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AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

Students will learn about all the various services offered by AWS

Students will learn how these services work together to build fault tolerant and highly available applications

Students can use the practice questions to get a hang of the type of questions which are asked in the exam

Will provide Students a better understanding when pursuing further certifications on the AWS Platform



Some of the great reviews for this course which really means you just have to take this course

1. Really good courses overall will really help you achieved your goal in AWS !!!!

2. Of the 4 courses I have on AWS on udemy, this is the best of them all. This course is packed with details. Great explanation of both concepts and theory followed by walk-through. Good use of visual diagrams, which are white-board drawn in a good visible size. Also mention of tips I found very useful, and good coverage of all the things required. I also found it engaging throughout.

3. Good job done Alan Rodrigues... It is very nice for the people who would like to appear for the exam.

The AWS Solution Architect is one of the most sought after certifications in the IT industry today. The average salary of an employee also increases after they have obtained the AWS Solution Architect Exam. Hence this certification  is looked upon as the crown jewels of certifications.

This Course is designed to help students pass their AWS Solution Architect Exam. This course has an in-depth look into all of the essential AWS services and how they work together. 

In order to design this course , the instructor has taken the re-certification on the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam MULTIPLE TIMES to ensure the right topics are discussed in the course.

The Lecture videos in the course is designed to provide a better one to one interaction with the student. The idea is that the student leaves with a better understanding of the concept before going into the demo chapters of the same concept.

The Course is split into Logical sections and has the desired flow that helps the student understand the interaction and connection between the different services offered by AWS. 

This Course has Lectures and Demo's on key AWS Services such as EC2 , Elastic Load balancer , Simple Notification Service, the Simple Queue Service , Cloudformation etc.

This Course is ideal for any Student who wants to take the latest AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam.


AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate
AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate
AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate
AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate




Important Course Aspects

IT Knowledge

Creating a Free Tier AWS Account

Quick tour of the AWS Console

Basic Infrastructure Design

Global Infrastructure

VPC and EC2 Introduction

Networking - IP Addressing

Networking - CIDR

Networking - Routing

VPC and Subnets

Availability Zones

Components of a VPC

Lab 1.1 - The Default VPC

Elastic Compute Cloud

Lab 1.2 - Building an EC2 Instance

Lab 1.3 - Logging into your Instance

Lab 1.4 - Connecting to an EC2 Instance

Lab 1.5 - Working with EC2

Lab 1.6 - Building a Windows Based Instance

Instance Types

Lab 1.7 - Upgrading the Instance Type

Lab 1.8 - Elastic Network Interface

Security Groups

Lab 1.9 - Security Groups

Network Access Control Lists

Lab 1.10 - Network Access Control Lists

Lab 1.11 - Communication between EC2 Instances

Lab 1.12 - Creating your own Custom VPC

Private and Public Subnets

Lab 1.13 - Adding a private subnet to a VPC

Bastion Hosts

Lab 1.14 - Bastion Hosts

Network Address Translation

Lab 1.15 - Working with a NAT Instance

Lab 1.16 - NAT gateway

VPC Peering - Introduction

VPC Peering

Lab 1.17 - VPC peering

Hybrid Connections

EC2 Pricing Models


Well Architected Framework

Fault tolerance and high availability

EC2 - High Availability and Fault tolerance

Building your own Amazon Machine Image

Disaster Recovery

Quiz on Infrastructure Basics

Data Storage - Part 1

Introduction to Storage

EBS Volume Types - Introduction

Volume Operations

EBS Volume Types

Lab 2.1 - EBS Volumes

Encryption at REST - EBS Volumes

Lab 2.2 - EBS Snapshots

Lab 2.3 - Simple Storage Service

Lab 2.4 - Features of the Simple Storage Service

Simple Storage Service - Key Value Concept

Simple Storage Service - Consistency

Lab 2.5 - Simple Storage Service - Web site hosting

Lab 2.6 - Simple Storage Service - Pre-Signed URL's

Lab 2.7 - Amazon Glacier and LifeCycle policies

Simple Storage Service and EBS Volumes - Use Case

Elastic File System

Lab 2.8 - Elastic File System

Well Architected Framework - EBS Volumes

Well Architected Framework - Simple Storage Service

Quiz on Data Storage

Data Storage - Part 2

Relational Database Service

Lab 3.1 - Relational Database Service

Relational Database Service - Multi-AZ

Relational Database Service - Read Replica

Lab 3.2 - Modifying your database instance


Lab 3.3 - DynamoDB

DynamoDB Design Considerations

Lab 3.4 - DynamoDB Throughput consumption

Amazon Aurora

Lab 3.5 - Amazon Aurora

AWS Services - Part 1

Lab 4.1 - Cloudwatch

Elastic Load Balancer - Introduction

Types of Load Balancers

Elastic Load Balancer - Working

Lab 4.2 - Elastic Load Balancer


Lab 4.3 - Autoscaling

Route 53 - Part 1

Route 53 - Part 2

Route 53 - Routing Policies

Lab 4.4 - Route 53 - Simple Routing Policy

Lab 4.5 - Route 53 - Failover Routing Policy

Lab 4.6 - Route 53 - Weighted Routing Policies

Lab 4.7 - Route 53 - ALIAS Records

Lab 4.8 - Simple Queue Service

Lab 4.9 - Simple Notification Service

AWS Cloudfront

Lab 4.10 - Cloudfront

AWS Services - Part 2

Lab 5.1 - VPC Endpoints


Lab 5.2 - Cloudformation

Elastic Beanstalk

Lab 5.3 - Elastic Beanstalk

Serverless Architecture

AWS Lambda - Introduction

Lab 5.4 - AWS Lambda

Containers - Primer

Lab 5.5 - Elastic Container Service

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Redshift

Elastic Cache - Lecture

Elastic Cache Engines - Lecture

Storage Gateways - Lecture

Elastic Map Reduce - Lecture

OpsWork - Lecture

API Gateway Service - Lecture

Lab 5.6 - API Gateway Service

Lab 5.7 - API gateway , Lambda and DynamoDB

Monitoring and Security

Authentication and Authorization

Lab 6.1 - IAM users and groups

Shared Responsibility Model

Lab 6.2 - Access Keys

Lab 6.3 - Command Line Interface

IAM Policies

Lab 6.4 - IAM Policies

Lab 6.5 - Bucket Policies

IAM Roles

Lab 6.6 - IAM Roles

Lab 6.7 - AWS Organizations

AWS Cognito


Lab 6.8 - Cloudtrail

Encryption Revisited

Lab 6.9 - Key Management Service

Lab 6.10 - AWS Key Management Service and Simple Storage Service

Lab 6.11 - VPC Flow Logs

Lab 6.12 - AWS Config

Cross Account Access - Lecture

Lab 6.13 - Cross Account Access

Trusted Advisor

Data Analytics

AWS Kinesis

Lab 7.1 - AWS Kinesis Data Streams

AWS Redshift

Lab 7.2 - AWS Redshift

AWS Athena

AWS QuickSight

Lab 7.3 - Data Pipeline service

Practice Tests

Self Confidence

AWS Solution Architect - Practice Test 1

AWS Solution Architect Practice Test - 2


Virender27 September 2020

Your company is currently using an S3 bucket to store critical documents. The documents should be available even in case of a disaster. Which of the following would you employ to fulfil this requirement? Choose 2 answers from the options given below. A company has just started transferring data via S3 to a Redshift Cluster. Management has not indicated that the cluster should be available in case of a disaster. How can you achieve this . You currently have a wordpress site hosted on an AWS EC2 Instance. You want people around the world to access the content on this site with the least latency. How can you achieve this in the most COST-effective way. Answer for above question as wrong.

Janani7 September 2020

One of the best courses for AWS certification. The concepts are clearly explained in a great and easily understandable way.

Dayanand5 September 2020

Some of the questions had duplicate answers. Some of the questions were very ambiguous and could be more clear

Carlos1 September 2020

I've relearned unused skills and have learned new ones. I'm very happy and satisfied with this course so far...

Jummai13 April 2020

As a complete novice I have understood what is expected of me and with a phone and a laptop I have created an Aws account

Amol4 February 2020

Very Good explanation of the concepts and co relation to the services.This course is worth recommending to understand the solution architect track

Chetan18 January 2020

Good explanation of concepts on board. Have seen other courses where they just start with console and talk about aws resources. But explaining basics on board clears lot of stuff. Thank you Alan.

Habibul31 October 2019

I just loved the teaching style. Very well explained. Easy to understand and memorize the concept. Really useful course.

Tue16 October 2019

Alan is an amazing communicator. I've purchased two of his courses, Azure Administrator and AWS Solutions architect. I passed the Azure one and now working toward my AWS cert. His ability to break complex concepts down into manageable, digestable chunks is second to none. Love the whiteboarding. Keep up the good work sir!

Harikrishna17 September 2019

unlike all lectures here you feel like the classroom training, you can see writing on the broad which will help you to memorize easily and understand the basic concepts. not just going through the topics or the syllabus, trainer is teaching the basics and concepts so you can architect your own way

Amit5 September 2019

No very happy with the course content and coverage. Topics are not covered and details only basic information is covered. There are many questions in Practice Tests that have wrong answers and the explanation.

Augustine22 August 2019

yes , perfect match and it stands out . The whiteboard and seeing the instructor add value to my understanding of the whole concept . #BRAVO

Roxy18 August 2019

I just used the course for the 2 practice test. The explanation does not explain all the solutions. It would have been nice if all the solutions was explained for the test.

narendra16 August 2019

You need to review the questions and answers -option again in your test set no.2 . There are few wrong options/questions too . I hope you will review them once . e.g. Direct connect, vpc peering , NAT vpc endpoint (no susch service). set 1 was good but set 2 is not good .

Michael22 July 2019

Alan, Thank you for the detailed explanation on the course topics and your passion to help others. After following your course and practice exams, I passed the Solutions Architect Associate exam. Thank you for all the help. Michael.


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