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Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2021

Be AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. Full Amazon Web Services Solution Architecture deep-dive for SAP-C01

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

PASS THE AWS Certified Solutions Architect PROFESSIONAL Certification

ALL 500+ SLIDES available as downloadable PDF

TO THE POINT course to help you ace your exam!

**SLIDES ONLY** - no hands-on for this course


Welcome! I'm here to help you prepare and PASS the newest AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.

I'm so excited to have you here, but first, let's make sure this AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional course is the right one for you



The course is ALL SLIDES-BASED: No hands-on will be done during this course. If you're new to AWS, just finished AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and need to acquire some hands-on experience, I strongly recommend doing the following courses: AWS Certified Developer Associate, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.

Expert course - you MUST have AT LEAST the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate: a lot of pre-requisite knowledge is assumed for that course. If you don't feel confident, please review the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course first. Other certifications and extra-hands on experience is a huge plus.

This course is FAST-PACED: You must be ready to learn fast. I will not waste time over some basics. The slides are downloadable. I advise you to use the slides for some offline review after your session. I also recommend to not hesitate to go over some lectures you might have not understood fully.

NO PRACTICE EXAM INCLUDED: This course does not contain a practice exam. Please enroll in a separate course for that. This course focuses on teaching you the knowledge to ace the exam.


The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification is one of the most challenging exams. It requires some substantial hands-on and real-world experience for you to pass. This course is going to help you solidify the knowledge you already have and put it in perspective through the study of various solutions architectures and services. This course alone won't help you pass the exam. You need to invest a significant amount of your time reading the documentation when you have doubts.

With the right dedication and thanks to this course, you should be prepared for your exam and maximize your chances of passing your AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification!

I am dedicated to helping people pass AWS certifications on Udemy, and have been teaching about how to pass all Associate Level, Professional Level, and few Specialty certifications. People who learn with me pass their exams with great confidence!


Your Instructor

My name is Stephane Maarek, and I'll be your instructor in this course. I am a 7x AWS Certified including AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional & AWS Certified DevOps Professional. I've already taught 270,000+ students and received 80,000+ reviews.

I've decided it's time for students to properly learn how to be an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. You are in good hands!


This course also comes with:

Lifetime access to all future updates

A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Join me in this course if you want to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam and master the AWS platform!


Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2021
Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2021
Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2021
Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2021


Course Introduction

Course Introduction - Please Watch

Course Expectations Quiz

About your instructor

Slides Download

Slides Download

Identity & Federation



Identity Federation & Cognito

AWS Directory Services

AWS Organizations

AWS Resource Access Manager - RAM

AWS Single Sign On (SSO)

Summary of Identity & Federation

Summary of Identity & Federation Quiz




Parameter Store

Secrets Manager

RDS Security

SSL Encryption, SNI & MITM

AWS Certificate Manager - ACM


Solution Architecture - SSL on ELB

S3 Security

Network Security, DDoS, Shield & WAF

Blocking an IP Address

AWS Inspector

AWS Config

AWS Managed Logs

Security Quiz

Compute & Load Balancing

Solution Architecture on AWS


Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling Update Strategies

Spot Instances & Spot Fleet

ECS - Elastic Container Service

AWS Lambda - Part 1

AWS Lambda - Part 2

Elastic Load Balancers

API Gateway

Route53 - Part 1

Route53 - Part 2

Comparison of Solutions Architecture

Compute & Load Balancing Quiz


EBS & Local Instance Store


Amazon S3

S3 Solution Architecture

Storage Quiz


CloudFront - Part 1

CloudFront - Part 2

CloudFront - Part 3

CloudFront - Part 4

CloudFront - Part 5

Amazon ElastiCache

Handling Extreme Rates

Caching Quiz






Databases Quiz

Service Communication

Step Functions



Amazon MQ


Service Communication Quiz

Data Engineering

Kinesis Data Streams

Kinesis Data Firehose

Kinesis Data Analytics

Streaming Architectures

AWS Batch

Amazon EMR

Running Jobs on AWS


Athena & Quicksight

Big Data Architecture

Data Engineering Quiz




Monitoring Quiz

Deployment and Instance Management

Elastic Beanstalk




Service Catalog

SAM - Serverless Application Model

Deployment Comparisons

AWS Systems Manager - SSM

Deployment and Instance Management Quiz

Cost Control

Cost Allocation Tags

Trusted Advisor

EC2 Launch Types & Savings Plan

S3 Cost Savings

S3 Tiers - Reminder

Cost Control Quiz


Cloud Migrations - The 6R

Storage Gateway


AWS DMS - Database Migration Services

VM Migrations (Application Discovery Services, Server Migration Services, ...)

Disaster Recovery


VPC - Basics

VPC Peering

Transit VPC & Transit Gateway

VPC Endpoints

VPC Endpoint Policies


VPN Part 1

VPN Part 2

Direct Connect

On-Premise Redundant Connections

Other Services

Other Services



Alexa for Business, Lex & Connect

AWS Rekognition

Kinesis Video Streams

AWS WorkSpaces & Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon Mechanical Turk

AWS Device Farm

Exam Preparation

Exam Guide & Sample Questions

Sample Question 1

Sample Question 2

Sample Question 3

Sample Question 4

Sample Question 5

Sample Question 6




Bonus Lecture: Special discounts for our other courses


Akhil13 October 2020

Passed with a score of 901. This course was in center of my prep. Went through the course around 3 times. Started with 0.75 speed and just before the exam went up to 1.5x. Really cool solution diagrams

Emerson13 October 2020

Some subjects could go deeper. Overall the course shows a lot of concepts of infrastructure design on AWS, which helps a lot to get a sense of how the services are related. I recommend the course.

AixWeb13 October 2020

Great course from Stephane ... make sure to add additional material from AWS Whitepapers, and watch a few reInvent videos for additional use cases to get the most from the learning. It is a difficult exam so do not rush the learning.

Melody12 October 2020

Very detailed, patterns and anti patterns are helpful both for exam and real work. Easy to understand. Well organized materials. Lecturer is amazing!

Vijay11 October 2020

The course provided enough guidance on topics to focus in preparation for the exam. I supplemented this course with white papers and hands on practice to develop a touch more confidence. With about a month's prep work was able to pass the exam comfortably.

Andy7 October 2020

Taking the course for sure is trying to get pass the certification exam, but going through the material also help me to understand, and more importantly, to realize some of the fundamental differences in using AWS services. To me, that is well worth the time and money spent.

Harshit3 October 2020

Very systematic and properly designed for the certification. Really loved the content, very precise and informative. Thanks and good luck..

Sainu27 September 2020

This course is more like a revision and superfast. It is useful for me since I have completed previous two courses (cloud practitioner and associate)

Dolan25 September 2020

I have taken another Developer Associate course and passed the exam. The way Stephane teaches helps a lot. Wish this course will help me in passing Solution architect exam as well

Kreesan24 September 2020

If Stephane says the course is intended to pass the exam, you will pass the exam. I went through the course twice and managed to pass the exam having done 2 practice exams. I have less than 1 year of experience on AWS and didn't write the associate-level certification either. However, I definitely had equivalent knowledge and experience with serverless apps and other features of AWS.

Eric23 September 2020

Great review, appropriate depth to learn something even though it may not necessarily be on the exam.

Arjun22 September 2020

You are speaking really very fast. you should consider the audience level of listening capacity. i am scared now, i don't know what will happen with me now this course is just started.

Purna18 March 2020

Although you have only theory for this course. I recommend to have step by step process to do labs with screenshots compiled in a file for SysOps and Solution Architect. Backspace Academy has tried for this and it seems more effective to learn from there. I though like your videos and material but from Lab perspective I would recommend you to develop lab file.

Tarek17 March 2020

Stephane Stephane in January2020 , i attend for this exam but with no luck i did not pass it .... i am still remember some of the questions which write notes about them after exist from exam.... today i enroll to your course and go direct to the key notes which i have ... WOW , it is mentioned clearly .... each minute in this course save hours. I am sure , my chance to pass this exam will be increased by this course. many thanks for this course...

Abhishek17 March 2020

Started the course, looks good and very focused content on AWS certified SA Professional exam - Will update the rating as I keep progressing.


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