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AWS Key Management Service - KMS Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Key Management Service to integrate with AWS services to encrypt your data with confidence.

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Oct 2020

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What you will learn

AWS Key Management Service fundamentals and using customer master key to encrypt data

Access Management for configure who can do what with master keys

Examples of using master keys to encrypt data on AWS S3 and EBS

Best practice for data encryption and managing master key in Key Management Service


Welcome to Amazon Web Service’s Key Management Service Fundamentals course. If you are building a solution in AWS that works with sensitive data, you will probably need to encrypt your data which is becoming a common requirement. If this is you, you’ve come to the right course. That’s because the Key Management Service is a core technology in AWS that plays a crucial role for any data encryption solution.

The major topics in this course include

  • Customer Master Key

  • Key Ownership models

  • Symmetric keys

  • Access management

  • Integration with S3 and Elastic Block Store (EBS)

  • Deleting Key

  • Rotating Key

  • Limits

  • Cost

There are a lot of demonstrations in this course and I encourage you to follow along to help you learn by doing.

This course is intended for a technical audience with some familiarity with AWS. Ideal learners are software engineers, solution architects and anyone who is building in AWS with interest in data encryption. If you have some basic understanding of AWS’s Identity and Access Management, it would be helpful on this course. Otherwise, the only other prerequisite is your curiosity and willingness to learn.

Feel free to browse the course description and look forward to helping you learn about Key Management Service.


AWS Key Management Service - KMS Fundamentals
AWS Key Management Service - KMS Fundamentals
AWS Key Management Service - KMS Fundamentals
AWS Key Management Service - KMS Fundamentals


Introduction to KMS


Cryptography Primer

What KMS is Not

Key Ownership Models

AWS Account & Region for KMS

KMS Introduction Quiz

Symmetric Key in Action

Create a New Symmetric Key

Key Material

Symmetric Key in Action Quiz

Access Management


Key Policy

Configure Key Policy and IAM Policy


Access Management Quiz

Using KMS with S3

S3 Encryption Introduction

S3 Encryption Demo

S3 Bucket Policy for Encryption

Envelope Encryption

S3 Replication and Version with Encryption

Using KMS with Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

EBS Encryption with KMS Introduction

EBS Encryption with KMS Demo

KMS Full Picture

Deleting Keys

Key Rotation


Limits and Cost

KMS Full Picture Quiz



Kevin11 June 2021

Probably the best course material on the inner-workings of AWS KMS that I've seen to date. Highly recommended if pursuing AWS certifications.

Maha9 April 2021

Course is very easy to understand and very practical. Great job. Looking forward for your other courses.

Krishnamurthy30 March 2021

Very well done. Thorough and comprehensive. For folks new to this field, watch it multiple times to clearly differentiate the various options. Few examples of passing and accessing custom tags and tips on cost optimization would have made it perfect. Hats off for providing tons of examples.


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