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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

They will learn all aspects related to getting better trained when taking the AWS Developer exam

Students will be able to understand better on the fundamentals of using AWS services such as EC2 instances, Security Groups.

Students will be better prepared when they take their AWS Developer Associate exam


Important - Completed the re certification on AWS Developer Associate - September 2017

Organizations today are embracing the cloud. In 2016, as per a report published by Symantec, around 26% of organizations have taken the leap to the cloud. 

Amazon Web services is one of the most widely adopted cloud platforms in the world today. The variety of services provided by AWS is what makes it one of the widely popular cloud platforms there is. 

This course aims at training students on the various aspects of the AWS Cloud platform from a developer perspective.It also enables students to get more prepared to take their AWS Developer Associate Exam. 

This course covers topics that vary from Regions,Availability Zones and VPC to EC2 instances and working with DynamoDB.

This course is particularly aligned with the various objectives outlined by AWS on the Developer Associate Exam.

Also the courses have been catered to ensure that the latest updates from AWS have been demonstrated.

You have early 4 hours of deep dive content , and you can work along with the live examples. There is a also a bonus quiz at the end of the course.

Course Updates - August 2017

The following updates have been made

1) Demo on using AWS SNS with Google Cloud Messaging service

2) Demo on using parameters and maps in Cloudformation templates , FIFO Queues , seeing how to access AWS resources using the .Net SDK

Course Updates - September 2017

The following key updates have been made

1) Added 30 more practice questions 

2) Added new chapters on Custom VPC, Private and Public Subnets , NAT Instance.


AWS Developer Associate training
AWS Developer Associate training
AWS Developer Associate training
AWS Developer Associate training




Course Contents

Creating a Free tier AWS Account


What are we going to learn

Regions, AZ and VPC

Default VPC

Elastic Compute Cloud

Building Windows Instances

Building Linux Instances

Elastic IP

Network Access Control Lists

Security Groups

Elastic Block Storage

Public and Private Subnets

Creating a VPC

Quiz on Fundamentals

Simple Storage Service

What is S3

Working with S3

Object Versioning

Access Control Lists

Bucket Policy

Web site hosting


Final Thoughts

Quiz on S3


Introduction to DynamoDB

Tables and Items

Provisioned Throughput

Query and Scan


Using the CLI

Conditional Writes


Shared Responsibility Model



Additional Services

Command Line Interface

Cloudformation - Introduction

Cloudformation - Working with Templates

SNS - Working with SNS

SQS - What is SQS

SQS - Working with SQS

SQS - Using the CLI

Elastic Beanstalk



Elastic Load Balancer - Introduction

Elastic Load Balancer - Working with ELB

Additional Topics

Copying an AMI

DynamoDB API calls

DynamoDB Best practises

DynamoDB Exceptions

Elastic Cache

Instance Metadata

S3 Website and Route53

Securing data at rest - EBS Volumes

AWS Service Limits

SNS Fanout

SNS Mobile

SNS Web Identity Federation

CORS Configuration

Elastic Load Balancer - Extra bits

Cloud Formation Intrinsic Functions

Conclusion Thoughts

Additional Topics - Part 2

Cloudformation Templates - Parameters and Maps

Pre-Signed URL

FIFO Queues

Demo - .Net and S3

Demo - .Net and SNS

Demo - .Net and DynamoDB

AWS Lambda - Lecture

AWS Lambda - Demo

Cloudfront Distribution

Instance Store AMI

Building a custom VPC from scratch

Private and Public Subnets - Revisited

Troubleshooting EC2 Instance connectivity

NAT Instance

AWS Opswork Introduction

Quiz 1

Quiz - 2

Bonus Lecture - Other Courses


Salil26 November 2019

The quiz questions are not always precise, and often have grammatical errors. Some courses are PPT-only, and could be improved to show corresponding AWS console page.

Johnliu30 August 2019

After taking this course, I've learnt a lot of different AWS services. I've also gained sufficient knowledge to take the AWS associate level developer certification

Eric19 March 2019

Too often this course instructs you to go read documentation not provided by this course. Then why buy this course if it's only going to tell you to go someplace else to get the information ?

Prakash3 December 2017

This Instructor is awesome. Easy and clear, straight to the points of the respective concepts. I have also used others but this one is greatest of all. Keep up the good work Alan.

Russell10 November 2017

Alan uses Windows, which wouldn't be a problem if there were a Linux version of this same course. I also think that it's very dry and there's a lot of Alan just reading what is on the screen. I'm not sure I see the advantage of having this in a video format, because it would probably be easier to accomplish this with a few pages of a PDF or web format. He also spends some time just explaining how ACLs work, but I'm not sure I see the point. It isn't going to teach someone about ACLs if they don't already know what ACLs are. At the same time he doesn't explain much of what anything else is like Static and Dynamic addresses, subnets, ports, protocols, or even how or what nginx does, so why do ACLs get an explanation and nothing else? I think some links at the end of each section to read more into some of the concepts from that section would be more valuable than the dry shallow overview given in the video. As far as the content goes that I do find useful it's pretty good. I like that he breaks down the basic hierarchy of the components for EC2s and how you can create and manage them. All in all so far I've learned some valuable information, but I think some brevity about non-AWS-specific things, and more focus on AWS-specific things might be nice. Exercises or challenges would be nice.

Omar10 October 2017

From a guy who dont know anything about AWS, i like to say that i really learned alot and its great for beginners.

Akshay9 September 2017

Best efforts by the instructor, thanks for sharing. There was some technical issue in 2nd video, please rectify it

Monica25 August 2017

l love how easy to understand the course is I am new to aws and this course is very ideal for new learners as the instructor is very detailed but takes time to thoroughly explain concepts.


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