AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2022

All you need to master AWS Solutions Architect - Professional certification

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What you will learn

Will be prepared to give the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional certification

Gain deep insights into AWS

Gain great understanding about Single-Sign-On Technologies

Have great understanding about security aspect related to AWS


This course is specifically designed for the aspirants who intend to give the "AWS Solutions Architect - Professional" level certification as well as for those who intend to gain a deeper understanding related to AWS.

One of the pre-requisite for the course is the candidate's prior understanding of the core AWS services. We generally recommend completing the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate video course (knowledge-wise) before starting with the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional. However, this requirement can be ignored if a candidate has working experience on AWS.

There are five primary sections in this course, each section is directly aligned with the official exam blueprint. This course also has an exam preparation section with practice tests to verify if the candidate is ready to give the official certification exams.

Keeping the standards high similar to other best-seller courses of Zeal, this course has a perfect balance and the things are explained in a simplified way with practical scenarios.

With tons of quizzes, great lectures, and fantastic support from the Instructor, this course is all you need to gain a deeper understanding in AWS and master the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification.

With this interesting set of learnings and practicals, I look forward to seeing you in this course.


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Getting started with the course

New Exam Blueprint 2019

New Domain 1 - Design for Organizational Complexity

Multi-Account Strategy for Enterprises
Identity Account Architecture
Creating Cross-Account IAM Roles
Document - Cross Account IAM Policy Document
AWS Organizations
Creating first AWS Organization & SCP
Managing Organizational Units
IAM Permission Boundaries
AWS Secure Token Service (STS)
Centralized Logging Architecture
Cross-Account Logging for CloudTrail and Config
Document - Centralized Logging Policy
Understanding CloudWatch Logs
Pushing Linux system logs to CloudWatch
Document - CloudWatch Logs
Overview of AWS License Manager
License Manager - Practical
Overview of Service Catalog
Creating Product and Portfolio in Service Catalog
Document Code - AWS Service Catalog
S3 - Public Access Settings
Important Note
S3 Bucket Policies
Bucket Policy Document - Condition based on IP Address
Cross Account S3 Bucket Configuration
Document - Cross Account S3 Bucket Policy
Overview of CloudFormation Stack Sets
Creating Stack Sets for Deployment
Document - Policy for StackSets
Understanding Active Directory
Introducing AWS Directory Service
Domain Joining the Linux with SimpleAD
Document - Joining Linux Instance with SimpleAD
Understanding SAML for SSO
Overview of AWS Single Sign-On
Implementing AWS SSO
Integrating AWS SSO with AWS CLI
Document - SSO Integration
Notes - Domain 1
Practice Test - Domain 1

New Domain 2 - Design for New Solutions

Understanding DOS Attacks
Mitigating DDOS attacks
Document - DDoS Link
AWS Shield
AWS Key Management Service
AWS Key Management Service - Part 02
AWS Key Management Service - Part 03
Understanding the Streaming Data
Streaming with AWS Kinesis
Overview of Kinesis Data Streams
Configuring our first stream with Kinesis
AWS Kinesis - Practical
Document - Kinesis Commands
Kinesis Data Firehose
Kinesis Data Analytic Streams
Kinesis Video Streams
External Link - Kinesis Video Streams
Scalability with RDS Read Replicas - Part 01
Implementing & Analyzing RDS Read Replicas - Part 02
Automatic Failover with RDS Multi-AZ Deployments
AWS ElastiCache
Introduction to NoSQL Databases
DynamoDB - Read & Write Units
DynamoDB Auto-Scaling
DynamoDB Global Tables
DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
DynamoDB Streams
Disaster Recovery Models
Overview of Route53 for Multi-Site Failover
Advanced Route53 Configurations
Route53 - Understanding Health Checks
Route53 - Implementing Health Checks on NGINX
Route53 - Understanding Failover Routing Policy
Implementing Failover Routing Policy
Route53 - Weighted Routing Policy
Route53 - Geolocation Routing Policy
Route53 - Multi-Value Answer Routing Policy
Route53 - Latency Based Routing Policy
VPC Endpoints
VPC Endpoints - Architectural Perspective
Gateway VPC Endpoints - Access Control
Gateway Endpoint ACL (Resource)
Understanding Interface VPC Endpoints
Implementing Interface Endpoints
Understanding VPC Endpoint Services
Implementing end to end VPC Endpoint service
Instance Store Volumes
Overview of Elastic File System (EFS)
AWS EFS - Creating and Mounting EFS
Document - EFS Commands
Introduction to Docker
Installing Docker
Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
Document - ECR Commands
Overview of ECS
ECS - Task Definition and Services
Introduction to Virtual Private Networks
Implementing Software Based VPN - Part 01
Implementing Software Based VPN - Part 02
Overview of AWS VPN
Different Load Balancer Types in AWS
Overview of Classic Load Balancer
Overview of Application Load Balancer
Implementing Path Based Routing in ALB
ALB - Listeners & Target Groups
ALB - Conditions & Host Based Routing
Understanding Network Load Balancer
Implementing Network Based Load Balancers
Overview of AWS WAF
AWS WAF Implementation with ALB
Overview of AWS Code Commit
Understanding Software Builds
Understanding Code Build Service
Understanding Code Deploy Service
Creating the first Code Deploy configuration
Overview of Code Pipeline
Introduction to Message Brokers
Revising SQS
Visibility Timeout in SQS
Queue Types in SQS
Scaling to Traffic Patterns
Introduction to Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling - Practical
Auto Scaling - Scaling Up Operations
Auto Scaling - Scaling Down Operations
Auto Scaling Plans
Overview of Auto-Scaling LifeCycle Hooks
Creating our first LifeCycle hook in ASG
Overview of AWS OpsWorks
OpsWorks LifeCycle Events
Overview of AWS Config
AWS Config - Part 02
Elastic Beanstalk
Elastic Beanstalk - Part 02
EB Deployment Policy
Performing Immutable Policy based Deployments
Blue Green Deployments
Overview of Elastic Network Interface
Understanding Enhanced Networking
Placement Groups
Network ACL
Understanding Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse
Deploying RedShift Cluster
Notes - Domain 2
Practice Test - Domain 2

Domain 3 - Migration Planning

Migration Stratergies
AWS Import/Export
AWS Snowball
VMWare vCenter Migartions
AWS Server Migration Service
AWS Application Discovery Service
Overview of Database Migration Service
Creating our first DMS task for Migration
Document - DMS Commands
Notes - Domain 3
Practice Test - Domain 3

New Domain 4 - Cost Control

Implementing Resource level tags
Detailed Billing Report with Tags
AWS Budget Alarms
The Architecture of Consolidated Billing
Understanding EC2 Instance Types
EC2 Pricing Models
Reserved Instances
Notes - Domain 4
Costing Quiz

Domain 5 - Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions

Overview of Systems Manager
Configuring SSM Agent
Overview of Sessions Manager
SSM - Run Command
Overview of Patch Manager
Implementing Compliance and Patch Baseline
AWS Secrets Manager
RDS Integration with Secrets Manager
Data LifeCycle Manager for EBS Snapshots
Simple Notification Service
S3 - Cross Region Replication
S3 - Multi-Part Uploads
Multi-Part Upload - Practical
Multi-Part Upload - Command Document
S3 Event Notification
S3 Transfer Acceleration
S3 Storage Classes
New S3 Storage Class - Intelligent-Tiering
New S3 Storage Class - One Zone-IA
New S3 Storage Class - Glacier Deep Archive
S3 Encryption
AWS Cognito
AWS Athena
Understanding ElasticTranscoder
Implementing first transcoding job with Elastic Transcoder
Understanding AWS Certificate Manager
Provisioning first TLS certificate with ACM
Configuring ELB with HTTPS for SSL offloading
CloudWatch Events
Understanding Direct Connect
DX - Public & Private VIF
Direct Connect - External Resource
Direct Connect Gateway
High Availability for Direct Connect
Overview of Transit Gateways
Practical - Transit Gateway
Link Aggregation Groups (LAG)
Understanding AWS Storage Gateways
Overview of Storage Gateway - File Gateway
Implementing File Gateway
Overview of AWS X-Ray
AWS X-Ray Practical
Document - X-Ray Sample Application
Revising Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
Demo - CloudFront Distribution
Deploying CloudFront Distribution - Part 01
Deploying CloudFront Distribution - Part 02
Origin Access Identity
Practical Demo - Lambda@Edge
Connectivity Features of AWS Lambda
Introduction to API
Understanding working of API
Building the function for our API
Building our API with API Gateway
API Gateway Logging
Implementing API Gateway Logging Functionality
X-Ray and API Gateway Integration
AWS Rekognition
EC2 Auto-Recovery
AWS Batch
EBS Volume Types
AWS Simple Workflow Service
AWS Elastic Map Reduce
AWS AppStream 2.0
AWS Step Function
Notes - Domain 5
Practice Test - Domain 5

Exam Preparation Guide

Exam Preparation - Domain 1
Exam Preparation Part 01 - Domain 2
Exam Preparation Part 02 - Domain 2
Exam Preparation - Domain 3
Exam Preparation - Domain 4
Exam Preparation - Domain 5
Exam Preparation Practice Test 1
Exam Preparation Practice Test 2
Exam Preparation Practice Test - 3


June 25, 2022
Ok presentation and grammar, but the social media call to action at the end of every segment is already getting on my nerves.
June 24, 2022
I liked the pedagogy zeal followed, first demonstrate the usage of the service followed by practical.
February 10, 2022
Very clear in explaining concepts, lecture is thorough followed by hands on to enforce what was explained in lecture. A good well packaged course so far. Would certainly recommend for students preparing for AWS Solution Architect - Professional certification Update : Domain2 - This is all over the place without any direction. This section looks more like collection of modules from other courses. Though still provides useful information, it lacks structure. Not sure if it will help with Certification exam. Update: Domain3 : Looks a bit outdated, this section talks about sending a USB drive to AWS, which has been discontinued for a while, Rest looks good with demonstrations Update Domain4: Good information on EC2 types, which is usually mentioned as footnotes, Zeal takes time to explain the finer points and reinforces with demonstration.
January 31, 2022
The course content is great, I like being able to speed up the audio and player in the background, but sometimes I find the presenter’s accent a little difficult to understand.
January 27, 2022
The introductory lecture where the lecturer literally READS the Cert overview is NOT helpful and a waste of everyone's time.
November 29, 2021
SA Pro covers huge number of AWS services. Zeal does an excellent job of explaining them as use case scenarios and that helped me a lot in passing (recertifying) this exam. Thank you.
September 25, 2021
Zeal does a great job presenting the material required for the test. The practice quizzes and test can be improved with explanations on the answers. That's the reason why I don't give it a five, though I would give it a4.5 if available
June 11, 2021
Course looks basic for associate exam and not for the Professional exam. Unprepared lectures. Just went through the few topics and wasn't comfortable continuing.
April 13, 2021
Zeal makes sure that important topics are covered and also provided useful tips which are appreciated.
March 19, 2021
The content is good. Request to add AWS Tower Center as well. Really helped in clearing my professional certification.
March 5, 2021
This guy really knows his stuff and he focuses on the areas that are most likely to come up in the exam too. Lots of practical sessions so you really learn the theory behind it all well. Great course!
February 23, 2021
This guy is brilliant. I can't believe some people rated him 1 star because of english. Come on guys! Look at his expertise in the subject. It takes months if not years to get to that level. Great job Zeal!
February 4, 2021
Felt like , course content is beginner courses. Dont know this course will help me to clear Professional exam.
January 28, 2021
Well KMS can be a complex subject, maybe you should have explained from a very high level, and then dialed in, in subsequent chapters/videos
January 28, 2021
Truly a 0 * rated for this course. Too basic, not fit for Professional Exam. I completed my certification on Sol Architect - C02 and wanted to take a course for Sol Arc. Professional Exam and selected this course. I waited till almost the end of the course to put my ratings. I was expecting that this course will be advanced level but totally disappointed by the time it spend to cover the basic concepts ( More then 60 % of the course is Basics. Leaving only 40 % of the time for advanced teaching. This is only good for solution architect C02 and no where good for professional exam. Too Much of it was a waste of training time. The practice quiz and practice test we a further waste of time - There is no explanation for the correct answer and no explanation of the wrong answer. The test is not to test your skills but it should be a teaching / training exercise. Failed totally on that front - I should have given a 0 star for this one. I still rated it at 1.5 because of the efforts spend in explaining the basics in practical way. I don't think you should not waste your time for the professional exam. Sorry if you are reading this after buying the course or after you have completed the course and realized what I am saying is true.



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