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[NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2021

Pass the Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam, Practice Exams included with explanations!

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

FULLY UPDATED FOR CLF-C01: Pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

All 300+ slides available as downloadable PDF

Learn the AWS Fundamentals (EC2, ELB, ASG, RDS, ElastiCache, S3)


Welcome! I'm here to help you prepare and PASS the newest AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.


[April 2021 Update]: Over 20 videos have been refreshed/added to keep up with the AWS UI changes

[Feb 2021 Update]: Over 4 hours of content has been updated/created in order to keep up with exam and AWS UI changes

[Dec 2020 Update]: The S3 section has been entirely re-recorded to accommodate for the AWS UI changes


Beginners welcome: no need to know anything about AWS!

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a great entry-level certification for AWS. It's great at assessing how well you understand AWS, its services, and its ecosystem.

I want to help YOU pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with flying colors.

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is different from the other ones you'll find on Udemy. Dare I say, better (but you'll judge!)

  • It covers in-depth all the new topics on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam

  • It's packed with practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and out

  • We are going to learn by doing

  • It teaches you how to prepare for the AWS exam

  • It's a logical progression of topics, not a laundry list of random services

  • It's fast-paced and to the point

  • It has professional subtitles

  • All 300+ slides available as downloadable PDF

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is full of opportunities to apply your knowledge:

  • There are many hands-on lectures in every section

  • There are quizzes at the end of every section

  • There's an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exam at the end of the course

  • We'll be using the AWS Free Tier most of the time

  • I'll be showing you how to go beyond the AWS Free Tier (you know... the real world!)



My name is Stephane Maarek, and I'll be your instructor in this course. I have and teach about 9 AWS certifications, and I'm the author of highly-rated & best-selling courses on AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation & AWS EC2. I've already taught 500,000+ students and received 130,000+ reviews.

I've decided it's time for students to properly learn how to be an AWS Cloud Practitioner. You are in good hands!


This course also comes with:

  • Lifetime access to all future updates

  • A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

  • A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

Join me in this course if you want to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam and master the AWS platform!


[NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2021
[NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2021
[NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2021
[NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2021



Course Introduction

Creating an AWS Account

AWS Account Activation Troubleshooting

Important Message

About your instructor

Code & Slides Download

Code & Slides Download

What is Cloud Computing?

Traditional IT Overview

What is Cloud Computing?

The Different Types of Cloud Computing

AWS Cloud Overview

Tour of the Console & Services in AWS

Shared Responsibility Model & AWS Acceptable Policy

What is Cloud Computing Quiz

IAM - Identity and Access Management

IAM Introduction: Users, Groups, Policies

IAM Users & Groups Hands On

IAM Policies Hands On

IAM MFA Overview

IAM MFA Hands On


AWS CLI Hands On

IAM Roles for AWS Services

IAM Roles Hands On

IAM Security Tools

IAM Security Tools Hands On

IAM Best Practices

Shared Responsibility Model for IAM

IAM Summary

Identity and Access Management Quiz

EC2 - Elastic Compute Cloud

AWS Budget Setup

EC2 Basics

Create an EC2 Instance with EC2 User Data to have a Website Hands On

Security Groups & Classic Ports Overview

Security Groups Hands On

SSH Overview

How to SSH using Linux or Mac

How to SSH using Windows

How to SSH using Windows 10

SSH Troubleshooting

EC2 Instance Connect

EC2 Instance Roles Demo

EC2 Instance Launch Types

Shared Responsibility Model for EC2

Section Cleanup

EC2 Summary

EC2 Quiz

EC2 Instance Storage

EBS Overview

EBS Hands On

EBS Snapshots Overview

EBS Snapshots Hands On

AMI Overview

AMI Hands On

EC2 Instance Store

EFS Overview

Shared Responsibility Model for EC2 Storage

EC2 Instance Storage Summary

EC2 Instance Storage Quiz

ELB & ASG - Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling Groups

High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Overview

Application Load Balancer (ALB) Hands On

Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Overview

Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) Hands On

Section Cleanup

ELB & ASG Summary

ELB & ASG Quiz


S3 Overview

S3 Hands On

S3 Security: Bucket Policy

S3 Security: Bucket Policy Hands On

S3 Website Overview

S3 Website Hands On

S3 Versioning Overview

S3 Versioning Hands On

S3 Server Access Logging

S3 Server Access Logging Hands On

S3 Replication Overview

S3 Replication Hands On

S3 Storage Classes Overview

S3 Storage Classes Hands On

Shared Responsibility Model for S3

Snowball, Snowball Edge & Snowmobile Overview

Storage Gateway Overview

S3 Summary

S3 Quiz

Databases & Analytics

Databases Introduction

RDS & Aurora Overview

RDS Hands On

ElastiCache Overview

DynamoDB Overview

DynamoDB Hands On

Redshift Overview

EMR Overview

Athena Overview

DMS Overview

Databases Summary

Databases & Analytics Quiz


What is Docker?

ECS, Fargate & ECR Overview

ECS Summary

ECS Quiz


Serverless Introduction

Lambda Overview

Lambda Hands On

Lambda Summary

Lambda Quiz

Deployments & Managing Infrastructure at Scale

CloudFormation Overview

CloudFormation Hands On

Beanstalk Overview

Beanstalk Hands On

CodeDeploy Overview

Systems Manager (SSM) Overview

OpsWorks Overview

Deployment Summary

Deployments & Managing Infrastructure at Scale in AWS Quiz

Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure

Why Global Applications?

Route 53 Overview

Route 53 Hands On

CloudFront Overview

CloudFront Hands On

S3 Transfer Accelaration

AWS Global Accelerator

Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure Summary

Leveraging the AWS Global Infrastructure Quiz

Cloud Integrations

Cloud Integrations Overview

SQS Overview

SQS Hands On

SNS Overview

SNS Hands On

Cloud Integrations Summary

Cloud Integrations Quiz

Cloud Monitoring

CloudWatch Metrics & CloudWatch Alarms Overview

CloudWatch Metrics & CloudWatch Alarms Hands On

CloudWatch Logs Overview

CloudWatch Logs Hands On

CloudWatch Events / EventBridge Overview

CloudWatch Events / EventBridge Hands On

CloudTrail Overview

CloudTrail Hands On

X-Ray Overview

Service Health Dashboard

Personal Health Dashboard

Cloud Monitoring Summary

Cloud Monitoring Quiz

VPC & Networking

VPC Overview

VPC, Subnet, Internet Gateway & NAT Gateways

Security Groups & Network Access Control List (NACL)

VPC Flow Logs & VPC Peering

VPC Endpoints - Interface & Gateway (S3 & DynamoDB)

Direct Connect & Site-to-Site VPN

Transit Gateway Overview

VPC & Networking Summary

VPC & Networking Quiz

Security & Compliance

Shared Responsibility Model: Reminders & Examples

DDoS Protection: WAF & Shield

Penetration Testing

Encryption with KMS & CloudHSM

Secrets Manager Overview

Artifact Overview

GuardDuty Overview

Inspector Overview

Config Overview

Macie Overview

Security & Compliance Summary

Security & Compliance Quiz

Machine Learning

Rekognition Overview

Transcribe Overview

Polly Overview

Translate Overview

Machine Learning Summary

Machine Learning Quiz

Account Management, Billing & Support

Organizations Overview

Organizations Hands On

Pricing Models of the Cloud

Billing & Costing Tools Overview

Estimating Costs in the Cloud

Tracking Costs in the Cloud

Monitoring Costs in the Cloud

AWS Trusted Advisor

Support Plans for AWS

Account Best Practices Summary

Billing Summary

Account Management, Billing & Support Quiz

AWS Architecting & Ecosystem

AWS WhitePapers Well-Architected Framework

1st pillar: Operational Excellence

2nd pillar: Security

3rd pillar: Reliability

4th pillar: Performance Efficiency

5th pillar: Cost Optimization

AWS Ecosystem

AWS Architecting & Ecosystem Quiz

Preparing for the Exam + Practice Exam - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Words on Other Services

State of Learning Checkpoint - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Exam Sample Question Walkthrough

Exam Tips - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Exam Walkthrough and Signup

Save 50% on your AWS Exam Cost

Get an Extra 30 Minutes on your AWS Exam - Non Native English Speakers only

Practice Exam - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Congratulations - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Congratulations - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner



Marty12 October 2020

Course was awesome and concentrated on the items critical to passing the exam. Looking forward to taking the test soon.

Catalin12 October 2020

Excellent and intuitive eye-opening explanation. Very smart guy which makes you feel he enjoys teachings. Good job man! 500000 Stars!

Matteo12 October 2020

The blend of theory and hands-on really helped to understand all the necessary AWS services for the cloud practitioner certification without getting overwhelmed. Stephane is an amazing teacher, and makes learning about AWS extremely simple.

Angela11 October 2020

I wish he went into more detail on what the AWS console is used for and why IAM is important at a high level

Shambhavi11 October 2020

I took this course to take the AWS CCP exam. The course is pretty sufficient to pass the exam with a good score. AWS concepts are well explained and demonstrated throughout. Stephen's teaching method is interesting and keeps us engaged.

Picard11 October 2020

Pourquoi demander une carte de crédit (et la charger) pour la création d'un compte si l'on suit la partie gratuite?

Naga11 October 2020

This is an amazing overview of AWS services and course content for beginners. The lectures were very energetic and easy to understand.

Lim11 October 2020

Great course. Stephane covered the AWS topics comprehensively and explained the concepts well. However as there were so many services that were introduced during this course, it would help greatly to provide an architecture diagram of how all these services will integrate with each other just to cement the learner's understanding further. Great course overall, highly recommended!!

Kirtesh11 June 2020

This course helps me to gain fundamental knowledge of AWS and AWS services. Stephane explained concepts very well. It was informative, a good starting point for the beginner, and going over all the AWS services. This gives an overview of the AWS cloud.

Seyed11 June 2020

I'm an IT guy, and I've been using a couple of AWS services at work, but didn't seriously explore the broader services. This course has been pretty useful right from explaining the benefits of Cloud to exploring various areas of AWS

Ramana11 June 2020

You are an amazing teacher who can teach the complex things in a very simple way and easy to understand. Thank you so much for a wonderful course and the efforts you are putting in to share your knowledge.

Preeti10 June 2020

I am new to AWS. But this course makes it so much easier to understand it. Also a big thanks to the instructor. He is just the best.

Kannan10 June 2020

So far amazing and is above expectations. Love the shared responsibility and quiz section at the end of each topic

Rishikesh10 June 2020

thanks for adding real life examples and for using so basic language so that its so clear and understandable

Meenakshi10 June 2020

My experience with this course is super. I am so excited and eager to learn more and more about AWS. Even understanding difficult concepts is made so very easy here. Thanks.


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