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Reducing AWS Costs - Learn to slash your AWS bill!

Use simple changes such as reserved instances and right sizing or more complex design options to slash your AWS bill

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Learn how to use AWS pricing plans and design principles to reduce costs

Save money on services such as EC2, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, VPC, Transfer Charges, EBS, and more!

Set up billing alerts and monitor free tier usage.

Use Savings Plans to easily cut EC2, Lambda, and Fargate costs

Understand transfer costs and how to reduce them


Are your AWS bills higher than expected? Many times this is not a result of the services running, but the pricing models you are using. In this course, you will learn how to slash your AWS bill. Topics covered include:

  • Basic AWS cost management, including Budgets, the Free Tier, Cost Explorer, and Trusted Advisor

  • Reducing EC2 costs with right-sizing, Spot Instances, Reserved Instances, and Autoscaling

  • Cutting EBS and Snapshot costs using CloudWatch and Data LifeCycle Manager

  • Understand S3 Storage Classes, and S3 Analytics, LifeCycles Rules, and Intelligent Tiering

  • Learn how to reduce VPC and Transfer Charges

  • Use Caching Solutions like DynamoDB accelerator, CloudFront, and Elasticache to improve performance and reduce costs

  • Set up a Savings Plan to easily realize huge savings on EC2, Lambda, and Fargate


Reducing AWS Costs - Learn to slash your AWS bill!
Reducing AWS Costs - Learn to slash your AWS bill!
Reducing AWS Costs - Learn to slash your AWS bill!
Reducing AWS Costs - Learn to slash your AWS bill!



About this Course

The Free Tier

Demo: Create an AWS Billing Alert

Demo: Working with AWS Budgets

Demo: Cost Explorer

Trusted Advisor

AWS Services

Reduce EC2 Costs by Right-Sizing

AWS Compute Optimizer

Reduce EC2 Costs with Reserved Instances

Reserved Instance Details

Reduce EC2, Lambda, and Fargate Costs using Compute Savings Plans

Reduce EC2 Costs with Spot Instances

Charges for Stopped EC2 Instances

Reduce Costs with AWS Instance Scheduler

Reduce Costs by Optimizing Auto-Scaling Groups

Reduce EBS Costs

Reduce Snapshot Costs with Data Lifecycle Manager

Understanding S3 Storage Classes

Use S3 Analytics to Identify Storage Patterns

Reduce S3 Costs with LifeCycle Rules

Reduce S3 Costs with Intelligent Tiering

VPC and Data Transfer Charges

Reducing AWS Transfer Charges

Dev and Test Environments

Reducing RDS Costs

Reduce DynamoDB Costs

Reducing Costs and Improving Performance with Caching

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