Course released - June 2019

"There is a huge demand for cloud based architects. Being an Azure Architect will propel you to the top of the chain"

This course will make students be prepared to take on the following exam

Exam AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

All concepts covered in this course are aligned to the following Exam Objectives

  • Deploy and configure infrastructure

  • Implement workloads and security

  • Create and deploy apps

  • Implement authentication and secure data

  • Develop for the cloud and for Azure storage


AZ-303 - Azure Architect Technologies- UPDATED 2021
AZ-303 - Azure Architect Technologies- UPDATED 2021
AZ-303 - Azure Architect Technologies- UPDATED 2021
AZ-303 - Azure Architect Technologies- UPDATED 2021


Course Introduction

Important Course Instructions

Quick Look at the Exam objectives

Starting with Azure (Optional)

Azure Free Account

Tour of the Azure Portal

Resources and Resource Groups

What are subscriptions

What is Azure AD

Deploy and Configure Infrastructure

Monitoring Azure Resources

Lab - Monitoring in Azure

Lab - Log Analytics

Introduction to Resource tags

Lab - Working with Tags

Lab - Costing in Azure

What are storage accounts

Account Storage - Service Types

More on storage accounts

Lab - Creating a storage account

Lab - Working with the Blob service

Lab - Using Azure Storage Explorer

Lab - Shared Access Signatures

Storage account replication

Other tools

Lab - Command Line - Using powershell

Lab - Command Line - Using Azure Command Line Interface

Lab - Command Line - Using Azure Cloud Shell

The Virtual Machine service

Deploying Virtual Machines

Lab - Building Windows Virtual Machine

Lab - Installing Internet Information Services

Lab - Deploying Linux Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Service Level Agreement

Availability Sets

Availability Sets - Further aspects

Lab - Availability Set

Scale Sets

Lab - Scale Sets

Availability Zones

Virtual Networks

Network Interface

Lab - Creating a virtual network

Lab - Attach a Network Interface

Custom Routing

Lab - Custom Routing

Network Security Groups

Lab - Network Security Groups

Virtual Network Peering

Lab - Virtual Network Peering

Virtual Network - Virtual Private Network Connections

Lab - Virtual Network - Virtual Private Network Connection

Azure AD Pricing

Azure AD Custom Domains

Azure AD Join

Lab - Self Service password reset

Conditional Access Policies

Lab - Conditional Access Policies

Lab - Management Policies

Lab - Multi-Factor Authentication

Lab - Identity Protection

Lab - Access Reviews

Lab - IdFix tool

Azure AD Connect - Pre-requisites

Lab - Installing Azure AD Connect

Azure AD connect -Password Hash Synchronization

Azure AD Connect Pass through authentication and Azure AD Connect Health

Section Quiz

Implement workloads and security

Azure Backup

Lab - Azure Backup Agent

Lab - Azure VM Backup

Lab - Restoring Azure Virtual Machine - File Recovery

Lab - Restore Azure Virtual Machine

Azure Site Recovery

Lab - Azure Site Recovery - Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Site Recovery - Amazon Web Services

Lab - Azure Site Recovery - Amazon Web Services - Prepare Infrastructure

Lab - Azure Site Recovery - Amazon Web Services - Enable Replication

Azure Site Recovery - Hyper-V

Lab - Azure Site Recovery - Hyper-V

Migration Support Matrix

Azure Migrate Service

Azure Service Bus

Lab - Azure Service Bus Queue

Lab - Azure Service Bus Topics

Azure Functions

Lab - Azure Functions

Azure Logic Apps

Lab - Azure Logic App Service

Managing Azure Functions and Logic Apps

Azure Application Gateway Service

Lab - Azure Application Gateway

Azure Traffic Manager

Lab - Azure Traffic Manager

Role based access control

Lab - Role Based Access

Custom Role Based Access Control

Section Quiz

Create and Deploy Apps

Azure Web App Service

Azure App Service Plan

Lab -Azure Web Apps

Azure Web App - Other features

Lab - Azure App Service Plan - Linux

Lab - Azure Web Apps - Web Jobs

Lab -Azure Web Apps - Diagnostics Settings

Azure Web Apps - Autoscaling

Lab - Auto scaling a web app

Primer on Docker Containers

Continuation on What is Docker

Lab - Look at Docker

Understanding on how we deployed the docker container

Lab - Containerizing a .Net app

Lab - Azure Container Registry

What is Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes

Lab - Creating a Kubernetes cluster

Understanding of application deployment to a Kubernetes cluster

Deploying an application onto a Kubernetes cluster - What are we going to do

What is a service principal

Lab - Working with the service principal of the Kubernetes cluster

Application deployment files

Lab - Deploying the application onto the Kubernetes cluster

Develop for the cloud and for Azure storage

Azure SQL Database Service

Lab - Azure SQL Database service

Lab - Azure SQL Database - Program - Reading data

Azure CosmosDB

Lab - Azure CosmosDB

CosmosDB - Partition Key

CosmosDB - Consistency Levels - Part 1

CosmosDB - Consistency Levels - Part 2

CosmosDB - Partition Key and Consistency Levels Recap

CosmosDB - Example Reference Architecture

CosmosDB - Making API calls

Lab - Azure Event Grid

Lab - Azure Event Hub

Azure Notification Hub

Introduction to Azure Service Bus

More on Azure Service Bus

Lab - Azure Service Bus Queue

Lab - Azure Service Bus Topic

Implement authentication and secure data

Lab - Azure Key Vault

Lab - Azure Key Vault - Making API calls

Encryption at rest and transit

Managed Service Identity

Working with Key Vault - .Net

Working with the Key Vault - .Net - Managed Service Identity

Lab - Managed Service Identity - Azure Web App

Preparation Quiz

The Exam structure

AZ-300 Scenario Based Quiz

Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 1 - CloudPortalHub

Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub

Quiz on Case Study 2 - CloudPortalHub

AZ-300-Practice Test

Lab Tasks

Lab Task 1

Lab Task 2

Lab Task 3

Lab Task 4

Lab Task 5

Lab Task 6

Lab Task 7

Lab Task 8

Lab Task 9

Lab Task 10

Lab Task 11

Lab Task 12

Lab Task 13

Lab Task 14

Lab Task 15

Lab Task 16

Lab Task 17

Lab Task 18

Lab Task 19

Lab Task 20


Divyesh8 October 2020

The stlye Alan uses is so great that he can make you understand difficult concepts in a very simple way. Also for Azure 303 this is the best course

Charis6 October 2020

The captions and transcript have a lot of error probably because they are automatically generated, but, still are not good. Maybe some correction could be done or some training of the system with the speaker's pronunciation

Sagar2 October 2020

Really great course and one of the best instructors I have come across on Udemy. Very easy to understand and follow. The demos are exceptional as well

Lwazi2 October 2020

Passed my AZ 303. Watched this video and used the Microsoft material. This course was very helpful in helping me understand.

Marek1 October 2020

I have passed exam AZ-303 - beta 08/14/2020 based on this course. I really recommend this course for exam AZ-303

Ashutosh25 February 2020

You should type the command below the video it will be easy for testing for us and time saving as well...

Andre10 February 2020

The AZ300 for which this course is supposed to prepare has a prerequisite PRIOR TO GOING TO IN CLASS TRAINING, to have basic knowledge of Azure portal and services. O just wasted time looking on how to sign up on Azure and look at the overall portal layout.

Madhusudan8 February 2020

Course is good for beginners. Hoping to see some advance tools & techniques for managing big live project infrastructure in Azure.

Shrikant6 February 2020

Good introduction to AZ 300 and complete overview on the exam structure. Azure Portal walk-through is good and sums up what to expect once we create the account.

Seetharaman4 February 2020

Excellent ! Explanation, Very detailed course for Exam 300 and beyond. I greatly recommend this for anyone.

Zeev4 February 2020

I haven't done the full course as I took other course before I loved the hands-on labs examples at the end of the course is was very good practice for me that prepare me to the test labs

Arunkumar13 January 2020

It would be great if it can be a bit more development oriented. As of now it covers mostly administrative kind of activities.

Vibhor11 January 2020

good course to make building foundation for AZ-300 but ofcourse you needs to study other material as well as alone this course is not sufficient.

Karthick7 January 2020

The way Alan is explaining the course contents, technical aspects, labs and exam preparation are awesome. Fingers crossed to go for the examination shortly.

C29 December 2019

Love this course. It is very easy to understand and follow the labs. The labs are bit sized and get straight to the point. It is helping me understand and prepare for my AZ-300 exam. THANKS ! Even if you are not doing the AZ-300 exam I recommend this course for any user or Administrator who will be dealing with the Azure environment.


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