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AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate - Preparation

Pass the AWS Certification Exam

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Oct 2019

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What you will learn

Understanding on AWS Networking - VPC , EC2 , Network Address Translation

Understanding on AWS Storage options such as Elastic Block Storage , Simple Storage Service

Understanding on AWS Database options such as Relational Database service , DynamoDB

Understanding on Key services such as Route 53 , Elastic Load Balancer

Understanding on Monitoring and Security in AWS


Pass the AWS Certification Exam


The AWS Solution Architect is one of the most sought after certifications in the IT industry today. The average salary of an employee also increases after they have obtained the AWS Solution Architect Exam. Hence this certification  is looked upon as the crown jewels of certifications.

This Course is designed to help students pass their AWS Solution Architect Exam. This course has an in-depth look into all of the essential AWS services and how they work together. 

Just citing some of the feedback on this course

"Thank you for this course sir.Today i cleared my AWS certified solutions Architect Associate exam.This course helped me a lot for my final preparation"

"Extremely good explanation...this help a lot to me"


AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate - Preparation
AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate - Preparation
AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate - Preparation
AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate - Preparation




Important Course Aspects

IT Knowledge

Creating a Free tier account

Basic Infrastructure Design

Global Infrastructure

VPC and EC2 Introduction

Networking - IP Addressing

Networking - CIDR

Networking - Routing

VPC and Subnets

Availability Zones

Components of a VPC

Lab 1.1 - Default VPC

Elastic Compute Cloud

Lab 1.2 - Building an EC2 Instance

Lab 1.3 - Logging into your Instance

Lab 1.4 - Connecting to an EC2 Instance

Lab 1.5 - Working with EC2

Instance Types

Lab 1.7 - Upgrading the Instance Type

Lab 1.8 - Elastic Network Interface

Security Groups

Lab 1.9 - Security Groups

Network Access Control Lists

Lab 1.10 - Network Access Control Lists

Lab 1.11 - Communication between EC2 Instances

Lab 1.12 - Creating your own Custom VPC

Private and Public Subnets

Lab 1.13 - Adding a private subnet to a VPC

Bastion Hosts

Lab 1.14 - Bastion Hosts

Network Address Translation

Lab 1.15 - Working with a NAT Instance

Lab 1.16 - NAT gateway

VPC Peering - Introduction

VPC Peering

Lab 1.17 - VPC peering

Hybrid Connections

EC2 Pricing Models


Well Architected Framework

Fault tolerance and high availability

EC2 - High Availability and Fault tolerance

Building your own Amazon Machine Image

Disaster Recovery

Data Storage - Part 1

Introduction to Storage

EBS Volume Types - Introduction

Volume Operations

EBS Volume Types

Lab 2.1 - EBS Volumes

Encryption at REST - EBS Volumes

Lab 2.2 - EBS Snapshots

Lab 2.3 - Simple Storage Service

Lab 2.4 - Features of the Simple Storage Service

Simple Storage Service - Key Value Concept

Simple Storage Service - Consistency

Lab 2.5 - Simple Storage Service - Web site hosting

Lab 2.6 - Simple Storage Service - Pre-Signed URL's

Lab 2.7 - Amazon Glacier and LifeCycle policies

Simple Storage Service and EBS Volumes - Use Case

Lab 2.8 - Elastic File System

Well Architected Framework - EBS Volumes

Well Architected Framework - Simple Storage Service

Data Storage - Part 2

Relational Database Service

Lab 3.1 - Relational Database Service

Relational Database Service - Multi-AZ

Relational Database Service - Read Replica

Lab 3.2 - Modifying your database instance

Lab 3.3 - Connecting EC2 to RDS


Lab 3.4 - DynamoDB

DynamoDB Design Considerations

Lab 3.5 - DynamoDB Throughput consumption

Amazon Aurora

Lab 3.6 - Amazon Aurora

AWS Services - Part 1

Lab 4.1 - Cloudwatch

Elastic Load Balancer - Introduction

Types of Load Balancers

Elastic Load Balancer - Working

Lab 4.2 - Elastic Load Balancer


Lab 4.3 - Autoscaling

Route 53 - Part 1

Route 53 - Part 2

Route 53 - Routing Policies

Elastic File System

Lab 4.4 - Route 53 - Simple Routing Policy

Lab 4.5 - Route 53 - Failover Routing Policy

Lab 4.6 - Route 53 - Weighted Routing Policies

Lab 4.7 - Route 53 - ALIAS Records

Lab 4.8 - Simple Queue Service

Lab 4.9 - Simple Notification Service

AWS Cloudfront

Lab 4.10 - Cloudfront

AWS Services - Part 2

Lab 5.1 - VPC Endpoints


Lab 5.2 - Cloudformation

Elastic Beanstalk

Lab 5.3 - Elastic Beanstalk

Serverless Architecture

AWS Lambda - Introduction

Lab 5.4 - AWS Lambda

Containers - Primer

Lab 5.5 - Elastic Container Service

API Gateway Service

Lab 5.6 - API Gateway Service

Lab 5.7 - API gateway , Lambda and DynamoDB

Monitoring and Security

Authentication and Authorization

IAM Policies

Lab 6.4 - IAM Policies

Lab 6.5 - Bucket Policies

IAM Roles

Lab 6.6 - IAM Roles

Lab 6.7 - AWS Organizations

AWS Cognito


Lab 6.8 - Cloudtrail

Encryption Revisited

Lab 6.9 - Key Management Service

Lab 6.10 - AWS Key Management Service and Simple Storage Service

Lab 6.11 - VPC Flow Logs

Lab 6.12 - AWS Config

Data Analytics

AWS Kinesis

Lab 7.1 - AWS Kinesis Data Streams

AWS Redshift

Lab 7.2 - AWS Redshift

AWS Athena

AWS QuickSight

Lab 7.3 - Data Pipeline service

Course Revision

Storage - Part 1- Simple Storage Service and Glacier

Storage - Part 2 - EBS Volumes

Storage - Part 3 - Databases

AWS Compute

Multi-Tier Applications

Elasticity and Scalability

General Security Purposes

Security for the VPC

Security - Network Address Translation

Security - Encryption

Operational Excellence

Performance for services

Self Confidence

Sample Practice Test


Vishal29 April 2020

The trainer has clarified all the concepts very well with relatable examples and real-world scenarios.

Sadiq10 April 2020

I watched your free aws solutions architect exam focused video on YouTube, which really explained the concept of high availability, operational excellence, performance optimization, elasticity, read replicas and many others in a way I've never seen. That short video was extremely useful hence why I had to track down a full version of your exam preparation video to use for my exam preparation. It's been great so far, except in a few places. But these are not deal breakers as your video is much more informative, step-wise and explains concepts with such poise and appropriate speed. I was hoping that the topic on database would deal with high availability, read replicas and such, but, as I said, these are not deal breakers.

Sanjin26 February 2020

Really Awesome course!!!. This instructor is once of the best I have seen!!! Keep it up , Well done!!!

Kannan20 February 2020

Alan breaks down some of the harder to understand concepts and structures them well. I found the course very engaging & specifically targeted to passing the AWS SA certification.

Darnell17 July 2019

This course is phenomenal. I enjoy the diagrams and detailed explanations that the instructor uses for delivery.

Hamid11 July 2019

Very thorough course material and presentation. Most valuable chapters for me where the Exam Review section and the sample test.

Keane16 May 2019

Excellent course and hands-on demonstrations. The final lecture on "Self Confidence" was a great addition.

Ndingui24 April 2019

This is a great course delivered by an excellent teacher who takes time to explain concepts in simple, easy way to follow and understand.

Ashish16 April 2019

Very good. Alan is very meticulous and methodical in his explanation of AWS concepts. He explains the key concepts on the white board and follows it up with Lab exercise. I am getting all what I expected by joining this course.

Prabhat3 April 2019

Highly recommend this course, It is exact to the point and focus totally one the topics what one should know in order to pass the exam. I have some experience with AWS. It helped me a lot in getting certification. Thanks

Sugananth28 March 2019

Great course , enjoying every bit if it. Planning to Ace the AWS CSAA certification in 2 months from now Via this course!!!

Brooklyn11 March 2019

This was the best course for a beginner. To start at networking was so helpful. The pace of the course, the labs, and your detail has really helped build my confidence in the exam. What a great instructor!

Yaqoob20 January 2019

Instructor is good explaining each and every thing detail. I am searching for course like this where i can get such good understanding of AWS.

Soumitra2 January 2019

Excellent Instructor !!! He gives practical examples of everything and shows you use cases of what is applicable where. This sort of training is extremely valuable for me because it helps me remember.

Lanted15 December 2018

This is my third AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Prep course after I did not like the first two and cancelled. Alan is a fantastic instructor. It is refreshing to see him teach concepts VERY CLEARLY on a whiteboard before demos -- which makes learning very good! Thank you Alan!


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