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AWS SysOps Administrator Associate - 2019

AWS SysOps New Certification Course

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Oct 2018

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What you will learn

They would gain knowledge on various aspects for the role of a SysOps Administrator on AWS

Be more confident on taking on the exam for the AWS SysOps Administrator


This course is designed to help students pass the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate SysOps Exam

This course is based on the new Syllabus

This course has detailed discussions and Labs based on the following objectives for the exam

Domain 1: Monitoring and Reporting

Domain 2: High Availability

Domain 3: Deployment and Provisioning

Domain 4: Storage and Data Management

Domain 5: Security and Compliance

Domain 6: Networking

Domain 7: Automation and Optimization

So what are you waiting for. Go ahead , enroll in this course and begin your journey to get certified as an AWS SysOps Administrator Associate


AWS SysOps Administrator Associate - 2019
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate - 2019
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate - 2019
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate - 2019



Quick Note

The new exam

The Virtual Private Cloud and Elastic Compute Cloud

Section Introduction

Regions and Availability Zones

Understanding VPC and EC2

VPC and Subnets

Availability Zones

Components of a VPC

The Default VPC

Elastic Compute Cloud

Lab - Building an EC2 Instance

EC2 Key Pairs

Lab - Connecting with an EC2 Instance

Lab - Working with an EC2 Instance

Instance Types

Security Groups

Lab - Security Groups

Network Access Control Lists

Lab - Network Access Control Lists

EC2 Communication in a VPC

Creating a custom VPC

Private and Public Subnets

Lab - Adding a Private subnet

Bastion Hosts

Lab - Bastion Hosts

Network Address Translation

Lab - NAT Instance

Lab - NAT Gateway

Storage and Data Management

Simple Storage Service

Lab - Simple Storage Service

Amazon Glacier and LifeCycle policies

EBS volumes

Volume Operations

EBS Volume Types

Lab - EBS Volumes

Lab - EBS Snapshots

Optimizing EC2 and EBS

Elastic File System

Lab - Elastic File System

Relational Database Service

Lab - Relational Database service

Relational Database Service - Multi-AZ

Relational Database Service - Read Replica

Relational database service - Modifying the database

Identity and Access Management

Lab - Identity and Access Management

Lab - AWS Command Line Interface

IAM Policies

Lab - IAM Policies

IAM Roles

Lab - IAM Roles

Load Balancing

Section Introduction

Introduction to the Elastic Load Balancer

Types of Load Balancers

Classic Load Balancer

Lab - Classic Load Balancer

Load Balancer - Logging

Load Balancer - Monitoring

Lab - Application Load Balancer

Network Load Balancer

Lab - Network Load Balancer

Route 53

Route 53 - Simple Routing Policy

Route 53 - ALIAS Records

What is Scaling

Lab - Creating an Autoscaling Group


VPC Peering

Lab - VPC peering

Hybrid Connections

Monitoring and Reporting


Simple Notification Service

AWS Cloudwatch

Lab - Cloudwatch Metrics

Lab - Cloudwatch Dashboards

Lab - Cloudwatch Alarms

Lab - Cloudwatch Aggregation

Lab - Cloudwatch Logs - Using the agent

Monitoring Memory utilization

Sending Custom Metrics

VPC Flow Logs

Security and Compliance


Encryption at rest

Lab - Encryption at rest

Shared Responsibility Model

AWS Organizations

AWS Cognito


Lab - Cloudtrail

AWS Config

AWS Config Rules

AWS Inspector

Mitigation against DDoS attacks

Web Application Firewall

AWS Trusted Advisor

S3 Pre-Signed URLs

Key Management Service

Cloud HSM

AWS Systems Manager

Lab - AWS Systems Manager - Run Command

Automation and Optimization

Installing Software on EC2

Lab - Building an AMI


Lab - Cloudformation

AWS Opsworks

Elastic Beanstalk

Lab - Elastic Beanstalk


Nitesh10 August 2020

Awesome experience Sir is really too good to explain each n every topic clearly n understandable manner. Thank you so much sir for this awesome course.

Eric31 July 2020

The course and the explanation is great but he talk about attachments for reference which is never added. If lab works starts from the scratch it would have been amazing.

Joseph3 July 2020

I have AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solution Architect certification and i struggled with a lot of videos and books before i understood basic concepts. I am preparing for my third AWS certification, Sysop Admin and am using this one from Alan. I just started, but have already rated him 5. He is a great professor!! I wish people notice him and use his videos for AWS. Presentation is awesome with simple illustrations, concise to the point.

Srinivas26 December 2019

This course has good content and Concepts were well explained for AWS SysOps Admin Associate certification.

Jayaram8 September 2019

still information is not sufficient for sysops , we need real work environment issues and debugging features needs to be explained. all this info is in high level sysops exam expects real time features to be aware

Mahamad15 July 2019

This course is well designed and easy to understand. For me it is so much helpful to learn about aws. Thanks ...

R2 July 2019

This course is pretty high level, though it does include some decent labs. I seriously doubt that anyone could pass the exam if this was the only course used for preparation.

Lakshmi18 June 2019

The course title is mentioned as SysOps Administartor but every where in course you are telling solution architect. Is the course is same for both certifications.Please confirm

Frank19 May 2019

Had some good foundational information. good use of information that helped supplement what I already knew


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