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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Updated 2020

Pass your Cloud Practitioner certification Exam. Includes 175 practice questions

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Feb 2020

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What you will learn

Understand the basics of Cloud Computing when it comes to AWS

Build virtual servers on the cloud in AWS

Understand how the costing model works in AWS

Understand the basics of various AWS services such as Elastic Load Balancer , Relational database services etc

Have more confidence when taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam


v 2.1 - February - 2020

  • Added more practice questions - Total 175 Practice questions

  • Labs modified to reflect changes to the AWS platform made after the last re-invent

v2.0 - November - 2019

  • New look given to chapters explaining key concepts on AWS

  • Chapters updated to reflect changes in AWS services

  • Additional practice questions added

Increase your chances on passing the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. 

Feedback from students

"This course gave me the confidence to go for my first AWS certification."

"Alan's Q&A has really helped me achieve the certification. His course content is very relevant from the exam perspective and his lectures are the shorter compare to CloudGuru, which to me is great as I am time pressed."

The AWS platform is one of the largest cloud platforms. The AWS Certifications are one of the most sought after certifications.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the newest entry level certification from AWS. This is a must have for any student who begins their journey to Cloud computing with AWS. 

After taking the exam myself , this course has been structured in such a way that it will help students to become more confident if they want to appear for the certification exam.

I am a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner and hence this course is designed specifically to help student pass the Certification exam


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Updated 2020
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Updated 2020
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Updated 2020
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Updated 2020



Important Course Instructions

About the course

About the exam

Slides download

AWS Cloud Computing

Example on cloud computing

What is Amazon Web Services

The Free Tier Account

Creating the Free Tier Account

Tour Around the AWS Console


What are we going to cover

Global Infrastructure and regions

Recap on the concept of Regions

Introduction to the Virtual Private Cloud

The default VPC

Introduction to the Elastic Compute Cloud Service

So what is Amazon EC2

What goes into building an EC2 Instance

Lab - Building an EC2 Instance

Lab - Installing Internet Information Services

Lab - Building a Linux Virtual Machine

Lab - Working with an EC2 Instance

On-demand Elastic Cloud Compute pricing

Instance Types

The different EC2 purchasing options

Having a look at Spot and Reserved Instances

EC2 dedicated hardware

Quick Review on the different pricing options for EC2

What is Elastic Block Storage

Lab - EBS Volume for an EC2 Instance

Lab - EBS Snapshots

Instance Store Volumes

What are Availability Zones

Quick Review on Availability Zones

Lab - AWS MarketPlace

EC2 Security Groups

EC2 Security Groups Quick Review

Network Access Control Lists

A look at Network Access Control Lists

Monitoring your costs in AWS

What you can practice

Short Quiz on AWS Basic AWS Resources

Identity and Access Management

Primer on Identity and Access Management

Lab - Working with users and groups

Lab - AWS Command Line Interface

Identity and Access Management review

Quick Review on Identity and Access Management

Data Storage Services

Lab - Simple Storage Service

Simple Storage Service - Storage classes

Simple Storage Service Costing

Simple storage service - Additional Features

Lab - Simple Storage Service - Web site hosting

Simple Storage Service - Lifecycle rules

Simple Storage Service - Object Access - IAM and Bucket policies

Lab - S3 Object Access via IAM Policies

Lab - S3 Object Access via Bucket Policies

What are Identity and Access Management Roles

Lab - Identity and Access Management Roles

Lab - What is Amazon Glacier

Storage Options - Elastic Block Storage vs Simple Storage Service

Lab - Relational Database service

Database hosting options - EC2 vs RDS

Lab - DynamoDB

Lab - Amazon Aurora

Quick review on the different data storage services

What you can practice

Quiz on data storage services

Costing on AWS

Lab - AWS Pricing calculator

Total cost of ownership

AWS Support Plans

Review on this section

AWS Core Services

The AWS Elastic Load Balancer

Lab - Elastic Load Balancer

What is AWS EC2 Autoscaling

Lab - Autoscaling


Lab - Route 53


Lab - Cloudfront

Simple Queue Service

Lab - Simple Queue Service

Simple Notification Service

Lab - Simple Notification Service

Automation and Optimization

Lab - Elastic Beanstalk

Lab - AWS Lambda

API Gateway Service

Lab - API Gateway service

Lab - Cloudformation

Docker - Primer

Lab - Elastic Container Service

AWS Security and Monitoring

Shared Responsibility Model

AWS Organizations

AWS Organizations - Demo

Lab - Key Management Service

AWS Cloudwatch

Lab - Working with the AWS CloudWatch Service

Lab - Cloudtrail

AWS Config

Protecting Web Applications

Penetration Testing

AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Inspector


AWS Architecture Concepts

Fault tolerance and High Availability

Disaster Recovery

Data Analytics

AWS Kinesis

Lab - AWS Kinesis Data Streams

Lab - AWS Athena

AWS Redshift

Lab - Using AWS Redshift

Lab - AWS QuickSight

Lab - AWS Data Pipeline Service

Final Quiz and Conclusion

A Live example of using AWS

Personal Project

About the exam itself

AWS Cloud Practitioner Practise Test 1

AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Test 2

Bonus Lecture - AWS Associate Level courses


Kaustubh31 August 2020

Recommended course to all the beginners who want to know and build their career in cloud techonology.

Aditya23 August 2020

This course is very well designed. on completion it gives us immediate knowledge levels on the course content

Ravi18 August 2020

Only thing I observed is that it is moving slow, and so I run at 1.25x times some of the videos. And the points are repeated sometime, which can be avoided to save time. Since this is online Video course, no need to repeat the concepts and points. We run more than once to gather the key points.

Ravishankar7 August 2020

The course is good. the practice test is very exhaustive and I don't think the videos covers all the queries asked in the practice test. The course is structured well and gives an initial ideas on the AWS and cloud computing. This field is very huge and realised after attending the practice tests.

Sam4 June 2020

This is my third course with Alan. He is a wonderful instructor. His content and practice tests really prepared me for the exam. If you are thinking "IF" you should buy this course. Don't hesitate. Alan can definitely help you get there!

KAVYA9 February 2020

i passed my practitioner and azure fundamentals only because of this mentor.. i would like to thank you heart fully for creating this beautiful content and helping beginners like us ...keep going sir !

David12 January 2020

Decent course, but not as good as others covering the same topics. I would have appreciated more frequent quizzes to check my understanding throughout the process. The organization of topics seemed somewhat disjointed. Final quizzes referenced services not actually covered in the course. Still, for all that, it seems to cover the key material and I think leaves me decently prepared for the certification exam.

Rinku6 January 2020

Course is good but not mobile app friendly you can barely see the the content, screen could be more zoomed in because it is hard to read.

Ken5 January 2020

Would like to have more quizzes along the way to test how well I am retaining the material I'm learning.

Spauls1231 December 2019

I took the Amazon version of this training and this presenter has much more personality... which makes it much easier to consume the material.

Mike30 December 2019

Very good content, very good pace. The practice exams are also very helpful, allows me to review the answers and learn more after you complete each test.

Todd16 December 2019

The class was done very well. I have no complaints. The reason for 4.5 star is that I found another course very similar which was a bit better than this course. Therefore, this is a relative rating.

Stephen13 December 2019

I like how the content is broken into units of 4 - 8 minutes each. This is easier to learn, stay focused and take a break if needed.

Liz13 December 2019

It is very informative so far. I am new to this so this introduction helped take some of the questions about what the cloud is and what it is intended to do.

Hstanton11 December 2019

The course speaker is v.e.r.y.... slow, can't be downloaded entirely for poor streaming connectivity issues. Powerpoints and presentations should be downloadable and in a format that cannot be modified.


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