Rocking AWS Serverless - A Real World Guide

Learn AWS Serverless Architecture, Lambda, API Gateway, DevOps, CI/CD, DynamoDB, SAM, Cloud9, Serverless Frameworks

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Master AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Serverless Databases (DynamoDB, Aurora Serverless), Cloud9, Step Function

Learn DevOps and AWS CI/CD Services - CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and CodeStar

Simplify Serverless deployment with AWS SAM and various Serverless Frameworks (Yes, there is more than one!)

Secure Serverless using Cognito, Secrets Manager, Resource Policy, API Key, Resource Policy, Lambda Authorizer

Design Serverless Architecture based on best practices and limitations!

Course up to date with all recent announcements - Lambda Layers, CloudWatch Insights, Lambda VPC Improvements, X-Ray and more!

Serverless Vs Container discussion, including ECS Vs EKS Vs Fargate


**[Dec 2020] Updated with all newest features - Lambda Container Image, re:Invent 2020 Changes, Step Function Visual Workflow, EFS Lambda, RDS Proxy, Custom Domain, HTTP API with Demos **

Serverless computing is the future of Cloud Computing. You can deploy AWS Lambda functions in Amazon Web Services that infinitely scale without managing any servers! Serverless is the tool that you need to grow your career.

How is this course different?

This course will teach you the ENTIRE Serverless ecosystem. We will start with:

  • Understand, Develop and Deploy AWS Lambda

  • Create REST APIs using Lambda and API Gateway

  • Learn DevOps and entire AWS CI/CD Services (CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Code Pipeline, CodeStar)

  • AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model)

  • Serverless Vs Container

  • The Serverless Framework

  • Serverless Best Practices and Architecture Patterns

But it doesn't stop there. We will learn:

  • Debugging and Pair Programming using AWS Cloud9

  • Tracing using X-Ray, CloudWatch Log Insights to gain performance insights on our Lambdas and APIs

  • Lambda Layers

  • Ways to secure our design with in-depth lectures and demo. This includes:

    • API Key and Usage Plans

    • AWS Cognito User Pools

    • AWS Secrets Manager

    • Lambda Resource Policies

    • Lambda Authorizer (Custom Authorizer)

    • API Gateway Resource Policies

    • Encrypting data using CMK (Customer Managed Keys)

    • And more!

  • Other relevant AWS Services such as Step Functions, Comprehend etc

  • Databases that complement Serverless - DynamoDB and Serverless Aurora

  • A real world news sentiment analysis project

  • Limitations of Serverless (Yes, there are indeed some!)

  • And much much more!

About the instructor

Rajdeep Saha is an AWS-Professional Certified Solutions Architect working at a leading cloud provider, he has worked in Fortune top 20 companies as Distinguished Cloud Architect. Unlike pen and paper architects, Rajdeep has migrated real enterprise projects into cloud - both in VMs (EC2) and Serverless. He has published blogs and presented well received talks in Serverless Conferences.

Rajdeep often uses real-world analogy to explain AWS concepts in this course, which makes it easier for the students to understand and retain the knowledge. Rajdeep also presents and attends in all major cloud conferences and keeps up to date in his domain. You are in capable hands! All opinions are Rajdeep's own.

This is the course that could take your career to next level. Serverless is the way of future and you can get started today and become an expert.

Let's have some fun and build some awesome stuff in cloud together!



Rocking AWS Serverless - A Real World Guide
Rocking AWS Serverless - A Real World Guide
Rocking AWS Serverless - A Real World Guide
Rocking AWS Serverless - A Real World Guide


Getting Started


Understanding Serverless - Datacenter Vs EC2 Vs Lambda

Lambda Deeper Look

How to Create New AWS Account

How Much Does Lambda Cost?

Creating and Testing Our Very First Lambda

Lambda Scaling And Concurrency

Exploring Lambda Console

Understanding IAM Group, Policy, User and Role together

Lambda Version and Alias

Lambda Environment Variables

Serverless Beyond Lambda - AWS Serverless Ecosystem

AWS re:Invent 2018 Serverless Announcements

It's Your Turn Now!


What is AWS CLI?

Different Ways to Use AWS CLI

Setting Up AWS CLI using EC2

Creating Lambda from EC2 AWS CLI

The Easy Way to AWS CLI - Cloud9

Invoking Lambda from AWS CLI

Updating Lambda from AWS CLI

AWS Cloud9

AWS Cloud9 - What and Why

Exploring Cloud9 Console

Test, Deploy and Import Lambdas from Cloud9

Debugging Lambda from Cloud9

Lambda Debugging with Conditional Breakpoint

Lambda External Dependencies

Demo of External Dependency Problem

Solving External Dependencies using Cloud9

Lambda Layers - What and Why

Lambda Layers - Demo

Introduction to Pair Programming

Demo of Pair Programming in Cloud9

Let's Check Out Your Cloud9 Knowledge!

API Gateway

Understanding API with Real World Example

What is AWS API Gateway

Creating API with Lambda Integration

Creating a POST API

Installing Postman And Calling Our API

API Gateway Components

Monitoring API using Cloudwatch Metrics

CloudTrail Vs CloudWatch Logging

Demo of CloudTrail Logging

CloudWatch Logging - Beyond The Basic

Demo of CloudWatch Logging

New Feature: CloudWatch Logs Insight

What are Query Parameters

Demo of Query Parameters

API Gateway Pricing

AWS Cross Account Call in API Gateway

API Traffic Splitting Using Lambda Alias

Canary Deployment of API

API Endpoint Types

API Endpoint Demo

API Caching

Swagger for API - What and Why

Exporting and Creating APIs using Swagger

Security - API Gateway And Beyond

Security Section Introduction

Why Secure our APIs

Introduction to API Key

API Key in Action

CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)

Security Using Cognito User Pool

Securing API with Cognito User Pool Demo - Part 1

Securing API with Cognito User Pool Demo - Part 2

Cognito Identity Pool Introduction

Exploring Cognito Identity Pool in Console

AWS Secrets Manager - What And Why

AWS Secrets Manager Demo

Lambda Resource Policy - What And Why

Securing API with Lambda Resource Policy - Demo

Lambda Authorizer in API Gateway

API Gateway Resource Policy

Demo of API Gateway Resource Policy

Tracing API Gateway And Lambda

AWS X-Ray Introduction

Tracing API Gateway Using X-Ray

Lambda Basic Tracing Using X-Ray

Lambda Advanced Tracing using Subsegments

Storage For Serverless

SQL Vs NoSQL Database

Issue with Lambda And Traditional Database

DynamoDB - Super High Level Overview

DynamoDB Core Components

Creating Table in DynamoDB

Inserting into DynamoDB from Lambda

Deleting from DynamoDB using Lambda

DynamoDB Secondary Index

Global Tables

Read Consistency And Write Capacity

Demo of Strongly Consistent Read

New Feature: DynamoDB On Demand

DynamoDB Mega Demo - Tying It All Together

DynamoDB Streams

DynamoDB Encryption

Encryption Of Data using CMK In Lambda

Serverless Aurora Demo

Real World Serverless Project - News Sentiment Analysis

Real World Project Overview

Building the First Part

AWS Comprehend Introduction

Deploying and Testing the First Part

Building CloudWatch Event Rule for Lambda

First Part Recap

Building Lambda for News Fetch API

Creating the API in API Gateway

Securing the API

Final Words on Real World Lambda Project

DevOps for Serverless (New!)

DevOps for Serverless - A Word from Your Instructor

DevOps - What and Why?

DevOps Phases & Difference Between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

Why DevOps on AWS?

What is AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit Demo - Our Very First Commit

AWS CodeCommit - Notification and Triggers

AWS CodeCommit - Branch and Pull Request Demo

What is AWS CodeBuild & Difference With Jenkins

How AWS CodeBuild Works Under The Hood?

AWS CodeBuild Buildspec File

AWS CodeBuild Demo

Different Lambda CI/CD Flows

Lambda CI/CD - Lambda Deployer

Lambda CI/CD End To End Demo

What is AWS CodeDeploy

Lambda and CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy AppSpec file

AWS CodeDeploy Revision

CodeDeploy Key Deployment elements

AWS CodeDeploy Lambda Demo

AWS CodePipeline Intro

AWS CodePipeline - Console Look and Feel

AWS CodePipeline Demo - Simple EC2 Application

AWS CodePipeline Demo - Serverless End to End

Quick Chat about CodePipeline Serverless Flow Demo

Automate Unit Testing in CodePipeline

AWS CodeStar - What and Why

Deploying and Changing Serverless Patterns using CodeStar

AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model)

AWS SAM - What and Why

Deploying Our First SAM Template

Deploying Basic Lambda with SAM

Local Testing Lambda with External Dependency

Deploying Lambda with External Dependency

SAM and Regular CloudFormation

Lambda Events

S3 triggering Lambda using SAM

Creating API and Lambda Events using SAM

Creating Scheduled Lambda using SAM

Using Swagger File in SAM

Creating API with Swagger and Pre-existing Lambda

Serverless Frameworks (Section being updated)

Different Serverless Frameworks - What and Why

Should I use Third-Party Frameworks?

The Serverless Framework - Intro

Installing The Serverless Framework

Setting up Creds from Serverless Dashboard

Setting up Creds from Terminal using AWS Configure

Installing Serverless Framework in Cloud9

Creating Lambda and API using Serverless Framework

Creating an App Backend using Serverless Framework

Serverless Framework Dashboard

Exploring Serverless.yml File

AWS SAM Vs The Serverless Framework

Other Relevant AWS Services For Serverless

AWS Step Functions - What And Why

Step Functions In Action

Serverless Repository

Lambda Destinations

EventBridge And EventBus

Serverless Vs Container

Serverless Vs Container

AWS Fargate - Serverless AND Container Together!

Advanced+Optional: ECS Vs EKS Vs Fargate

Advanced+Optional: AWS Fargate Demo - Serverless + Container

Serverless Architectures & Advanced Optimization Techniques

Introduction to this Section

Advanced: Optimizing Lambda Code

Advanced: Optimizing Lambda Execution Environment

Five Pillars of AWS Well Architected Framework

Serverless Design Layers

Serverless Design Patterns

When Not to Use Lambda

Advanced: Lambda VPC Cold Start Fixed

Lambda Performance Tips and Tricks

Final Words


Nick10 September 2020

This is the best course in Serverless. It covers most topics in the field and goes into the proper depth on each one of them. The instructor is very good at explaining the concepts. Initially, I was not very happy to see that python was used to code the lambda functions, but by following the course I understood that the programming language used did not play a big role, as the focus is on the concepts. Thanks a lot for providing us this course, I would definitely recommend it. Keep on going!

Steven29 July 2020

This was a well-done course and it was very helpful in cementing a lot of the knowledge needed to venture into Server-less design.

Mike23 July 2020

Great course and great instructor. Raj goes over items in great detail to understand and is very responsive if you have any questions. I highly recommend this course and any other he teaches.

HansK31 March 2020

Really shallow content. Sometimes really confusing explanations. Examples, API throttling: 'Burst' is mentioned multiple times but not explained once, there is a whole video on 'CORS' but the concept is not explained once. The author even says that the OPTIONS-method can be deleted - yes, that may be true for a public API, but this is so misleading. Cannot recommend.

David11 February 2020

Really in-depth coverage of the whole serverless family. Teacher is passionate about the topic, funny and knowledgeable.

Anindita3 February 2020

Learnt so much from this course. I didn't know there was so much more to Serverless beyond Lambda, now I know! Rajdeep knows his stuff, 5 stars!

Kashi3 February 2020

Teacher is funny, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Serverless. Some quiz questions are hilarious and useful at the same time, makes you remember the key points. I hope Rajdeep makes more courses in future.

Bala3 February 2020

Amazing course. Blown away by the breadth and depth of the course. I am one of his YouTube subscribers and bought this course to support his good work. Totally worth the money. Keep up your good work Raj!

Erin29 January 2020

Instructor is knowledgeable, funny and explains in a way that's easy to understand. Highly recommend this course to others.

Sanjay9 January 2020

Course depth and coverage is very good. I have cut half point because the video quality is poor in multiple lessons. I could not see the data on screen for multiple videos

Sanjiv8 January 2020

Really liked the DevOps section and advanced tuning technique lectures. Instructor is knowledgeable, funny and have a great teaching style. Highly recommended.

Natasha17 December 2019

My friend asked me to check this course out and I am so glad I did! Instructor is energetic, knowledgeable and passionate about Serverless. Rajdeep uses real world examples to explain concepts which is brilliant. I am learning a lot and I highly recommend this course to master AWS Serverless and DevOps.

Jose10 December 2019

Easy to follow and understand. I like the fact the presenter has background in coding, which makes it much easier for audience like me who are also programmers/SWE's to understand things easier. Thank you. Also he keeps it simple, yet at the same time thorough in the sense that he covers the key points; it's as if he can read people's minds to know what things are confusing, and he provides clarification on those.

vamsee7 December 2019

This Course helped me understand things that several popular AWS couldn't. Thanks very much Raj. This course content and delivery is impeccable and it's the real... real world guide. You are rocking.

Hassan14 November 2019

I am one of his youtube subscriber. His videos on youtube are excellent and i learned a lot. This course is excellent & one of main reason to buy this course is to learn more things and support him so he can keep up the good work :)


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