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AWS Certified Security Specialist

This course is specially built to prepare you for taking on the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

A deeper understanding on the various security controls on AWS

Confidence to appear for the AWS Security Specialist Exam


This course is specially built to prepare you for taking on the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam. This course also has a quiz which will help you see how well prepared you are for the exam

Security is a key aspects in today's spectrum of the IT Industry. The newest exam from AWS helps fortify your concepts on the various security aspects of various AWS resources

In this course you will learn the following

1. The AWS Key Management Service

2. Security in Networking

3. Using Identity and Access Management

4. Core AWS services from a security aspects such as CloudTrail , AWS Config, AWS WAF etc.

5. Key concepts that are required from an exam perspective such as Incident Response , penetration testing etc.

This course also has a quiz that will help you better assess how well you are prepared for the exam.


AWS Certified Security Specialist
AWS Certified Security Specialist
AWS Certified Security Specialist
AWS Certified Security Specialist



Course Expectations

Shared Responsibility Model

Encryption at rest

Encryption in transit

Services - Recap - Part 1

Services - Recap - Part 2

Services - Recap - Part 3

Key Management Service

Encryption Basics

Introduction to the Key Management Service

Encrypting and Decrypting

Working with Keys

Controlling Access

AWS KMS and Simple Storage Service

AWS KMS and Simple Storage Service - Demo


Importing your key material

AWS KMS - Additional Aspects

Alias Keys

DynamoDB Encryption

Using your own key pair for EC2

Cloud HSM

Security Perspective

AWS Security

Securing your account

Incident Response Plan

What happens if resources have been compromised

Penetration Testing

AWS Inspector

S3 Lifecycle policies

Identity and Access Management

IAM Policies

IAM Policies - Demo

S3 Bucket Policies

S3 Bucket Policy Conditions - Demo

IAM Roles

IAM Roles - Demo

IAM Policies Additional aspects

Cross Account Roles

Cross Account Access - Further aspects

Cross Account Roles - External ID Demo

AWS Organizations

S3 Pre-Signed URLs

Cloudfront - Private Content

AWS Cognito

Networking - Security

Encryption of data in transit

VPC Security - Introduction

Security Groups - Demo

Network Access Control Lists - Demo

Elastic Load Balancer Security Groups

NAT Instances and Gateways

NAT gateway - Demo

VPC Peering

VPC peering - Demo

Mitigation against DDoS attacks

Windows AD and DNS Security

VPC Endpoints

VPC Endpoints - Further aspects

VPC Endpoints and KMS

VPC Endpoints and KMS - Additional aspects

How to tackle packet inspection on AWS EC2 Instances

Web Application Firewall

AWS Trusted Advisor



CloudTrail Demo

CloudTrail File Validation

Cloud Trail Logs from Multiple accounts

Cloudwatch Logs - Using the agent

Monitoring your KMS Keys

VPC Flow Logs

AWS Resource Configuration

AWS Config Service

AWS Config - Using Rules

AWS Systems Manager - Introduction

AWS Systems Manager - Inventory

AWS Systems Manager - Run Command

AWS Systems Manager - Parameter Store

AWS Systems Manager - Agent Troubleshooting

AWS Systems Manager - Patch Manager


The Exam itself

Exam Details

Practice Test


Ravi2 June 2020

The author starts the course with a clear vision and details the expectations. The flow of the course is very logical and easy to understand.

Ricardo8 February 2020

Very basic security skills Test exam content is average; some answers are not entirely correct or badly worded

John14 November 2019

The content covered is very relevant. However, I found that some of the presentation was a bit dry. I've taken quite a few online courses both on Udemy and other content sites, and this one was difficult for me to get through due to the dry presentation. Also, due to the cadence of the audio, running at over 1.5x speed is a bit difficult to understand.

Dayanidhi13 September 2019

With the details provided in each lecture I dont think any one will be able to pass the exam. Cannot use this to prepare for exam. Waste of Money.

John15 August 2019

This was a very comprehensive course and taught in logical way that clearly presented the material. It was clear that the instructor had extensive hands-on experience and the additional advice he provided will be very useful to me.

Robert14 June 2019

Content is good, but sound quality is not. It echo's. Ooo and the chapter/loading film handle is not great (slow and sometimes don't load/start at all.

Nelson14 April 2019

Course just started but I believe the instructor knows what he is doing. I have already gained some new concepts on encryption.

Victor22 March 2019

Very good course because easy to follow and understand although it sounds a bit like a robot talking. For me, this works perfectly!

Peng16 March 2019

Good course, thanks! Some more docs for subject outline summary and guidance to download would help more.

Janet8 March 2019

Alan knows his stuff, and really tried in explaining it. still needs to learn more on how to teach. And I also have a some problem understanding his accent. Other than, he's very good and knows what he's talking about. Thank you

Cassandra13 February 2019

I'm missing a few things. When I encrypt a file using the techkey we created, the file gets encrypted. However, I cannot open the file. It is giving some kind of error dealing with signature version 4. But the solution is not mentioned in the course.

Dhriti2 February 2019

Till now I am liking the way the instructor is providing the explanation. I am able t follow along and learn the requirements. I edited the review as after giving the exam at the end I cannot get the result it just takes you to the conclusion of the course without giving the report and the answers

Karl14 January 2019

Good demos using AWS user interfaces. Could be made better by giving short description of newly introduced services, objects, whatever.

Robert16 December 2018

Clear, concise explanations with outstanding examples to demonstrate/reinforce the concepts presented. Presenter has a solid understanding of the AWS technology. Best AWS training course I have taken!

Rasesh15 October 2018

Many Thanks for putting together this excellent course. For anyone who wants to get in depth knowledge on aws as well appear the certification exam this course is must. The course content is enough for securing good percentage. It also helps in understanding the core concepts of AWS, which are needed for clearing the exam.


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